To My Friends

This poem, To My Friends, looks back over a lifetime and realizes friends at different stages of life influence our lives. Be inspired by the writings of John Imrie's poems.

To My Friends
by John Imrie

Friends of my earliest days and years,
Ye who dispell'd my infant fears,
And o'er me spent your prayers and tears,
Father, Mother;
And let me pay a tribute meet
To those who watch'd my infant feet,
And shower'd on me their kisses sweet,
Sister, Brother.

Friends of my school-days or of play,
When all was joyous, bright, and gay,
Companions dear of life's spring-day,
Again we meet;
As memory paints the scenes anew,
In colours of the brightest hue.
When life was good, and pure, and true.
And friendship sweet.

Friends of those years when hopes were high,
And hearts beat true, and love was nigh.
And echoes woke which ne'er shall die,
But echoes give;
While fleeting years roll on apace,
Within my heart there is a place
That bears the likeness of each face.
And thoughts that live!

Friends dead and gone — friends far and near —
Friends tried and true — friends ever dear,
Though sunder'd far, yet all are here,
Close to my heart;
And all along life's rugged way
The smile of friendship crowns the day,
And hearts are young though heads be grey : —
Friends never part!

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