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Share these poems that have a message to your family expressing love and thanks for all they have done. So often, in life, we take our family for granted and don't express how much we appreciate them.

If you were to send a message to your family, what would you say? When you stop and think about the people, about the sacrifices that your parents and others have made for you it makes you appreciate them even more. Many times we don't appreciate our families until we have a family ourselves. We then realize how blessed we were growing up!

Let the verses in these poems give you thoughts to reflect on and remind you to say thank you for all they have done.

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  1. A Message
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

    I have something to say,
    To my mother, brother, sister and dad.
    You've always been someone I could count on,
    And that has always made me so glad.

    This is a message of thanks,
    For all you have given me.
    I hope one day I can repay you,
    And give you what you've given me.

    But for sure your message of love,
    WIll be passed on to the future family.
    And they will always know,
    Of your love and teachings to me.

    So again I'd like to thank you,
    For always believing in me.
    I love you now and forever,
    And this will always be.

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  3. Been A Pain
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Over the years I have been a pain
    But you all loved me just the same
    My attitude, at times, was really poor
    It's a wonder you didn't show me the door.

    I didn't appreciate any of you
    I surely didn't appreciate all you do
    Patience galore you did show
    Especially when I was slow!

    But now with a family of my own
    I think of my actions and just groan
    I now understand your love for me
    At times, could not have been easy.

    Thank you for your patience and love
    My family, I thank God above
    You all mean so much to me
    May you all be blessed and happy be.

  4. I am proud to say I wouldn't trade my family any day
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  5. Proud to Say
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Some families are loud
    Some families are proud
    Some families are poor
    Some families even go on tours.

    But I am proud to say
    I wouldn't trade my family any day
    The support and encouragement that you show
    Is worth much more than you know.

    I have been blessed with a great family
    So loveable and so friendly
    Although at times we had our ups and downs
    You are all special and deserve a crown!

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We hope these poems remind you to let your family know how much you appreciate them. Family members are our biggest supporters and are always there for us!

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