17 Poems About Perseverance

Let these poems about perseverance encourage you and give you strength to keep moving forward no matter what difficulties you face. Find a way around the obstacles, do not just give up, in other words, endure and persevere. It is those who persevere that make it to the finish line.

A proverb that many of us have heard over the years, "Fall seven times and stand up eight", are wise words and demonstrates what perseverance is. One of our favorite lines that describes perseverance and its importance of it was said by Thomas Edison, "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." It is when we quit that we fail!

We hope these poems inspire you to persevere!

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  1. Success Comes By Persevering
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Every challenge in life
    Has a lesson to learn,
    One should not turn and quit;
    A goal set is best to earn.

    For each problem that arises
    It's wiser to seek,
    Vigorous determination is
    All it shall take.

    Though quitting may feel easier
    And less frustrating,
    True success comes by persevering,
    That’s something worth stating.

    Life is about persevering
    Through the challenges and strife,
    Looking for other ways
    And being persistent in life!

  2. don't quit poem
    Don't Quit Poem

  3. Perseverance A Trait
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    One step at a time,
    In the journey that we are takin'.
    To get to success in life
    Perseverance can't be shaken.

    We can't give up or
    Stop along the way
    With an eye on your goals,
    Perseverance will always pay.

    Pushing forward through
    The hardships and strife
    Not deterred by the challenges
    We must fight

    Perseverance an integral trait
    For success.
    It is a trait
    You want to possess.

  4. The poem, Perseverance A Trait, suggests that perseverance is an integral trait for success and that it is something that one can possess. It also highlights the need to push forward through hardships and challenges, and not be deterred by them. You may find more encouraging Success Poems that will motivate you to persevere to reach the success you desire.

  5.  Success In Life  by Webster  If you wish success in life Make perseverance your bosom friend, Experience your wise counselor, Caution your elder brother And hope your guardian genius.

  6. Perseverance
    Poet Unknown

    The pine that stands upon the wooded mountain
    Gains not in stature in a single day;
    The noble river springs not from one fountain,
    But gathers up its strength along its way.

    The aloe hears for years the autumn’s dirges,
    Before it shows its blossoms to the skies;
    The coral reef, that breaks the ocean’s surges,
    Through centuries of growth alone can rise.

    Thus, through her works, Dame Nature offers ever
    For our acceptance one persistent thought:
    ’Tis but by patient, sturdy, brave endeavor,
    The greatest, best, and grandest things are wrought.

  7. Perseverance
    Poet Unknown

    It's the coward who quits to misfortune,
    'Tis the knave who changes each day,
    'Tis the fool who wins half the battle,
    Then throws all his chances away.
    There is little life but labor.
    And the morning may find that a dream;
    Success is the bride of endeavor,
    And luck but a meteor's gleam.
    The time to succeed is when others,
    Discouraged, show traces of tire;
    The battle is fought in the home-stretch,
    And won twixt the flag and the wire.

  8. patience poem
    Patience Poem

  9. Patience and Perseverance
    by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley

    So long as our existence lasts,
    we must not give up the duty of cheerfulness and hope.
    He who has guided us through the day,
    will guide us through the night also.
    The pillar of darkness often turns into a pillar of fire.
    Have patience and perseverance;
    believe that there is still a future before us,
    and we shall at last reach the haven where we would be.

  10. very little is accomplished without time and perseverance
    Perseverance Quotes

  11. Keep At It
    by W. M. S.

    In any business, art or undertaking, very little is
    accomplished without time and perseverance.

    It is not the man who rushes enthusiastically into
    anything for a few weeks, and easily gives up
    when he finds success is not immediately forthcoming,
    that makes his mark in the world;

    But it is the man, who, day after day,
    month after month steadily plods along
    confidently believing he will succeed,
    who does finally accomplish his end.

    Very little can be accomplished on the
    spur of the moment.
    A man must begin at the bottom and work up.
    This is the rule of business life,
    Accepting this fact no man will fall short of his desire,
    if he only keeps at it.

  12. Press On
    Poet: Park Benjamin

    Press on! surmount the rocky steeps,
    Climb boldly o'er the torrent's arch:
    He fails alone who feebly creeps.
    He wins who dares a hero's march.
    Be thou a hero! let thy might
    Tramp on eternal snows its way,
    And, through the ebon walls of night,
    Hew down a passage unto day.

    Press on! if once and twice thy feet
    Slip back and stumble, harder try;
    From him who never dreads to meet
    Danger and death, they're sure to fly.
    To coward's ranks the bullet speeds,
    While on their breast who never quail,
    Gleams guardian of chivalric deeds,
    Bright courage, like a coat of mail.

    Press on! if fortune play thee false
    To-day, to-morrow she'll be true;
    Whom now she sinks, she now exalts, —
    Taking old gifts and granting new,
    The wisdom of the present hour
    Makes up for follies past and gone:
    To weakness strength succeeds, and power
    From frailty springs — press on! press on!

    Therefore, press on! and reach the goal,
    And gain the prize and wear the crown:
    Faint not! for to the steadfast soul
    Come wealth, and honor, and renown,
    To thine own self be true, and keep
    Thy mind from sloth, thy heart from soil;
    Press on! and thou shalt surely reap
    A heavenly harvest for thy toil.

  13. "Press On" is a poem that encourages perseverance and determination in the face of challenges. The poet urges the reader to overcome obstacles with courage and resilience, likening life's journey to climbing rocky steeps and traversing torrents. Let this poem motivate you to stay focused, and committed to your goals, despite the difficulties encountered along the way.

  14. Little by Little
    Poet: Unknown

    One step and then another,
    And the longest walk is ended;
    One stitch and then another,
    And the largest rent is mended;
    One brick upon another,
    And the highest wall is made;
    One flake upon another,
    And the deepest snow is laid.

    So the little coral workers,
    By their slow and constant motion
    Have buiit up pretty islands
    In the distant dark blue ocean;
    And the nobler undertakings
    Man's wisdom hath conceived,
    By oft-repeated efforts
    Have been patiently achieved.

    Then, do not look disheartened
    Over the work you have to do,
    And say that such a mighty task
    You never can get through,
    But just endeavor day by day
    Another point to gain,
    And soon the mountain that you feared
    Will prove to be a plain.

    "Rome was not builded in a day,"
    The ancient proverb teaches;
    And Nature by her trees and flowers,
    The same sweet sermon preaches.
    Think not of far-off duties,
    But of duties which are near;
    And, having once begun to work;
    Resolve to persevere.

  15. Three Keys
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Perseverance, patience, and persistence:
    Three keys to success
    In life's journey that brings
    Fulfillment and progress.

    They enable us to endure
    Without distress.
    Enables us to reach goals
    No matter the stress.

    When we persevere we move ahead
    Being steadfast in our resolve,
    Even doing things we dread.
    Success from the three keys will evolve.

  16. Failure Poet: George Eliot Failure after long perseverance is much grander than never to have a striving good enough to be called a failure.
    Through this short poem, Failure, the Poet, George Eliot suggests that experiencing failure after putting in prolonged effort and perseverance is more admirable and significant than never attempting something significant enough to be considered a failure. It focuses on the value of persistence and the lessons learned through continuous striving, even if the outcome is not an immediate success. The idea is that the journey of perseverance, despite leading to failure, is still better compared to not attempting anything substantial at all. It recognizes the courage and determination to face challenges, pointing out the growth and achievement found in the process of striving, regardless of the final result.

  17. Perseverance and Tenacity
    by George Henry Hubbard

    "Perseverance conquers all things," said the Roman.
    That is abstract and stately.

    General Grant made it concrete and expressive as his army in the Wilderness.
    "I shall fight it out on this line if it takes all summer," said he.
    There was tenacity. There was determination that would hold
    to its purpose so long as life remained. Such a spirit is bound to win.

    A prominent statesman, being asked to name
    the secret of political success in a single word,
    replied, "Stick-to-it-iveness," There you have it again, — tenacity.

    If more of our youth would learn that secret,
    it would contribute much to their peace and prosperity.
    Society is flooded with men and women who have
    no tenacity, no determination, no stick-to-it-iveness.

    Then do not begrudge long years of preparation and discipline;
    for these alone can give you the fundamentals of character,
    which insure success in this world and a safe journey to the next.

    Jesus gave thirty years to preparation for less than three years' work.
    Do you wonder that his work lasts?

    Moses was eighty years in the tanner's pit of preparation.
    Is it strange that his life wears to this day?
    The apostle Paul devoted three years to solitary
    meditation in the Arabian desert before he began his Christian work.
    Does not that account for the enduring influence of his epistles?

    The gospel of John was fashioned after more than a half a century of Christian
    experience and service, and even the critics cannot break it or wear it out.

  18. Perseverance Is
    Poet: F. M. O'Rouke

    Perseverance is trying and trying,
    And trying again each day;
    E'en through failures and disappointment
    Come thick and fast our way.

    But if we press on with a purpose
    That is always steadfast and true,
    With the "star of hope" to guide us
    And the goal kept ever in view,
    We will surely at last attain to the height
    That belongs to those who try to do right;

    So let us, then
    With a song in our hearts,
    And on our lips a cheer,
    Adopt for life's slogan -
    "Let's Persevere."

  19. Never Give Up Poem
    Never Give Up Poem

  20. Above The Rest
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In life's journey, stand with might,
    Perseverance, a steadfast light.
    Facing challenges, step by step,
    We navigate with hearts adept.

    Obstacles rise, daunting and grand,
    Yet, within, strength takes its stand.
    With courage, smiles through the test,
    Perseverance, puts us above the rest.

  21. Perseverance A Good Luck Charm
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I've stumbled, I've fallen,
    But never despair;
    Through these demanding times,
    Persistence can be fair.

    My luck was slowly fading,
    Fate seemed out of reach;
    But with grit and determination,
    Things don't have to be bleak.

    So try and keep trying,
    For success is in our arms;
    There's nothing like perseverance
    To bring us good luck's charms!

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    Poems About Luck

  23. Persevere
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When you feel like giving up - persevere
    When faced with challenges - persevere
    When you're tired and feel like no more - persevere
    When others say stop - persevere.

    Set your eyes on your goal and persevere.
    Don't be discouraged but persevere.
    The one who keeps going, who perseveres
    Is the one that will reach their goals long before their peers.

  24. The poem, Persevere, emphasizes the importance of persistence and determination in achieving one's goals. The poet encourages us to continue moving forward even when faced with challenges, or discouragement. The poet, suggests that those who persevere are more likely to succeed and reach their goals.

  25. Resilience And Perseverance
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the darkness of doubt, where shadows loom,
    A glimmer of passion dispels the gloom.
    A dream takes hold, igniting a fire,
    A burning desire that will never tire.
    Through obstacles and setbacks, we must tread,
    With resilience and perseverance instead.
    The road may be winding, full of strife,
    But we keep pushing forward, reclaiming our life.

    Success may seem distant, like a distant star,
    But with unwavering belief, we'll go far.
    We hone our skills, we chase our goals,
    Never swayed by naysayers or doubt's tolls.

    The path may be rocky, and times may be tough,
    But we persist, for giving up is not enough.
    With each failure, we learn and grow stronger,
    Our dedication and grit shining longer.

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Perseverance is an important quality to have in life. When the going gets tough, it can be hard to stay positive and keep pushing forward. However, having perseverance allows you to remain focused on your goals and find creative solutions to problems that arise. These poems on perseverance serve as a reminder that no matter how challenging life may seem if we keep our eyes on the prize, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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