The Bitter Or The Sweet

Life at times can be bitter or it can be sweet. But in this poem by John Imrie, he points out that we often choose how we see life - bitter or sweet. We all have the choice each and every day in our attitude, in how we act at work and at home. A smile or a frown the choice is ours. When we see the rose, do we see the flower or the thorns? On this journey of life, let his poem encourage and inspire you to keep your attitude positive and bright.

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The Bitter Or The Sweet
by John Imrie

The bitter or the sweet of life
Is often ours to choose,
Sweet love is antidote to strife —
The bitter, then, refuse.

Let not the angry word be said,
At home, at work, or play;
Like waters pure from fountain-head
Let smiles cheer up thy way.

Let Mara's bitter waters flow
Alone on deserts wild;
On life's highway, whereon we go,
Let looks and words be mild.

Let wreaths of smiles chase every frown
From God's own image fair;
Then friendship's loving hands shall crown
Thy head with blessings rare.

Now, all along life's rugged way
Let flowers displace the thorn,
And grief and care shall flee away
From hearts that erst were torn!

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