12 Poems About Hands

When you think of hands let these poems remind you that hands have many uses both positive and negative. You have children's hands vs adult hands, the hand of God vs the hand of man. Think of all the ways hands are used: helping hands, working hands, old hands, clean hands, dirty hands, lazy hands, hands that are loving and ones that are hateful. We hope these poems encourage you to use your hands in the most positive ways.

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  1. My Handprints
    Poet: Unknown

    Sometimes you get discouraged
    Because I am very small
    And always leave my fingerprints
    On furniture and walls.

    But every day I'm growing . . .
    I'll be all grown-up someday,
    And all the tiny fingerprints
    Will surely fade away.

    So here's a real handprint
    Just so you can recall,
    Exactly how my fingers looked
    When I was very small.

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  3. Many Hands Make Light Work
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Many hands together, a work of unity,
    A pack of hearts with strength and clarity.
    No effort is too small to accumulate and grow,
    Towards each hold fast - and soon they shall know

    What wonders such faith in collective labor creates.
    Laboring onward makes labors light weight.
    Uplifting the task that was once dauntingly large,
    Many hands make light work, no one left in charge.

    Through trust and rapport comes success once more borne.
    For many hands make light work - ever great reassurance it forms!

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  5. The Light That Is Felt
    Poet: John G. Whittier

    A tender child of summers three,
    Seeking her little bed at night,
    Paused on the dark stair timidly.
    “Oh, mother! take my hand," said she,
    “And then the dark will all be light."

    We older children grope our way
    From dark behind to dark before;
    And only when our hands we lay,
    Dear Lord, in Thine, the night is day,
    And there is darkness nevermore.

    Reach downward to the sunless days
    Wherein our guides are blind as we,
    And faith is small, and hope delays;
    Take Thou the hands of prayer we raise,
    And let us feel the light of Thee!

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  7. Helping Hands
    Poet: Unknown

    I think if we reach out a helping hand
    To those who faint and falter by the way -
    If by our sympathy and kindly aid
    Some sorrowing heart finds happiness each day.

    And if we ever carry in our hands
    The mantle of sweet charity and grace
    To shield the weak and erring ones of earth
    And lift them up to a securer place,

    Then I believe if our incautious feet
    Should wander out where thorns and thistles grow,
    God still would follow us with boundless love
    And lead us where the living waters flow.

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  9. Be The Hands And Feet Of Jesus
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus,
    Serving those around us humbly and devotedly.
    Living our lives so others may see Him more clearly,
    Our actions true and faithful, our hearts pure and free.

    The world may think 'tis strange to show our love so pure,
    But Jesus alone gives truth that endures.
    So we spread his grace and mercy while here on Earth,
    Seeking comfort in knowing He has been with us since birth.

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  11. Two Hands
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    God gave me two hands, one for me and one to lend.
    What use of them should my heart comprehend?
    The right to serve me or stoke the flame?
    Which desire do I choose to tame?

    In service to others is my light made strong
    When by my own ambition I become too long.
    My faith carries me through each stormy night
    Allowing me to be a helping hand and do what’s right.

    If it be God’s will then I shall persist
    And with Him by my side, it is sufficient.

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  13. Lending A Hand
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We can bring light onto the dark
    By showing love and lending a hand
    An area of blessing to mark
    That the grace of God we understand.

    Through patient hands so eager to serve
    A humble heart will fill our souls
    Our kindness lifting others from their curves
    Let us spread love and watch it roll.

    Helping hands show we care,
    Swaying with an urgent desire
    We can show that in spite of hardship,
    Helping others does inspire.

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  15. Things That Never Die
    by Charles Dickens

    The timid hand stretched forth to aid
    A brother in his need,
    A kindly word in grief's dark hour
    That proves a friend indeed;
    The plea for mercy, softly breathed,
    When justice threatens high
    The sorrow of a contrite heart
    These things shall never die.

    The memory of a clasping hand,
    The pressure of a kiss,
    And all the trifles, sweet and frail,
    That make up love's first bliss;
    If with a firm, unchanging faith,
    And holy trust and high,
    Those hands have clasped, those lips have met
    These things shall never die.

    Let nothing pass, for every hand
    Must find some work to do;
    Lose not a chance to waken love
    Be firm and just and true;
    So shall a light that cannot fade
    Beam on thee from on high,
    And angel voices say to thee
    These things shall never die.

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  17. Clasp His Hand
    Poet: Helen Eldridge

    Dear child, dost feel too sad to pray?
    Then clasp God's hand.
    You've but to reach a wee, wee way,
    Since He's been waiting for you aye;
    He's always known you'd need, this day,
    To clasp His hand.

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  19. Beautiful Hands
    Poet: Unknown

    Such beautiful, beautiful hands!
    They are neither white nor small,
    And some, I know, would scarcely think
    That they were fair at all.
    I've looked on hands, of form and hue,
    A sculptor's dream might be,
    Yet are these aged, wrinkled hands
    Most beautiful to me.

    Such beautiful, beautiful hands!
    When her heart was weary and sad,
    These patient hands kept toiling on,
    That the children might be glad.
    I often mourn when looking back
    To childhood's distant day,
    I think these hands were toiling hard
    When mine were at their play.

    Such beautiful, beautiful hands!
    They are growing feeble now,
    For time and toil have left their mark
    On heart and hand and brow,
    Alas! Alas! the nearing time,
    The sad, sad day to me
    When, 'neath the daisies out of sight,
    These hands will folded be.

    But oh! beyond these shadowy lands,
    Where all is bright and fair,
    But in the city pure of God,
    Beneath the tree of life,
    Beside the stream of water clear,
    Those hands will surely bear
    The palms of victory bestowed,
    Through all the endless years.

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  21. The Hand Of God
    Poet: Paul Fleming

    To see the hand of God in the present,
    and to trust the future in the hand of God,
    is the secret of peace.

    Why shouldst thou fill to-day with sorrow
    About to-morrow,
    My heart?
    One watches all with care most true,
    Doubt not that He will give thee, too
    Thy part.

    Only be steadfast; never waver
    Nor seek earth's favor
    But rest:
    Thou know'st that what God wills must be
    For all His creatures, so for thee,
    The best.

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  23. Do God's Will
    Poet: Unknown

    No service in itself is small;
    None great, though earth it fill;
    But that is small that seeks its own,
    And great that seeks God's will.

    Then hold my hand, most gracious God,
    Guide all my goings still;
    And let it be my life's one aim,
    To know and do thy will.

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We hope these poems about hands give you food for thought, and allow you to reflect on how you use your hands.

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