Disappointment Poems

Let these disappointment poems encourage you when you experience disappointments in your life. Every one of us experiences these feelings at some time or another. The secret is to acknowledge the feeling but then to move on not stay stuck!!

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  1. We All Have Them
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We all face disappointments in life
    Do we view them as only strife?
    Or do we say something better will come along
    Do we keep our attitude strong?

    We can all be down and blue
    But truthfully where will that get you?
    We can experience the feeling but then
    Get up and go again.

  2. And Still I Will Push On
    Poet: David V. Bush

    Tho disappointed, I'll not quit!
    I'll push all night till dawn.
    Courageous soul and hopeful heart;
    I'm pushing on and on!

    All things gone wrong; I will not quit!
    Tho awful is the dark
    And terrible the rocky road.
    On, on! I'll push my bark.

    All blasted hopes: I will not quit!
    Tho thousand chasms yawn.
    My purpose firm and clear my eye;
    "I'll push my way still on!

    All friends desert: I will not quit!
    On every side swords drawn;
    Alone! Alone! I'll make my way,
    And still I will push on!

    I stand alone in deepest grief,
    Tho pitfalls gape and yawn;
    No one to lend a helping hand,
    But still I will push on!

    No help is mine, all bridges burned,
    All that I own in pawn;
    And tho all hope seems useless, vain,
    I'm pushing on and on!

  3. And tho all hope seems useless, vain, I'm pushing on and on!

  4. Disappointment
    Poet: Edith Lillian Young

    "Disappointment - His appointment":
    Change one letter, then I see
    That the thwarting of my purpose
    Is God's better choice for me.
    His appointment must be blessing,
    Though it may come in disguise;
    For the end from the beginning
    Open to his wisdom lies.

    "Disappointment - His appointment":
    Whose? The Lord's who loves me best,
    Understands and knows me fully,
    Who my faith and love would test;
    For, like loving earthly parent,
    He rejoices when he knows
    That his child accepts, unquestioned,
    All that from his wisdom flows.

    "Disappointment - His appointment":
    "No good thing will he withhold";
    From denials we oft gather
    Treasures of his love untold.
    Well he knows each broken purpose
    Leads to fuller, deeper trust,
    And the end of all his dealings
    Proves our God is wise and just.

    "Disappointment - His appointment":
    Lord, I take it, then, as such,
    Like the clay in hands of potter,
    Yielding wholly to thy touch.
    All my life's plan is thy molding;
    Not one single choice be mine;
    Let me answer, unrepining,
    "Father, not my will, but thine."

    "Disappointment - His appointment":
    Change the letter, then, dear friend;
    Take in cheerful acquiescence
    All thy Father's love may send.
    Soon will faith be lost in vision;
    Then in glory thou shalt see
    "His appointment," and that only,
    Was the right way home for thee.

  5. That I May Soar
    Poet: Henry David Thoreau

    Great God, I ask thee for no meaner pelf
    Than that I may not disappoint myself;
    That in my action I may soar as high
    As I can now discern with this clear eye.

    And next in value which thy kindness lends.
    That I may greatly disappoint my friends,
    However they think or hope that it may be,
    They may not dream how thou'st distinguished me.

    That my weak hand may equal my firm faith.
    And my life practise more than my tongue saith;
    That my low conduct may not show,
    Nor my relenting lines,
    That I thy purpose did not know,
    Or overrated thy designs.

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We hope these poems about disappointment will give you a different perspective when things don't work out as you expected or when you feel let down by a person or event. Keep your attitude positive when faced with disappointment, this will allow you to move on rather than be stuck in negative feelings!

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