Hills Ahead

A great poem to encourage you by Douglas Malloch when you feel the issues you are facing are not achievable. The hill you face may seem all uphill but let the words of this poem be ones that give you encouragement.

The Hills Ahead
by Douglas Malloch

The hills ahead look hard and steep and high
And often we behold them with a sigh;
But as we near them level grows the road,
We find on every slope, with every load,
The climb is not so steep, the top so far,
The hills ahead look harder than they are.

And so it is with troubles, though they see so great
That men complain and fear and hesitate,
Less difficult the journey than we dreamed,
It never proves as hard as once it seemed;
There never comes a hill, a task, a day,
But as we near it, easier the way.

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