Lend A Hand

We all face adversity at some point in our lives. Let this poem encourage you to lend a hand when the times are good, as you never know what tomorrow holds and a lending hand you may need.

Lend A Hand
by Lillian E. Curtis

What is this world? A playhouse that God for man hath built,
And some by fortune are favored more than others;
Then, favored ones, upon this platform of woe, and want, and guilt,
Oh, assist your struggling, wayside brothers!
You, who on fortune's eminence chance to stand,
Ope the heart and lend a hand.

Pity those who drink from Adversity's bittered cup,
Who trials and troubles count by the score.
Oh, help to lift sad, despairing ones up.
And God and man shall bless your store!
And seeing one on the margin of despondency stand,
Ope the heart and lend a hand.

To-day Fortune may smile " to-morrow, may frown,
To-day we may be hugged in Prosperity's arms;
Such is life ! while some go up, others come down
Into the midst of Misfortune's alarms,
Hence, if high on the ladder of fortune you stand,
Ope the heart and lend a hand.

Then, in this wilderness of contention and strife,
Life, for all, might become a bright dream,
By assisting those whose trials and struggles are rife.
Those pulling hard 'gainst Adversity's stream,
For those combating rough winds on life's changeful strand.
Open the heart and lend a hand.

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If we all lend a hand to those facing adversity the world would be a better place for everyone!

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