The Brotherhood Of Man

A poem about brotherhood to make you stop and think that if we are all God's children are we not then all brothers and sisters. In this poem, John Imrie points out that no matter where we are born, no matter the color of our skin, that God created us all and God wants what every Mother and Father want for their children and that is to love one another.

If we don't demonstrate a love for our fellow man, if we don't demonstrate a caring for others then we need to pray to God to help us, to open our hearts so that we love each other. Be inspired by this Christian poem about loving one another!

The Brotherhood Of Man
by John Imrie

Our Father - God, His children - we,
No matter where our birthplace be -
Mid Arctic snows, or torrid clime,
One family since the first of time!

We should not bind our fellow-man,
Though he be yellow, black, or tan -
Or seek to keep him trodden down
By haughty sneer, or cruel frown.

A mother's love, like that of Heav'n,
Alike to all her sons is giv'n, -
All men are free as God's pure air.
And all alike His image bear.

Far better we should ever try
To ease the load, or soothe the sigh;
Each other's burdens kindly bear,
Each other's joys or sorrows share!

How can we pray to God abore.
And daily seek His care and love.
Unless our hearts for others' woe
With sympathetic love o'erflow ?

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