Never Give Up Poem

Inspiration to keep moving forward can be found in a "never give up poem". Verses to encourage and motivate you to keep moving forward. Words to reflect upon when you feel you have had enough and you just want to walk away.

By accepting defeat or by throwing in the towel when we are faced with a challenge or a disappointment means that we will never achieve the feeling of success. Many times there is a solution but we just have to step outside the box to see it, or we may have to ask for help or we may just need a break. But the most critical thing is to never give up!

We hope these poems and quotes encourage you to never give up. Share them with others who need a few uplifting words to encourage them!

If You Give Up

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

If you give up what will that achieve?
Will you feel like you've met your needs?
Giving up can make you feel
Worse than losing a deal.

Do you give in when things get hard
Throw up your hands with no regard
Giving up on your dreams
No longer moving forward with any steam.

When things get difficult for you
Do you accept defeat too?
Throw in the towel and say
No more, I have had it for the day.

But when you never give up
You find solutions popping up
Yes you may have to walk away
But only for one day.

Sometimes taking a break
Is a good thing for your sake
When faced with a challenging task
Find others who can help, just ask

When you never give up you will find
A success that is like any other kind
If everything was easy and quick to do
There would be no satisfaction for you.

You see, in life, we all must face
Times when we feel we are in the wrong place
But we never give up and accept defeat
For you will find determination is sweet!

Just Keep On
Poet: Clifton Abbott

Just keep on a-livin'
An' keep on a-givin',
An' keep on a-tryin' to smile;
Just keep on a-singin'
A-trustin' an' a-clingin'
To the promise of an afterwhile.
For the sun comes up
An' the sun goes down,
An' the morning follows night.
There's a place to rest
Like a mother's breast,
An' a time when things come right.

Just keep on believin'
An' a-hidin' all your grievin'.
An' keep on a-tryin' to cheer.
Just keep on a-prayin'
A-lovin' an' a-sayin'
The things that we love to hear.
For the tide comes in
An' the tide goes out.
An' the dark will all turn bright;
There's a rest from the load
An' an end to the road.
An' a place where things come right.

Press On
Poet: Bernhart Paul Holst

My Child, press on! you cannot fail
To climb the crest of mountain high.
With faith the break of morning hail —
Unfurl your banner to the sky;
Who starts aright with zeal and zest.
With mind and heart in full control,
And always tries to do the best.
Will never fail to reach the goal.

My Youth, press on! surmount the steeps,
Though they be rocky all the way;
He fails who feebly crawls and creeps,
Who stands up bravely wins the day.
A star of hope gives aid and cheer
To those who look and press ahead,
And makes success seem very near
As on to fortune we are led.

My Friend, press on! with kind regard
For all the friends that wish you well.
And let the fruits of your reward
O'er all your life cast their sweet spell;
Sweet are the friends who give us cheer,
Who grasp our hand and speak kind words,
Their aid and comfort are more dear
Than music grand or songs of birds.

My Love, press on! and love thou me
With an affection staid and pure,
For I your truest love will be
As long as my life shall endure;
Since love is life and life is love
And bliss comes only to the true,
Let us declare, by heaven above,
You live for me, I live for you.

Old Age, press on! let courage now,
With steadfast stride and strengthened soul,
Give tone to life though head may bow,
And keep the faith that wins the goal;
Be true to self, be true to man,
Be true to God in joy and tears,
And if you do the best you can,
You'll win the goal in spite of fears.

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