7 Poems About Honesty

Be encouraged by these poems about honesty. Let them remind you of what honesty means and how we can see it in a person.

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  1. An Honest Man
    Poet: John Imrie

    Show me the man of true and honest heart,
    Who, for the sake of gain, will not depart
    From paths of rectitude, and then I can
    Shew you God's noblest work —
    An honest man!

    Temptation's darts do not disturb his mind,
    True to himself he 's true to all mankind,
    By honest toil he earns whate'er he can.
    And proves himself to be —
    An honest man!

    Truth is his watchword — lips that speak no guile,
    His face illumm'd with an honest smile,
    Looks eye to eye with ours, nor fails to scan
    The traits and signs which mark —
    The honest man!

    God bless the honest man whose bosom thrills
    With love and sympathy for others' ills,
    And "robs " himself of ease if so he can,
    With woman's tenderness, display —
    "The man!"

    The world is full of sin, and vice, and crime.
    But honesty will stand the test of time;
    Truth, Virtue, Charity, shall lead tlie van, —
    God's name is honour'd by —
    The honest man!

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  3. Dark and Weary
    Poet: Will Carleton

    The way at times may dark and weary seem,
    No ray of sunshine on our path may beam.
    The dark clouds hover over us like a pall.
    And gloom and sadness seem to compass all.

    But still, with honest purpose, toil we on;
    And if our steps be upright, straight, and true.
    Far in the east a golden light shall dawn,
    And the bright smile of God come bursting through.

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  5. Being Honest
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    One character trait I admire
    Is an honest man
    You never have to wonder
    Where they stand.

    You may not agree with
    All they have to say
    But you never have to wonder
    If they will change their way.

    Being honest sometimes is
    Not what people want to hear
    But by being honest you never have to think
    About what you said in fear.

    Honesty is a good way
    To live your life each day
    Because you never have
    To think what did I say!

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  7. The Lonely Fight
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    It's easy to be right when the multitude is cheering,
    It is easy to have courage when you're fighting with the throng;
    But it's altogether different when the multitude is sneering
    To fight for what you know is right with no one else along.

    It's easy to be honest when the multitude is gazing.
    It is easy to be truthful when the crowds are standing by;
    But it's altogether different when there is no spotlight blazing
    To stand alone for what is right and never cheat or lie.

  8. An Honest Heart
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    The various paths they all may try
    To gain a living, or secure
    The honors that may never die,
    I cannot see. Of this I'm sure,
    If guided by an honest heart,
    A soul from vicious passions free,
    Each will in life act well his part,
    And gain a blessed eternity.

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  10. Four Things
    Poet: Henry VanDyke

    Four things a man must learn to do
    If he would make his record true:
    To think without confusion clearly;
    To love his fellow-men sincerely;
    To act from honest motives purely;
    To trust in God and Heaven securely.

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  12. The Twin Followers
    Poet: Eugene Field

    Two ragged holes beam sadly out
    Below the suburbs of this vest,
    Like guardian angels of unrest,
    They follow him for e'er about.
    No picture could the public scan,
    With half the greedy, fixed intent.
    That on those dual holes is bent,
    Those trade marks of an honest man.

    How came those hungry holes both there?
    Ah, ask the hours of toil and pain.
    The pencil, lamp, and woven cane.
    The creaky, rusty, office chair!
    Why, everyrthing is new at first
    And framed to stem the tide of life,
    But all must yield at last to strife.
    And even pants at length will burst.

    And so, O honest holes, we greet
    You with a proud and hearty grace;
    Good welcome to the resting place.
    Thrice welcome to the royal seat!
    In all the turmoil, all the strife.
    There are no teachers half so true,
    To teach us what we learn from you.
    The steam realities of life.

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May these poems remind you that honesty is always the best way to be!

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