Life's Progress

A poem by John Imrie which uses the analogy of water to compare our progress in life. An inspiring poem for all to enjoy and reflect upon.

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Life's Progress
by John Imrie

Down the mountains, down the hills,
Trickling on for ever;
Gentle springs make little rills,
Little rills the river.

Rivers rolling to the sea
Lose themselves in ocean,
Bearing on their bosoms free
Noble ships in motion.

Such is life, a constant change,
Still from small to greater;
Let us learn the lesson strange
Taught by our Creator:

Life is giv'n for noble ends,
Lofty thoughts and actions,
Winning to our bosom — friends
Gain'd in life's transactions.

Ah! soon we'll reach life's ocean strand,
Just like the mighty river,
Safe in the hollow of that Hand
Which holds the seas for ever.

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