26 Youth Quotes

Youth quotes celebrate the joy, beauty, and gladness of youth. However, it isn't the case that there aren't problems at times nor is every youth on the move forward in life to do good things or accomplish what needs to be done.

Our young people are our future whether we like to admit it or not. As in the case of every youth, there are more times they model the behavior of the adults who they see, hear and associate with, but this modelling of actions is not always the best of the best. While we may at times generalize that youth of today do not have the fabric, stamina or honor of yesteryear, the question is more about what we are rather than what youth should be.

Are we, as adults, demonstrating through our actions and characteristics those that are mature, caring and full of love rather than demonstrating a culture of self-serving individuals? We hope that all of these writings and opinions by various authors serve to highlight some of the issues facing youth and also help to alert all of us as to our responsibility, to assist all of our youth with encouragement and love.

  1. You show me a world-class youth sports organization built on good morals and values, I will show you a great leader who dreamed it and great leaders who are running it every day.
    Andrew Simpson, The Youth Truth
    Sports Quotes

  2. Youths sparkle and bubble with life. They are fun-loving, excited, ambitious, adventurous, energetic, and curious
    Idowu Omisore, Invest Your Youthful Years
    Youth Quotes

  3. The challenge is to build relational supports that can serve as new tribes for children and youth. The family, school, faith organization, and community all have the potential to help fill this void.
    Larry K. Brendtro, Reclaiming Youth at Risk
    Community Quotes

  4. Thanks for investing in the lives of youth! I pray that your work on behalf of pre-teens and teens will bear much fruit.
    Mark J Musser, 20 Youth Lessons to Counter Culture
    Poems of Encouragement

  5. What an eternal difference it would make if churches and youth groups around the world caught this vision to put the gospel at the center of their teachings, Bible studies, retreats, small groups, mission trips, and service projects.
    Collin Hansen
    Make A Difference Quotes

  6. Youth are not approaching the gates of life; they are the cornerstones of the gate.
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth
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  7. Given the lack of glory associated with ministry to youth and the personal emotional and physical cost of serving youth, a person who stays in the field ... must see something extraordinarily precious that outweighs every difficulty.
    Cameron Cole, Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry
    Positive Poems

  8. To scorn or act with prejudice towards an adult is pitiful but to shun a youth, to fail to encourage or equip them with the essentials is to forsake the future.
    Byron R. Pulsifer
    Failure Quotes

  9. In ... established democracies, survey evidence from recent elections shows that more young people voting definitely would make a difference because the youth vote often favors different candidates and parties.
    Martin P. Wattenberg, Is Voting for Young People?
    Motivational Poems

  10. Therefore, what parents and the ruling generation owe their children and generations afar are the rebirth of a vibrant civil society and restoration of a vigorous constitutional republic
    Mark R. Levin, Plunder and Deceit
    Children Quotes

  11. To increase our national security, our first priority should be “intellectual capital and a sustainable infrastructure of education, health and social services to provide for the continuing development and growth of America’s youth.
    Tony Wagner, Creating Innovators
    Sustainability Quotes

  12. You don’t have to work with troubled youth for object lessons to be effective. And object lessons aren’t just for children.
    Helen Musick, Everyday Object Lessons for Youth Groups
    Poem About Life Lessons

  13. Healing of the mind, emotions, and spirit is possible ... It will also ... involve the work of God through the Holy Spirit ... But the God who restored an entire nation ...can also restore to emotional wholeness a young man or woman who turns to Him.
    Handbook on Counseling Youth
    God Inspirational Quotes

  14. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Max Ehrmann

  15. TODAY — ... Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in a word or a deed.
    Author Unknown, Today
    Just For Today

  16. Sisters share the innocence, imagination, and adventure of youth.
    Michelle Malm
    Sister Quotes

  17. There are signs of a renewed respect for the importance of "practice wisdom" in building a knowledge base of professional child and youth work.
    Larry K. Brendtro; Martin Brokenleg; Steve Van Bockern, Reclaiming Youth at Risk
    Respect Poem

  18. Allow the words to motivate you to do something good. The Bible says, “Young people, enjoy your youth.
    Paula Gray, Girl, Count Your Blessings
    Motivational Quotes

  19. A grandparent celebrates their youth through the eyes of their grandchildren.
    Robert R. Rivers
    Grandma Poems

  20. Days of youth are not forever, yet the future is not bleak.
    Greta Zwaan, Memories of Life
    Treasured Memories

  21. Today is the day we sing Happy Birthday,
    As today thirty years ago you were born.
    Hard to believe your now thirty,
    Your youth is now gone
    Julie Hebert, Your Thirty
    Birthday Poems

  22. We may grow older, slower, or laden with wrinkles but the memories of our youth are like the sunshine after the rain clouds have passed.
    Annabelle Marie Haines
    Memories Quotes

  23. For the past decade—because of my youthful appearance, physical fitness, and high energy—people have been surprised when they find out how old I am.
    Narc Narcisse, How Does He Do It?
    Fitness Quotes

  24. It is interesting to know that the futures of any family, race, creed or nation are their youths ... The strength of any establishment is in their youth.
    Sheun Dele-ige, Maximizing Youthful Times
    Strong Quotes

  25. Midlife is the old age of youth and the youth of old age.

  26. By combining a natural look with a modern perspective you can create a personal style that's unexpected, youthful and fresh.
    Sherrie Mathieson, Forever Cool
    Poems About Life

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