50 Quotes About Quitting

Be encouraged to never quit by reading these quotes about quitting. Rather than quit continue to move forward despite obstacles or challenges, be the best you can be, and demonstrate determination and perseverance. When you quit it is game over, there is no longer a chance. You may look back someday and wonder what would have happened if I .... Keep going, don't quit. Ask others for help, find those who have done what you are trying to achieve and see how they did it. Also be encouraged by this don't quit poem.

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  1. A pat on the back from a stranger or friend...will bring you right up with new courage and grit and you'll keep in the fight when you were going to quit Edgar A. Guest, A Pat On The Back
    Poems Of Encouragement

  2. Most people quit because they look how far they have to go, not how far they have come. Ziad K. Abdelnour
    Inspirational Poems

  3. Patience is a virtue that yields beautiful rewards, just like a seed planted in the ground with time and care it grows - you don't quit because your garden does not grow fast - the same is true in life. C. A. Pulsifer
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  4. Darkness should never be an excuse to quit, for with God, darkness is the exact stuff that light was built for. Craig D. Lounsbrough
    Christian Poems

  5. You are about to succeed when the urge to quit is the greatest.
  6. You are about to succeed when the urge to quit is the greatest. Amit Kalantri
    Encouragement Quotes

  7. Take action and make your goal come alive - don't let your goal become part of an archive. Catherine Pulsifer, Let Yourself Dream
    Poems About Goals

  8. You succeed in life when you don't quit when you don't give up. You can always try again, one more time, perhaps a different way, or perhaps with some help, but what is most important is that you do try again. Catherine Pulsifer
    Try Try Again Poem

  9. As the day is what you make it - be positive and happy, don't quit! Catherine Pulsifer, May Your Day Be Full
    Good Morning Poems

  10. Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. Lance Armstrong
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  11. From rich and poor, from strong and weak, will come a thousand snares; let each one but a lesson be, to guide past future cares. David V. Bush, Don't Lose Your Goat
    Poems About Life

  12. Quitting: easy. Daring to triumph: hard. Laird Hamilton
    Take A Chance Quotes

  13. You see, in life, we all must face times when we feel we are in the wrong place. But we never give up and accept defeat for you will find determination is sweet! Catherine Pulsifer, If You Give Up
    Never Give Up Poem

  14. Keep at it! Always at it - this accomplishes results. F. M Fradenburgh, Advice For Going Forward
    Graduation Poems

  15. If you give up and quit you will always wonder "what if". Take a deep breath and start again let learning and failure be a friend. Catherine Pulsifer, What If
    Don't You Quit

  16. When all the world's against you, yet-undaunted, on you press-that's where Endurance triumphs, crowning effort with success. Patience Strong, Endurance
    Be Inspired

  17. A sluggard's plea is no excuse. It is inferior to the little ant; busy as a bee, industrious is he, that never says I can't. J. J. Thorne
    Never Give Up Quotes

  18. The man who misses all the fun is he who says, "It can't be done." Unknown, It Can't Be Done
    Poems About Winning

  19. It is those who stop and do no more, those who quit and don't try to score. They are the ones that accept defeat, over and over defeat they repeat. Catherine Pulsifer, Just Keep On Going
    Keep Going Poems

  20. Don't quit, move forward each day, accepting ups and downs, don't get signals mixed. Catherine Pulsifer, Life Lessons
    Poems On Life Lessons

  21. Frustrating times when you may want to quit. When it gets rough or you hit a roadblock, you must forge ahead and keep going.
  22. Frustrating times when you may want to quit. When it gets rough or you hit a roadblock, you must forge ahead and keep going. Dana Arcuri
    Challenge Quotes

  23. So each day commit to do your best, don't quit. Giving effort and energy will move you forward, you will see. Catherine Pulsifer, Success In Life
    Poems About Effort

  24. The road of life with all its strife is strewn with bones, “I can’t." The skeletons of men who’ve quit you’ll pass up to life’s peak, but man! have pluck to do and dare! David V. Bush, Find Your Work - Then Leap
    Poems About Work

  25. But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. 2 Chronicles 15:7 (NIV)
    Bible Verses about Never Giving Up

  26. So next time you have that feeling creep up don't give in and don't give up. You may have to do it another way but realize that is okay. Catherine Pulsifer, We All Feel It
    Poems About Frustrations

  27. Even horses quit their pullin' when the driver doesn't smile, but they'll buckle to the traces when they hear a glad giddap Edgar A. Guest, Laughter
    Poems About Laughter

  28. There was never a cloud could hide the sun for more than a day or two; so don't be so ready to quit and run, when adversity comes to you. Unknown, Holdfast!
    Poems For Teenagers

  29. Everybody believes in the determined man people know that when he undertakes a thing, the battle is half won, for his rule is to accomplish whatever he sets out to do. Orison Swett Marden, Genius and Power
    Poems On Determination

  30. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. Conrad Hilton
    Success Quotes

  31. We will realize life is much more than about getting, It's about loving, giving and not quitting. Julie Hebert, Live Life
    Living Life Poem

  32. To quit is to fail - as long as you are still in the game you are succeeding! Lindsey Rietzsch
    Failure Quotes

  33. Just never let go of hope. Just never quit dreaming. Jancarl Campi, Never Let Go Of Hope
    Poems About Hope

  34. Success is a slow process, and quitting does not speed it up.
  35. Success is a slow process, and quitting does not speed it up. Jeffrey Fry
    Success Poem

  36. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas Edison
    Poems About Perseverance

  37. Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. Napoleon Hill
    Effort Quotes

  38. Just keep learning through your mistakes - don't give up, you have what it takes! Catherine Pulsifer, One Lesson
    Poems About Learning

  39. I nearly gave up when the thing looked so bad, I had almost decided to quit: I'm surprised at myself at the courage I had, and I'm glad that I had so much grit. Unknown, Reflection
    Think On These Things

  40. School enough, I am going to quit...I talked about this to friends of mine they did not think quitting would be fine Catherine Pulsifer, Quit?
    Poems About School

  41. At the end, someone or something always gives up. It is either you give up and quit or the obstacle or failure gives up and makes way for your success to come through. Idowu Koyenikan
    Poems About Failure

  42. Striving for successful goals will have a tendency at times to be discouraging, thankless, and mentally draining. You are entitled to these feelings, however you are not entitled to give up. Dewayne Owens
    Goals Quotes

  43. In storm and in sunshine, whatever assail, you'll onward and conquer, and never say fail. Daniel C. Colesworthy
    Never Say Fail

  44. Who quits on the turnpike of struggle and pain, and ceases to win as he deems it all vain. But in parting I mention a thing that is true —it is never too late for a come-back — for YOU! David V. Bush
    My Regrets To The Man Who Gives Up

  45. Never quit. Work hard. Expect setbacks. It’s not easy. But you can and you will. And it will be worth it all. Emilyann Allen
    Work Quotes

  46. Can turn you away from the thing that you want, if dogged and grim you besiege and beset it, you’ll get it! Berton Braley
    Determination Quotes

  47. Have you said, " 'Tis the end, Life's too hard a school, I will quit, for success never came".....just you try again, with that spirit of yore, for success is a-coming to you! David V. Bush, Never Say Die
    Do Not Lose Your Pep

  48. ‪Life can break you many times before you get your big break.‬
  49. ‪Life can break you many times before you get your big break.‬ Curtis Tyrone Jones
    Life Quotes

  50. In difficult times, we’re not supposed to quit believing; we’re not supposed to quit growing. Joel Osteen
    Quotes About Growth

  51. Face the sunshine — let its warmth your pleasure heighten; face the sunshine and be quit of grief and dole. Strickland Gillilan
    Face The Sunshine

  52. The worse thing we can do is give up or quit. Don't quit; take one step at a time and the hill will not seem as steep or high! Byron Pulsifer
    Hills Ahead

  53. The man who has the nerve and grit will like the bulldog, never quit. David V. Bush

  54. The reason I never can quit the road is a reason that's plain and clear....there's a place beyond the place I am, wherever I may be at, and then beyond is a place beyond and the world beyond all that! Berton Braley
    LIttle Further
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