Good-bye Means Not Farewell

Let this short goodbye poem make you think twice the next time you say good-bye to someone. Today we say goodbye nonchalantly, like see ya later, but, back in the late 1500's when you said good-bye it did not mean farewell. It had a totally different meaning. Read John Imrie's poem to discover the meaning of good-bye and the next time you say it you the term will have more meaning to you.

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Good-bye Means Not Farewell
by John Imrie

"Good-bye! good-bye! " what kindly words,
As they fall on the parting ear,
Like the singing of summer birds,
With their wonderful power to cheer;
Their meaning true —
With kiss and sigh —
"Good-bye! good-bye!"

"Good-bye! good-bye! " means not "Farewell!"
But a wish for our Father's care!
How sweet when hearts their fullness tell
In the words of that loving prayer;
"Good-bye! good-bye!"
May God be nigh;
The meaning true —

These words are sometimes idly said,
Like passing sunbeams on the wall,
And on the heart fall cold and dead,
'Tis then no fervent prayer at all.
But plain — ''Good-bye!" —
A formal cry,
No kiss nor sigh.
Ah, friends! — why? why?

Remember, when you say — " Good-bye!'
Life is uncertain, short, and fleet;
Then, let the love-light in your eye
Show friendship's bond is strong and sweet
Thus, hand-in-hand,
Friends understand
The meaning true —

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