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There are times in all of our lives where we need to be inspired. Whether we face challenges or obstacles, failures or mistakes, a bit of inspiration can help us move on. The worse thing that can happen is we give up - we quit. Let these inspirational poems inspire you to endure, and keep your eyes focused on your goals!

Don't Give Up, Be Inspired
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2011

If we find ourselves lost and somewhat just tossed,
And feel we can turn things around.
The answer is yes, our life can be blessed,
It may take us first being knocked down.

For most we don't realize until we are down,
How different our lives have turned out.
If we feel things are bad and want to change them a tad,
Then it's time to stop the drought.

Decide what you want and make it true,
With a little inspiration and trust.
Work hard and believe in ourselves,
Leave your failures behind in the dust.

Keep your head high don't focus on the ground
Keep moving forward with your hopes and dreams
With your goals set, your plan is now sound.
Be inspired as life is not always what it seems.

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Poet: Patience Strong

When first enthusiasms wane-
And strength has all but gone-
Endurance is the stuff that
Makes you smile and carry on-

Beyond the point where weaker men
 Put down their tools and say-
"I''ve had enough -  I can't go on-
I'll try some other day."

When failure looms ahead of you
And everything looks black-
When courage flags and hope grows dim-
You're tempted to turn back-

When all the world's against you, yet-
Undaunted, on you press-
That's where Endurance triumphs,
Crowning effort with success.

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Poet: Clara Edmunds-Hemingway

The flash of sails against the sky.
The glint of seagull winging by.
As airman cleaves the summer sky.

An eagle soars to eyrie, where
His mountain home is cool and fair.
As airman wings his way in air.
To soar above lifeā€™s sordid things.

Lifeā€™s failures, or its hurts and stings.
We, too, could rise had we the wings

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Some Inspiration
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

Need some inspiration
Look back over the generations
Read about people who
Difficult times they went through.

We sometimes think we have it bad
We feel down and so sad
But yet when you look and see
What others accomplished, what we could be.

Read a biography or two
It will give you ideas of what to do
When you are feeling defeated and
Up against many demands.

Life lessons others have had
Can be our launching pad
Be inspired don't be blue
You can achieve success too!

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What You're Thinking
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

We all have moments in life
When we are faced with strife
The difference you will find
Is what you're thinking in your mind.

When things go wrong as they do
You can pout and just be blue
The difference you will find
Is what you're thinking in your mind.

Life can be good or it can be sad
We can be happy or we can be mad
The difference you will find
Is what you're thinking in your mind.

Mistakes we all make
We can fix rather than put on the brakes
The difference you will find
Is what you're thinking in your mind.

Your attitude what's in your mind
Will make a difference you will find!
Keep it positive, be inspired
You will find it's a trait to be admired.

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Napoleon Hill once said, "Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." Hill's words on overcoming trials is one that should remind us that no matter what happens in our life we should always stay optimistic and be looking for the opportunity.

If you get knocked down - get back up - look for the opportunity to take action, inspire yourself. We hope the verses in these short poem also reminds you to keep going, to endure, not to feel sorry for yourself, move beyond where you are today!

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