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Be encouraged by a try, try again poem. You succeed in life when you are determined and try again; don't quit and don't give up! You can always try again, one more time, perhaps a different way, or perhaps with some help, but what is most important is that you do try again.

As Thomas Edison once said, "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up." When we don't attempt to try again it truly is a weakness. And, Nick Vujicic clearly states what happens when we stop trying: "Defeat happens only to those who refuse to try again."

The poems here all encourage us to try again, perhaps a different way or using a different method, but always try again if you want to find success!

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  1. Try Again
    Poet: David V. Bush

    When you've tried and failed and lost,
    When astray your plans are tossed,
    Other days are just ahead;
    Other men have fought and bled;
    Others oft have tried and said,
    Try, try again!

    When life seems an empty state.
    When you pause and question fate.
    Other men have heaved a sigh;
    Other men have longed to die;
    Others, too, have paused to try —
    Try, try again!

    When you've cast your die and failed.
    When your star has waned and paled.
    Other men have lost their way;
    Others stuck and won the day;
    Others now in wisdom say.
    Try, try again!

    When the world's been cold and rough,
    When you meet each harsh rebuff,
    When misfortune's flailed you blue;
    Circumstances dogged you, too,
    Then there's one way left to you —
    Try, try again!

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  3. Making Your Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When your head feels just like lead
    And you don't know which way to tread,
    Don't throw in the towel, don't give up,
    Sit back and drink from your coffee cup!

    When it looks like nothing will work
    Just take a few moments to perk,
    Your spirit and take a deep breath
    To try something totally fresh.

    Now you feel ready for round two
    You're ready to try something new!
    This try may result in a way
    That success will be found, making your day!

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  5. Hang On
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Though the task is too arduous
    And your patience are thin
    Do not give up,
    Look and see there's a silver lining in.

    Stand back and refocus,
    Then tackle it from anew
    Armed with courage and faith
    You can make your dreams come true.

    Take a deep breath and don’t you quit,
    Don’t just bend with the wind
    Stay rooted like the old tree
    Victory will come to be.

    Try a different route,
    Persevere and have hope
    Try, try again
    Hang on to that rope.

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  7. Keep on Tryin'
    Poet: Unknown

    Wipe off your chin, pull down your vest;
    Allow nothing to ban your way,
    Fight harder still to win the day,
    Then things are bound to come your way.

    Don't claim that fortune passed your door
    And gave your lucky neighbor more.
    You'll find Old Lady Luck is for
    The man who works and don't get sore -
    No matter how the rain may pour.

    If hard fate deals you a slap,
    Don't curl up like a yellow sap;
    Knock all obstacles off the map
    An show 'em how a man can rap.

    When 'gainst the tide turn on more stream;
    Any dead fish can float down stream.
    To breast life's currents, take the tip:
    It takes a live one, full of zip,
    That nothing, short of death, can whip,
    Just keep on tryin'.

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  9. Best Remedy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    It's not enough to simply try and fail,
    No matter how much time does pass.
    To truly reach higher goals you must persevere,
    And keep pushing no matter the task.

    What's important here is your attitude,
    No need to get down in the dumps.
    Instead, view failure as an opportunity,
    Take time to reassess, and then get back up!

    So don't be afraid of adversity,
    When you come across it instead charge on!
    Accept advice but remember one thing,
    The best remedy always is "try try again".

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  11. Look For Possibilities
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Look for possibilities, toil away the night
    The discouragement overcomes, you feel no light
    Do not despair of your efforts in vain
    Success may be just around the corner if you try try again

    Overwhelmed and exhausted, too weary to fight
    Just keep going on and see things in a different light
    In time, with persistence its power will sow
    Keep striving onward, trust that soon you'll know

    If we don't give up and try one more time
    We may discover the way
    Be persistent, confront fears head on
    And your efforts they will pay!

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  13. How You Feel
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    No matter how frustrated you feel,
    One more time, just try again,
    For if you believe it is possible,
    The challenges soon will be slain.

    Let go of the doubt from within your mind,
    Trust your abilities, don't be blind.
    Everything takes time to unwind,
    Persevere and never give up in kind.

    The path to success may weave but it's true,
    If you keep at it something good will ensue.
    Be proud of taking this step anew,
    You'll eventually succeed through and through.

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  15. Try, Keep Trying
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    Have your efforts proved in vain?
    Do not sink to earth again;
    Try, keep trying:
    They who yield can nothing do;
    A feather's weight will break them thro';
    Try, keep trying:
    On yourself alone relying,
    You will conquer; try, keep trying.

    Falter not! but heavenward rise!
    Put forth all your energies;
    Try, keep trying:
    Every step that you progress
    Will make each future effort less;
    Try, keep trying:
    On the truth and God relying,
    You will conquer; try, keep trying.

    Ponderous barriers you may meet,
    But against them bravely beat;
    Try, keep trying:
    Nought should drive you from the track,
    Turn you from your purpose back;
    Try, keep trying:
    On yourself alone relying,
    You will conquer; try, keep trying.

    You will conquer if you try,
    Win the prize before you die;
    Try, keep trying:
    Remember, nothing is so true,
    As they who dare will ever do;
    Try, keep trying:
    On yourself and God relying,
    You will conquer; try, keep trying.

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  17. Don't Be Dismayed
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    They said to keep believing,
    Don't be dismayed,
    Try again and you'll reach success
    As your reward one day.

    Do not give in to skepticism
    No matter what the talk,
    Work hard towards your goal
    But take a break and a walk.

    It may prove difficult at times,
    It's natural so don't be sad,
    Press on through the trials and errors
    You will win and be glad.

    Discouragements come before
    Heights of aspirations, so cheer,
    For what better advice is there
    Except, try try again, with flare!

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  19. The Road To Success
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The road to success sometimes feels long,
    But know failure is not wrong.

    For you have not failed if you've learned what won't work
    And can try again with newfound knowledge perk.

    Through knowledge gained, when given a good chance
    Can turn a failure into greatness advance.

    So never waver or let your spirit deemed weak,
    For success could be over the next peak.

    Do not despair and your vision detain,
    Try again, determined remain.

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  21. Accepting Defeat
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Accepting defeat, and not trying again
    Is accepting failure which then
    Sees all my hopes start to fade
    Until I learned that mistakes are pathways made.

    With determination and lessons, I did learn
    I try again to achieve what I did yearn.
    For in trying again, the seed of triumph grows,
    And from the ashes of defeat, success surely shows.

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  23. Keep Trying
    Poet: Eben E. Rexford

    If boys should get discouraged,
    At lessons or at work,
    And say, "There’s no use trying,"
    And all hard tasks should shirk,
    And keep on shirking, shirking,
    Till the boy became a man,
    I wonder what the world would do
    To carry out its plan?

    The coward in the conflict
    Gives up at first defeat;
    If once repulsed, his courage
    Lies shattered at his feet.
    The brave heart wins the battle,
    Because through thick and thin,
    He’ll not give up as conquered -
    He fights, and fights to win.

    So, boys, don’t get disheartened
    Because at first you fail;
    If you but keep on trying,
    At last you will prevail;
    Be stubborn against failure;
    Try! Try! and try again;
    The boys who keep on trying
    Have made the world’s best men

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It is clear that when facing difficult times, it is important to remain determined and resilient. Even if solutions are not immediately apparent, you should never give up on trying to find a way forward. These poems demonstrate the importance of perseverance and remind us that, no matter how hard things seem, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Ultimately, by staying focused on our goals and refusing to give up, we can make our dreams a reality.

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