9 Poems About Defeat

At some point in our lifetime, we all experience the feeling of defeat. Let these poems about defeat encourage and inspire you not to give up.

The poems remind us that from our defeats we learn valuable lessons that make us stronger. We hope these poems encourage you and help you look at defeat in a more positive way.

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  1. Keep Your Attitude Positive
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Put your shoulder to the wheel and work with might
    Rest not 'til you reach the highest heights
    Rely on yourself and block out doubt's blight
    Keep your attitude positive, stay in the fight

    Though defeat may seem close, don't fret or fear it
    Firm resolve can extinguish any chance of defeat
    Time and effort will lead to victory won
    As long as you forego defeat due to spirit gone.

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  3. He's Always There
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Though it be slow and pain is deep,
    Though the trial never seems to cease,
    That's how the Lord reveals His plan,
    So He can carry us through with ease.

    Feelings of defeat may cloud our days,
    And cast a shadow on our night,
    But God shall lead us down a path,
    Where all is right and free of strife.

    He makes no mistakes nor plans deranged,
    His love remains strong throughout the way.
    So keep faith in Him throughout despair,
    When you feel defeated remember He's there.

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  5. Rejecting Defeat
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the face of challenges, you dare to persist,
    Rejecting defeat that tries to insist.
    For in every stumble and failure endured,
    Lies a chance for growth, strong and assured.
    Start again means you reject defeat
    With determination success you will meet.

  6. Try Try Again Poem
    Try Try Again Poem

  7. Don't Be Discouraged
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When defeat comes along and it's hard to take,
    Don't be discouraged no matter your fate -
    Look for other ways and the stories they tell
    From the winners of life that survive and excel.

    Learn what you can and then move on,
    Use what you find to form your own bond;
    Grow wiser with every battle lost,
    And success you will finally cross.

  8. Success Poem
    Success Poem

  9. Honesty Worth More
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    It is better to take the fall
    Than risk one’s soul in lies
    For those who win by deceit
    Soon realize there’s no prize.

    Honesty and integrity
    Are worth far more than gold,
    Be careful not to turn your back
    On standing strong and bold.

    The easy road may seem inviting
    But it will leave you undone;
    In the end, values vanquished, betrayed -
    It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.

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  11. An Opportunity To Reload
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Some may feel sadness in their defeat
    But what's been learned can never be beat
    It's not the end, no need to fret
    Failure is only a chance to reset.

    Past mistakes can't be undone
    But the knowledge they give can lead to victories won
    When we fall down there is much more up ahead
    Regroup and reload, and success will eventually spread.

    Take those parts that showed promise of success,
    For those are the signs of true progress.
    Don't despair, even though you've been slowed,
    For defeat is only an opportunity to reload.

  12. defeat is only an opportunity to reload.
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  13. Not The End
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Although a defeat may feel like the end,
    When all hope and possibilities seem to rend;
    Just remember that you are resilient within,
    What you’ve learned has made you more wise and keen.

    You may be down at this point in time,
    But soon will come a new day so sublime;
    When we move beyond the defeat
    We will find that life is sweet!

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  15. Defeat Is A Lesson
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Defeat is nothing but a lesson,
    Prepping us up for success;
    Try again and don't digress,
    Forge courage from the trenches.

    Soon our efforts will shine bright,
    Focus on the fight and not the blight,
    Persistence brings amazing sights,
    Molding us through educational flight.

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  17. Take This Honey
    Poet: Unknown

    Then take this honey for the bitterest cup:
    There is no failure, save in giving up;
    No real fall so long as one still tries.
    For seeming setbacks make the strong men wise.
    There's no defeat, in truth, save from within;
    Unless you're beaten there, you're bound to win.

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We hope these poems have encouraged you to find meaning when faced with defeat and difficult experiences. May they encourage you to keep moving forward despite setbacks.

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