Heart Questioning

John Imrie's poem is one that describes love and the feelings we experience. He expresses feelings of the heart. Be inspired and let the words remind you of the importance of love in your life.

Emotions abound throughout all our lives no matter the time or the place. To be clear, however, emotions can be good or bad, wanted or unwanted, deserved or undeserved. In this poem, however, we are talking about positive love expressed in all manners of fashion. These love emotions are simply unlimited in how they are expressed. These love and timeless caresses of others do not only dwell in the hearts of those who are to be together in matrimony or of those who long to express these heart-felt emotions in the future. It is, however, the expression of love that takes many forms both verbally and by behavior despite the recognition or not from another. Love can be given without expecting anything in return.

This type of love beyond the confines of one's partner or children or relatives sees its manifestation in the actions of kindness, compassion and empathy towards all fellow human beings regardless of their station in life. It can be a quiet and unrecognized behavior that smiles at strangers in welcome or the giving of food to a food bank. It is "love" that is offered freely to colleagues at work even when you don't feel they may deserve it. It is "love" that shows daily its care and respect for a spouse in all manner of little, thoughtful deeds or manners or acceptance.

These types of emotional love go far beyond the demand for gratitude of someone else or that of an organization. It is enough for the giver to know that what they have given in love extends as love has been shown to them in times past from another person and from our Heavenly Father. Let these words from poet Imrie excite your love, passion and empathy towards all those with who you happen to cross paths throughout your entire life.

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Heart Questioning
Poet: John Imrie  

What stirs an emotion
As deep as' the ocean,
And strong as the hills that tower above?
'Tis the sound of a sigh,
As the zephyrs go by,
That tells in a breath the presence of Love!

What is seen in the glance,
As true lovers advance,
That kindles a flame which never can die?
'Tis a spark from above,
From the altar of Love,
Dropp'd unerringly down from on high!

As the loving hands clasp,
What is told in the grasp
That quickens the pulse and glows on the cheek?
'Tis " the story of old,"
In that loving enfold,
The language of Love that words cannot speak!

Whence the tones that can thrill,
Without effort or will.
And woo the heart's fond admiration?
They are notes from the choir,
With the golden lyre.
Tuned by Love's sublime inspiration!

Oh! from whence comes the bliss
Of love's first fervent kiss,
That rapturous outflow of feeling?
'Tis a faint echo given
Of earth's foretaste of Heaven,
By fond hearts their fulness revealing!

Whence the breathings of soul
That defies our control,
Those sweet communings of heart with heart?
'Tis a gift from above,
'Tis the token of love,
Once possesss'd, time or death cannot part!

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Another poem about love by John Imrie:

What Is Love?
Poet: John Imrie

Love is the grateful offering of a heart
In all its fulness to some counterpart;
Zeal answering zeal, both striving to excel,
Zealous to share the glowing thoughts that dwell
In hearts united by Love's silken bands,
Each thread some joy Love only understands!
Mid stirring echoes of a fond desire
Claim kindred feelings and a sister-fire,
Joining life's hopes in one ecstatic song,
As sweetest music from an angel-throng;
No doubt or fear disturbs Love s peaceful rest,
Nor cares corroding rankle in her breast;
Each thought bears fruit in others sweeter still,
Till earth seems heaven and heaven seems own'd at will!

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