Don't You Quit

Wise words of wisdom, don't you quit! Poems to encourage you to keep going. Many times we feel discouraged or overwhelmed and we just want to stop what we are doing or trying to achieve. That is just the time you should continue. Let the words in these verses inspire you not to quit.

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    The poem, Keep Going, encourages us not to abandon our dreams.
    The verses offer suggestions to encourage you not to end what you have started.

  1. Keep Going
    Poet: Samatha Lynch, © 2018

    When you feel like giving up
    Don't quit
    Look around and find blessings abound
    Keep going.

    When your problems seem overwhelming
    Don't quit
    Take one step at a time
    Keep going.

    When you don't have the answer
    Don't quit
    Talk to others find the support
    Keep going

    When you are discouraged
    Don't quit.
    Don't give up
    Keep going!

  2. don't quit poem
    Don't Quit Poem

  3. You're Never Licked
    Poet: Hobart Benjamin

    When a fellow is down and the going is rough,
    And inside he's hungry, the whole world seems tough;
    Just 'cause he's down and taking a kicking,
    Is no sign at all that he's taking a licking.
    Take all those kicks and come back with a grin.
    Just being down, boy, was never a sin.
    Sure, it's a fight, and a hard one at that,
    But you have your chance, so make it a scrap.
    Square up your shoulders and set all your sail,
    For if you have the stuff, boy, you'll weather the gale.

  4. the road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places
    never give up quotes

    Poems to encourage you not to close the door on your dreams
    because of other people's opinions!

  5. The Key To Wants
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2011

    If you've ever been told in your life,
    That there is something you can't do.
    I hope you didn't quit, but instead showed wit,
    And proved it's not up to them, but to you.

    You'll come across many people in life,
    That believe they know it all.
    It can be hard to construe if what's been said was true,
    But overall, it's up to you to stand tall.

    Anything you want to do, you can do,
    If you only believe in you.
    Don't let others change you, or try to bend you,
    You're the only person who can change your point of view.

    So if this is really what you want to do,
    Get out there and take action.
    Be all you can be, turn that key,
    And don't allow for any distraction!

  6. those who win never quit those who quit never win
    Life Quotes About Giving Up

  7. Sweet is the Pleasure
    Poet: John Sullivan Dwight

    'Rest is not quitting
    The busy career;
    Rest is the fitting
    Of self to its sphere.
    'Tis loving and serving
    The highest and best;
    'Tis onward! unswerving, —
    And that is true rest.

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  9. If You Quit
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    If you quit you give in
    You will never know what might have been.
    Those who give up to easily find
    That they are often left behind.

    Stucking to it, trying once more
    Will sometimes open up doors.
    Don't give in, don't you quit.
    Be determined, don't have a fit.

    Those who get ahead in life
    Face challenges and strife
    But they keep moving along
    Finding solutions and where they belong.

  10. resolve never to quit, never to give up, no matter what the situation
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  11. The Man Who Comes Back
    Poet: David V. Bush

    Oh, don't be a quitter, we disdain such a man,
    Though we have been guilty ourselves;
    We've oft turned our backs from life's sordid whacks
    Let the past be put on the shelves.

    Yes, we have been quitters for many a day;
    Ashamed, sneaked back to the ranks;
    We quit and returned all bridges we burned;
    And received men's comments and thanks.

    Oh, don't be a quitter who never comes back;
    Tho defeated and beaten today,
    Don't throw up the sponge; just you again lunge
    Head- foremost to the thick of the fray.

    If you are a quitter the one who comes back
    You're in good company;
    For many a man in this glorious land
    Has quit, yet claims victory.

    No longer a quitter when you try, try again
    You stop and then go ahead;
    So take heart again; our God will sure send
    Success before you are dead.

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We hope these poems inpired you not to give up, not to quit. As Rachelle Triay said, "When the road gets hard, do not quit. When you are unsure of your next steps, pray and seek counsel, then keep moving." Great advice!

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