29 Grandchildren Quotes

Grandchildren quotes sparkle with the adoration, joy and love that comes with either raising grandchildren by grandparents or by the shared family relationships of providing guidance, love and encouragement.

Not all children have the advantage of doting grandparents but those that do are often rewarded with additional caring and a legacy of fondness. Grandchildren, as expressed by many of the following authors, show how much it is seen by grandparents as not only a privilege but an esteemed responsibility to have a major role in the raising of the next generation of parents.

The modeling of behavior by grandparents can play a significant role in many facets of life including the attitudes of giving and sharing in the many ups and downs of life. It is our hope that you will identify with or understand more fully the critical role you may have in the upbringing of a grandchild.

  1. Your grandchildren are the most beautiful leaves on the family tree.
    Carolyn J. Booth, Mindy B Henderson
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  2. Never would I have imagined or even dawned
    That being a grandma could be such joys
    I thank God above for these special girls and boys!
    Catherine Pulsifer, The Joys of Being A Grandma
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  3. Grandmothers... as in the women themselves. It is the gratitude, love, strength, and dreams that they inspire in their grandchildren that make them grandmothers.
    Jennifer Gates Hayes, Pearls of Wisdom from Grandma
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  4. I have to seek new ways to offer my wisdom and love gathered through the years, to affect my grandchildren in a way that is so much more than what I observed grandparenting to be.
    Mark Gregston, Leaving a Legacy of Hope

  5. The relationships we forge with our grandchildren will have an added dimension because we’ve got the best of both worlds: a fascinating foot in the past and a vibrant presence in the here and now. It’s fantastic.
    Jackie Highe, The Modern Grandparents' Guide
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  6. Well, I’m getting the impression that grandchildren are a really, really big deal. Everyone is telling me how wonderful it is to have them. They describe it as so much more intense than having children of our own.
    Kelli Rocha, Hey Kid

  7. You have already experienced a lot. Did great things, had a lot of fun and went through thick and thin together... All these stories and experiences from life are a precious treasure for your children and grandchildren.
    Dennis Streichert, Mom and Dad, tell about your life - Memory book for children and grandchildren
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  8. Your children are your investment. Your grandchildren are your dividends.
    Author Unknown
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  9. The question now is whether you have an intentional and proactive plan to take those life lessons and that wisdom and pass it on to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren
    Jeff Rogers, Create a Thriving Family Legacy
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  10. Dear Grandchildren ... when I was a child, I enjoyed our family gatherings. As my cousins played and my parents chatted with uncles and aunts, I would find my grandfather and crawl into his lap.
    Terry Lee Dick Dykstra, This Little Light of Mine
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  11. While today many grandparents and grandchildren live farther apart, we chose to be close to our grandchild.
    Dennis Ellingson, The Godly Grandparent

  12. I’m addressing ... you because I believe there can still be great days ahead for civilization in general and for you, daughters and grandchildren
    Farrell Neeley, In Your Times
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  13. The knowledge that our grandchildren today are the parents of tomorrow requires us, as grandparents, to love them, guide them, and encourage them in preparation for the years to come.
    Victoria L. Adenson
    A Mother's Love Poem

  14. Children are the rainbow of life. Grandchildren are the pot of gold.
    Irish Saying
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  15. As a grandparent raising grandchildren, you now have the opportunity to examine your own life as you consider how best to help these children in your care, pulling you both into a healthier, happier, more fulfilling future.
    Laura Montané Bailey LMFT, Courageous Love

  16. Many joyful hours are spent with grandchildren building snow forts that February cherishes.
    Kate Summers
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  17. We can offer our grandchildren unconditional love, be a source of their roots, and be heard in ways that our own children can never hear us
    Vicki Lansky
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  18. Sixteen years into my journey as a grandparent raising her grandchildren and I still learned new things that will be helpful to me as I take on a second, younger grandchild.
    DeeDee Sinatra
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  19. A grandparent celebrates their youth through the eyes of their grandchildren.
    Robert R. Rivers

  20. In my experience of fifty years as a pediatrician, imparting empathy in ... grandchildren is one of the richest inheritances grandparents can give, resulting in more compassionate grandfamilies.
    William Sears, MD

  21. When your grandchildren need you, you may have some initial hesitation ... But you are also strongly pulled to respond. They’re family!
    Andrew Adesman, The Grandfamily Guidebook
    Poems About Family

  22. To leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren is not always money but something even more precious. It is to leave the Earth and its beauty, its vitality, and its wholesomeness.
    Byron R. Pulsifer
    Earth Day

  23. When you do what that Scriptures instructs you to do, then you can come boldly and confidently to God on behalf of your children and grandchildren.
    Yvonne Carson, 101 Prayers and Declarations For Your Children and Grandchildren
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  24. We are living in challenging times ... and many of our grandchildren’s role models are disappointing them. However, God has given us a sacred trust ... we can stand in the gap for our grandchildren with our examples and our prayers.
    Lillian Ann Penner, Grandparenting with a Purpose
    Journey of Faith

  25. How wonderful it would be if we could help our children and grandchildren to learn thanksgiving at an early age. Thanksgiving opens the doors. It changes a child's personality.
    Sir John Templeton
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  26. ... had I not once bristled at the news that while my father never once turned the boat around when I was seasick, he was more than willing to do so for his grandchildren.
    Anna Quindlen, Nanaville

  27. Grandparents, ... repeatedly told us how grateful they were to have the chance to raise and develop a very special relationship with their grandchildren, detailing their appreciation for the numerous benefits they got out of raising them.
    Rachel E. Dunifon, You've Always Been There for Me

  28. I thought fatherhood was the greatest experience of my life—until grandchildren arrived... Grandchildren are pure love; they think we are flawless, and they see us as a constant source of encouragement and support.
    David Suzuki, Letters to My Grandchildren
    A Father Is

  29. My goal is to be the best grandmother I can be, to establish a Christian heritage my grandchildren won’t forget.
    Quin M. Sherrer, Grandma, I Need Your Prayers

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