Poems About Mistakes

Poems about making mistakes to encourage you and lift your spirits when you make an error. We all make mistakes, but whether it remains a mistake is determined by what we learn from making them and what our attitude is when it happens. Mistakes are a fact of life, but what you do once a mistake is made determines your success in life. We all have a choice about our attitude and what we learn.

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poems about mistakes

We All Make Mistakes

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

Frustration, disappointment and even defeat,
At times we all sometimes feel.
Don't let mistakes be a disappointment in your life,
Don't be down as joy it will steal.

We all sometimes find,
Ourselves taking two steps back.
Even the best of us,
Sometimes feel like that.

Time to wake up,
And live as you want.
Don't allow those two steps back,
To stop you and haunt.

We all make our own mistakes.
There is no time for looking back,
It's time to stand tall and hold your head high,
Learn from it, move forward, stay on track!

Thankful For The Mistakes
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Be thankful for the mistakes you have made
As they teach you better than a school grade
Some see mistakes as failures so
But don't let mistakes take you that low.

Mistakes are made by everyone
The day will never come that you'll make none
The important thing to realize
There is learning for you to recognize.

Learn from the mistake with knowledge you have gained
Don't let the mistake be a failure or a drain
Mistakes are like one step forward and then two back
Always remember they teach you what you lack!

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