Good-bye Means Not Farewell

Let this short goodbye poem make you think twice the next time you say good-bye to someone. Today we say goodbye nonchalantly, like see ya later, but, back in the late 1500's when you said good-bye it did not mean farewell. It had a totally different meaning. Read John Imrie's poem to discover the meaning of goodbye and the next time you say it the term will have more meaning to you.

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Good-bye Means Not Farewell
Poet: John Imrie

"Good-bye! good-bye! " what kindly words,
As they fall on the parting ear,
Like the singing of summer birds,
With their wonderful power to cheer;
Their meaning true —
With kiss and sigh —
"Good-bye! good-bye!"

"Good-bye! good-bye! " means not "Farewell!"
But a wish for our Father's care!
How sweet when hearts their fullness tell
In the words of that loving prayer;
"Good-bye! good-bye!"
May God be nigh;
The meaning true —

These words are sometimes idly said,
Like passing sunbeams on the wall,
And on the heart fall cold and dead,
'Tis then no fervent prayer at all.
But plain — ''Good-bye!" —
A formal cry,
No kiss nor sigh.
Ah, friends! — why? why?

Remember, when you say — " Good-bye!'
Life is uncertain, short, and fleet;
Then, let the love-light in your eye
Show friendship's bond is strong and sweet
Thus, hand-in-hand,
Friends understand
The meaning true —

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Goodbye - The Word
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

When shadows stretch and moments fade away,
Goodbye emerges, a poignant role to play.
A gentle farewell, both bitter and sweet,
A pathway to new horizons where dreams may meet.

It murmurs tales of journeys yet to come,
Of separate roads and tales not yet spun.
Farewell, a word that mixes sadness and relief,
A fleeting touch, marking a moment's brief.

But within each goodbye, hope takes its stance,
For endings hold beginnings, a second chance.
In parting's grace, new chapters come alive,
Goodbye, a prelude to reunions that will thrive.

With each goodbye, anticipation springs,
Goodbye, a word that both hurts and sings.

When Farewell Beckons
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

When farewells beckon, with hearts in tow,
Instead of goodbye, let blessings bestow.
"God be with you," we softly say,
A prayer for your journey, come what may.

With care and warmth, we bid adieu,
An embrace of love, sincere and true.
May angels guide you on your way,
In every step, by night and day.

Through distant lands and unknown skies,
May God's grace be your eternal ties.
His presence, like a steadfast light,
Leading you onward, beyond the night.

So, let us part with this sacred plea,
"God be with you," for eternity.
In these words, a prayer we send,
Forever cherished, until we meet again.

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