Think On These Things

The poems and quotes give you words that may make you think on these things. Inspiring words to give you things to think about!

Think Right

Poet: David V. Bush

Think smiles, and smiles shall be;
Think doubt, and hope will flee.
Think love, and love will grow;
Think hate, and hate you'll know.

Think good, and good is here.
Think vice — its claws appear!
Think joy, and joy ne'er ends;
Think gloom, and dusk descends.

Think faith, and faith's at hand;
Think ill — it stalks the land.
Think peace, sublime and sweet,
And you that peace will meet.

Think fear, with brooding mind.
And failure's close behind.
Think this: "I'm going to win!'
Think not on what has been.

Think vict 'ry— think ''I can!"
Then you're a WINNING MAN!

Poet: Patience Strong

There's nothing so sad as the sadness that comes
when we think of the chance we've lost -
The big opportunities we have let slide -
and discovered too late, to our cost.

We might have done this, and we might have done that-
idle words, for they haven't the power,
to bring back again opportunities lost -
or restore to us one little hour. . .

Yes, it's useless to think of the things that we've missed;
there is only one thing left to do -
Make the most of each moment and take what it gives -
disappointment and happiness too.

And if Fate knocks you down with a shattering blow -
it may be your big chance in disguise -
If you stand up and meet it with courage and faith,
looking onward with bright, fearless eyes . . .

Thinking Quotes

Always think ahead, dream ahead and persevere to go that far.
Israelmore Ayivor, 101 Keys To Everyday Passion
Short Quotes

Maybe it is time we all took a real hard look at what we have, at what we don't need but think we need, and realize that what we could give to another would more than make up for doing without the latest techno gadget, or DVD, or you name it.

Byron R. Pulsifer
Food For Thought

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

Philippians 4:8
Motivational Quotes From The Bible

When there is something you think you are not getting or not getting enough of, give it!

JoAnn Janson, Define Yourself and Discover Your Destiny!
Inspirational Quotes

Those who embrace good thinking as a lifestyle understand the relationship between their level of thinking and their level of progress.

John C. Maxwell, Thinking For A Change
Lifestyle Quotes

Don't rest on your laurels. Never be satisfied with being great. Don't ever think you've arrived. Never stop practicing.

Jerry Jenkins Twelve Things I Want my Kids to Remember
Poems of Encouragement

The reason it is sometimes difficult to think positively is that our minds are accustomed to thinking negatively.

Andrian Teodoro, The Power of Positive Energy
Positive Thoughts

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