Never Too Late To Mend

In Nixon Waterman's poem "Never Too Late To Mend," the resounding themes of perseverance and resilience echo throughout its verses. The poem reminds us that no matter our past mistakes or how much time has passed, there's always an opportunity for to correct our mistakes and achieve our goals.

The opening stanza sets a reassuring tone, recognizing the importance of taking action promptly. It offers solace to those feeling behind, urging them not to lose hope but to take immediate steps towards their goals. Waterman's words highlight the power of determination and decisiveness, suggesting that a steadfast commitment to action can conquer even the most formidable challenges.

Through evocative imagery and rhythmic language, Waterman vividly portrays the potential for transformation when we seize the present moment and embrace proactive behavior. In summary, the poem serves as motivation to readers to follow their aspirations with a  steadfast belief that it's never too late to start anew.

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Never Too Late To Mend
Poet: Nixon Waterman

Of course, if you mean to catch a train,
The better way is to start in time.
Still, if you're late.
Don't rail at fate.
And sob and sigh and wail and wait
For another day,
But sprint away
The very best you can until
You find your vow
To "do it now"
Has somehow made you catch it still;
For the sages say
The world makes way
For the earnest soul that says, "I will!"

If you mean to win in life's swift race,
The better way is to start in youth;
Still, if you find
You've been left behind
By the wiser starters, keep in mind
"Your needs and say,
"I'll improve each day,
And every hour and each spare minute;
I've been careless, yet
I shall try to get
A prize!" And you stand a chance to win it;
But the weak-willed goose
With his "What's the use?"
Alas! we know he won't be in it.

The world makes way for the earnest soul that says, I will!

Analysis of The Poem:

The poem reveals a layered message about the nature of success and the importance of attitude and action.

His use of phrases like "start in time" and "do it now" underscores the urgency of seizing opportunities and taking responsibility for one's actions. The contrast between taking action or doing nothing highlights the crucial role that your attitude plays in shaping outcomes.

By emphasizing the significance of perseverance, the poem offers motivation for those who think it is too late to change anything.

Brief Bio of The Poet:

Born in 1859, Nixon Waterman, was an American poet and writer known for his motivating poems. His poems reinforce the benefits of perseverance, determination, and positive thinking which can be seen in his poetry.

He died in 1944, but his poems continue to encourage and inspire people today reminding us of the power of optimism and determination.

You can read more of his poems, at Nixon Waterman Poems.

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