Hills Ahead

A great poem to encourage you by Douglas Malloch when you feel the issues you are facing are not achievable. The hill you face may seem all uphill but let the words of this poem be ones that give you encouragement.

When we are at the bottom of a hill and looking up it can feel overwhelming, however once we take that first step and start moving it is not as steep as it first looked. That is the way it is for many things in life - when we set a goal we sometimes focus on the end rather than on the action steps to moves us toward that goal.

As the Poet expresses the same is true for troubles and challenges we face. If we sit and complain, and feel sorry for ourself our toubles can feel overwhelming, but if we focus our energy on finding a solution we find our troubles do not seem as great.

The worse thing we can do is give up or quit. Don't quit; take one step at a time and the hill will not seem as steep or high!

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The Hills Ahead
by Douglas Malloch

The hills ahead look hard and steep and high
And often we behold them with a sigh;
But as we near them level grows the road,
We find on every slope, with every load,
The climb is not so steep, the top so far,
The hills ahead look harder than they are.

And so it is with troubles, though they see so great
That men complain and fear and hesitate,
Less difficult the journey than we dreamed,
It never proves as hard as once it seemed;
There never comes a hill, a task, a day,
But as we near it, easier the way.

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Quotes from the poem, The Hills Ahead:

"The hills ahead look hard and steep and high and often we behold them with a sigh"
Douglas Malloch
Life is full of challenges; some are keenly recognized while others show their heads as we awake each morning. Common challenges are often related to the tasks that we have been assigned to in a work environment. Some challenges stem from difficult human relationships whether that is at home with a spouse or children or whether that comes your way in your workplace. Personal issues may well add to your stress levels on a daily basis or contribute to your desire to plan to leave a poisoned environment that has become insurmountable. Despite the challenges that may seem destined to be given a hardy goodbye, these type of challenges are ones that may appear more often than not. It may require you to rethink how to diminish these issues. This may mean utilizing a different personal style, or it may mean that you may wish to take human relations courses to sharpen your skill set. No matter the issue, however, there is more often a solution than not. When your mental processes are focused more on solutions than focused on the problem, the seemingly insurmountable issue becomes an opportunity and not an unbearable yoke of defeat.

"It never proves as hard as once it seemed; There never comes a hill, a task, a day, But as we near it, easier the way."
Douglas Malloch
As the verses declare, "it never proves as hard as once it seemed". There is a good reason that this verse may become true. Notice, the word "may". It is not that each issue, problem or circumstance will in itself become a thing of the past. However, there is a much better chance that those valleys can be climbed to the top of the hill armed with a weapon that has instilled hope and motivated thousands to move through and over obstacles encountered. That special weapon is called "goal setting". Goal setting sets out a detailed plan combined with a time line for each step. It then becomes the norm that each step is undertaken within the limits in each step along with a specified time frame to its' completion. The whole purpose of any such plan no matter whether that it to launch a business, to exact policy initiatives or to improve one's life skills is to complete the detailed steps through perseverance, dedication and wholehearted support. With these types of plans, it is more than possible to circumvent or overcome any obstacle that stands in your way on the road to the top of the mountain one step at a time.

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