Grandpa Poems

Find Grandpa poems that will remind you of how great Grandfathers are. These poems are written for and about Grandfathers. A grandpa is a man who is full of wisdom, one who always makes time for his grandchildren.

Even the toughest of men often melt when they see their grandchildren. It is a relationship that is unique and one full of love. Many of our childhood memories include time spent with our grandfathers. Share these poems with your Grandpa!

Proud Grandpa

Poet: Betty Jo Mathis

Proud Grandpa went to view
The babies pink and new
Arranged in squalling groups,
Cocoons in sterile coops.
He judged them there en masse,
His nose against the glass
And came with a strange report

"They're all a homely sort
Save one red wrinkled tot
The choicest of the lot;
And it's plain for all to see -
That one's akin to me!"

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Friendship Of A Grandfather
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

To never have a grandfather,
Would be to never understand,
The friendship that a grandchild,
Shares with this great man.

To never have a grandfather,
Would be to never understand,
Why a grown man would be sitting,
Playing teacups, cup in hand.

To never have a grandfather,
Would be to never understand,
How a man of 50+,
Finds energy to run hand in hand.

If you have a grandfather,
Then you're a lucky one.
Grandfathers are amazing,
And they are so much fun.

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Grampa's Time
Poet: Byron Pulsifer, ©2020

The day is so full these days
More than I would ever have thought.
A grandpa never seems to be without
Little needs coming without a doubt.

Each day may start with aches and pains
Or some with a tiring chore
But tired limbs and old bones
Delight in cherishing tiny thrones.

Upon the throne I do squat
With less than royal demeanour
I don't mean to sit alone
And soon am joined with cheery tones.

As I arise with demanding orders given
Little hands grab mine to aid to stand
Without which I'd gladly on my throne to sit
But little hands grab mine to do a skit.

There is no day so long and boring
As those without those grandchildren'soaring.
Up and down the path I trudge
My low sugars crying for a fudge.

The days may seem to hurtle by
But time stands still I surmise
But, when those little hands grab mine
I wait so much for another time.

I may be called the gramps to them
But life's love is to grab hold again.
When those little hands grab mine
I always long for more hands of time.

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The Mountain
Poet: Emily Dickinson

The mountain sat upon the plain
In his eternal chair,
His observation omnifold,
His inquest everywhere.

The seasons prayed around his knees,
Like children round a sire:
Grandfather of the days is he,
Of dawn the ancestor.

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My Grandpa
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2020

My grandpa is a man
who never screams or demands
He loves me that I can feel
His kindness is so real.

We laugh, we play
We have fun each day
Grandpa makes me smile so
Around him I'm never low.

And I know I can talk to him
Even about things that are a bit grim
He is always a good listener and so wise
He is always full of surprise!

Grandpa I love you
And thank you for all you do
I'm so lucky to have you
You're the best Grandpa that is so true!

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Grandpa is For
by Samatha Anne Marie Lynch, © 2020

G is for great, that's what we feel about you
R is for respect, we respect you that is so true
A is for appreciation for all you do
N is for never stop loving you
D is for dashing, you are never blue
P is for patience that when we came along instantly grew
A is for adaptation you so readily do.
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We hope you have found a grandpa poem to share with your family. As Robert Brault once said, "There are fathers who do not love their children; there is no grandfather who does not adore his grandson." We hope you see reflections of these words in the verses.

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