An Honest Man

Let this poem about an honest man inspire honesty in you. John Imrie describes what honesty means and how we can see it in a person. The verse that summarizes this poem, "The world is full of sin, and vice, and crime. But honesty will stand the test of time..."

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An Honest Man
by John Imrie

Show me the man of true and honest heart,
Who, for the sake of gain, will not depart
From paths of rectitude, and then I can
Shew you God's noblest work —
An honest man!

Temptation's darts do not disturb his mind,
True to himself he 's true to all mankind,
By honest toil he earns whate'er he can.
And proves himself to be —
An honest man!

Truth is his watchword — lips that speak no guile,
His face illumm'd with an honest smile,
Looks eye to eye with ours, nor fails to scan
The traits and signs which mark —
The honest man!

God bless the honest man whose bosom thrills
With love and sympathy for others' ills,
And "robs " himself of ease if so he can,
With woman's tenderness, display —
"The man!"

The world is full of sin, and vice, and crime.
But honesty will stand the test of time;
Truth, Virtue, Charity, shall lead tlie van, —
God's name is honour'd by —
The honest man!

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