16 John Imrie Poems

Be encouraged by these uplifting poems by John Imrie. Born in 1846 in Glasgow, Scotland, John moved to Toronto, Canada in 1871. He held positions of a salesman and a foreman before he and D. L. Graham formed a partnership and established Imrie & Graham.

He wrote many poems and songs over the years, and to quote from the preface of his book, Songs and Miscellaneous Poems, "My style is simple, but none the less sincere, and my chief desire is to please, and encourage the toiling masses. That these humble heart-thoughts and aspirations for the present and future welfare of my fellow- countrymen, and humanity at large, may be accepted in the kindly spirit in which they have been composed..."

John Imrie
John Imrie
1846 - 1902

  1. Heart Questioning - John Imrie's poem is one that describes love and the feelings we experience. He expresses feelings of the heart.

  2. This Morning - The verses by John Imrie in this poem are ones that describe the morning in great detail. Let them encourage you to take part in the glorious day that this morning brings.

  3. Night - An inspiring poem about the night and the events that occur each and every night!

  4. A Christmas Carol  - A Christmas carol that expresses the feelings of joy and peace that Christmas brings. John Imrie describes the emotions and sentiments that people feel at this time of year.

  5. A Birthday Greeting  - Share this birthday greeting written by John Imrie with those celebrating another year. It is a reminder of how quickly time goes by and how we need to trust God the whole year through.

  6. Life's Progress - A poem by John Imrie which uses the analogy of water to compare our progress in life. An inspiring poem for all to enjoy and reflect upon.

  7. True Love - What is true love, a question many ponder. Let John Imrie's poem answer the question of what is true love!

  8. Flowers - We all love flowers. John Imrie describes the love of flowers and what they bring to this earth. He reflects on why God made flowers. The poem takes a twist when he uses the analogy of life and how quickly it passes by and reminds us to do all the good we can while we are here!.

  9. Good-bye Means Not Farewell - Today we say goodbye nonchalantly, like see ya later, but, back in the late 1500's when you said good-bye it did not mean farewell. It had a totally different meaning. Read John Imrie's poem to discover the meaning of good-bye and the next time you say it you the term will have more meaning to you.

  10. Farewell - Let this poem inspire you and give you hope that your farewell is not the end that someday you will see the person again.

  11. The Old Year And The New - One year ends another begins. John Imrie describes feelings we have as one year finishes and we look forward to the New Year.

  12. An Honest Man - Let this poem about an honest man inspire honesty in you. John Imrie describes what honesty means and how we can see it in a person.

  13. To My Friend - This poem, To My Friends, looks back over a life time and realizes friends at different stages of life influence our lives.

  14. Laughing - A poem about laughing and how it affects us all. From children's laughter to the laughter of just having fun

  15. The Brotherhood Of Man - A poem about brotherhood to make you stop and think that if we are all God's children are we not then all brothers and sisters.

  16. Bitter or Sweet - Life at times can be bitter or it can be sweet. But in this poem by John Imrie, he points out that we often choose how we see life - bitter or sweet.

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