Do Not Lose Your Pep

Encouragement to never lose your pep, your enthusiasm or your determination. Even when faced with challenges and issues we need to remain positive and continue forging ahead. Be inspired by this poem written by David V. Bush.

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Do Not Lose Your Pep
by David V. Bush

If you've; been flayed by Failure's lash,
Do not lose your pep!
If you have lost your friends and cash,
Do not lose your pep!
The lash in time will ravel out;
You'll gain more friends who will not doubt;
With new-earned wealth your cares you'll flout-
Do not lose your pep!

If blasting winds have blown your way.
Do not lose your pep!
No wind or storm can last for aye.
Do not lose your pep!
If frowning fortune threatens you
And wicked lightning streaks the blue,
Stand firm and fast; for peace ne'er sue —
Do not lose your pep!

If Fate assails you ill by ill,
Do not lose your pep!
If evil strikes with claws to kill,
Do not lose your pep!
Though grave and grievous be your plight;
Though not a star shine forth at night;
That is no time to quit the fight —
Do not lose your pep!

If all your plans have come to naught,
Do not lose your pep!
'Tis much to say you bravely fought;
Do not lose your pep!
If your bright star is on the wane,
Cease not your task — plunge in again!
Vict'ry will come through grief and pain -
Do not lose your pep!

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You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
by David V. Bush

You cannot keep a good man down,
He'll rise in spite of all;
He may be beaten into pulp
He'll rise from every fall.

A good strong man with pluck and grit
Each time on top will come,
Tho gods and man contrive to beat
And keep him out of plumb.

You may as well stem back the tide,
And make the moon stand still
As try to keep a good man down
A man with force and will.

Never Say Die
by David V. Bush

Have you done all you could and been much criticized?
Have you played the world fair and then lost?
Have you worked like a trooper and seemed hypnotized
So that nothing turned out but the cost

And that cost charged to you when you'd nothing to pay?
Have you ever endured such a plight?
Were you broke and not able to turn any way?
Have you wanted to give up the fight?

Have you done all you could? Been cuffed all about?
Have you played like a man and gone down?
Have you made your last effort and sparred your last bout?
Have you felt like not "sticking around?"

Have you failed once or often; been called a poor fool?
Have you tried to keep straight and look game?
Have you said, " 'Tis the end, Life's too hard a school,
I will quit, for success never came"?

Then take heart, brother mine, I have felt this queer pain;
I have failed seen everything gone;
I have often said, "Nay, I will not try again"
That's just the safe time to hang on!

For a short way ahead, when you've failed many times;
There's success just awaiting for you;
If you never give up, hang tight to the lines,
Then success, not defeat is your due.

O pray, never say "die," make an effort once more!
Never say that your time is past due;
Just you try again, with that spirit of yore,
For success is a-coming to you!

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