Keep A Going Poem

Be encouraged by these short poems that remind us to keep going. Verses that will remind you to stick to it with persistence and perseverance. In trying to reach our goals all of us at one time or another have faced roadblocks and obstacles. But as the verses will reflect it we persist and persevere we can reach success.

Share these poems of encouragement with those who are discouraged to remind them to keep going!

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  1. Keep-A-Goin'
    Poet: Frank L. Stanton

    If you strike a thorn or a rose.
    Keep a-goin'!
    If it hails or if it snows,
    Keep a-goin'!
    Taint no use to sit and "whine"
    When the fish ain't on your line;
    Bait your hook and keep on tryin'
    Keep a-goin'!

    When the weather kills your crop.
    Keep a-goin'!
    When you tumble from the top,
    Keep a-goin'!
    S'pose you are out of every dime,
    Gettin' broke ain't any crime;
    Tell the world you're feelin' prime —
    Keep a-goin'!

    When it looks like all is up,
    Keep a-goin'!
    Drain the sweetness from the cup.
    Keep a-goin'!
    See the wild birds on the wing!
    Hear the bells that sweetly ring!
    When you feel like sighin' — sing!
    Keep a-goin"!

  2. Look Back
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

    Look back in history and you'll see
    Many people kept goin' even when they hit a tree
    They never gave up. They stuck to it,
    They persisted never throwing a fit.

    Imagine if they just gave up
    We may not have inventions, not even a cup
    They persisted and preserved without any scoff
    And it has resulted that we folk are now better off

    So if you're discouraged, research and find
    The people who kept going even when in a bind
    The key to their success is a simple one
    They kept moving forward until they were done.

    The second key for their success is clear
    They believed in themselves, they had no fear
    Even if they failed they kept moving forward
    They could see the success they were moving toward.

    In reaching your goals you may find
    That some things may take a bit of time
    But have confidence and believe
    That you have it in you to succeed!

  3. Sailing Boat
    Poet: Patience Strong

    I watched a little sailing boat
    With crimson wings outspread-
    So small - and yet so switch and sure,
    It plunged its way ahead-
    Through wind and spray and driving rain
    Towards the harbour light-
    Unshaken by the blinding storm -
    Like some great bird in flight...

    And so it is in human life
    With all its squalls and gales-
    It's not the storm that matters,
    It's the way we set our sails-
    Enables us to steer our course
    Through hardship and distress-
    And reach the peaceful harbour
    Of a well-deserved success.

  4. Throw In The Towel
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

    You want to throw in the towel
    You say with a growl
    Why bother to keep tryin'
    It just feels like its dyin'

    But what if the next try
    The results you will come by
    If you throw in the towel now
    You will never get a chance to bow

    You have to try and learn
    Your persistence will earn
    A way around the troubles you face
    And you will find success you'll embrace

  5. The Lights of Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

    The lights of life - green and red
    Red to stop and green to go ahead
    Do we pay attention to when the light is red
    Or do we just stop and go to bed.

    The red light of life you see
    Is just a way to stop and be
    It doesn't mean that you'll never go
    It only means that you proceed a bit slow

    The green light of life you see
    Are things working out, we are so happy
    But in life, the light is not always green
    Things sometimes can fall in-between

    So when the light moves forward to green
    Keep going ever so keen
    But don't give up when the light is red
    Otherwise, your dreams and goals will be dead.

    Find a way to turn the light to yellow
    You may have to adjust and be a bit more mellow
    But focusing on that light of green
    You will succeed and your work will be seen.

  6. Go Right On Working
    Poet: Nixon Waterman

    Ah, yes! the task is hard, 'tis true,
    But what's the use of sighing?
    They're soonest with their duties through
    Who bravely keep on trying.
    There's no advantage to be found
    In sorrowing or shirking;
    They with success are soonest crowned
    Who just go right on working.

    Strive patiently and with a will
    That shall not be defeated;
    Keep singing at your task until
    You see it stand completed.
    Nor let the clouds of doubt draw near,
    Your sky's glad sunshine murking;
    Be brave, and fill your heart with cheer,
    And just go right on working.

  7. Press On
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    Press on, press on to virtue,
    Until the goal is won;
    Nor linger with the farewell beams
    Of the departing sun.
    Move limb and heart; go forth
    With majesty and might;
    And never tire and never faint,
    At daybreak or at night.

    Press on, press on to virtue;
    The prize you'll win at last,
    If with a courage unsubdued,
    And firm truth buckled fast,
    In Heaven's high name you go.
    As sure as morn succeeds
    The night, so sure on Glory's page
    Will burn Faith's noble deeds.

  8. Just Keep On Going
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Defeated we want to quit
    But let them tell you a secret:
    Defeat brings a chance to learn
    Don't fall into the defeatist pattern.

    Learn where you went wrong
    Then get back on the road and go along
    You will find that as you keep going
    Success will start showing.

    Say no to the defeatist attitude
    Hang on with fortitude
    Keep going learning along the way
    And success will be yours some day.

    It is those who stop and do no more
    Those who quit and don't try to score
    They are the ones that accept defeat
    Over and over defeat they repeat.

    So keep your head up high
    Don't get discouraged, don't sigh
    Just keep on going, with a focused goal
    Let the roadblocks and challenges roll.

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