56 Proverbs

Be motivated by our collection of Proverbs. Short sentences that contain wisdom that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Many love proverbs for their wit and briefness. A Poem that was written many years ago reflect this:

Wise Proverb
Written by Bryan Waller Procter, AD, 1787-1874

I said that I loved the wise proverb
Brief, simple and deep;
For it I'd exchange the great poem
That sends us to sleep.

I'd part with the talk of a neighbor
That wearies the brain,
Like the Rondo that reaches the end, and
Beginneth again.

We hope you enjoy the wisdom that these proverbs contain within.

  1. Many hands make light work
    English Proverb

  2. Every day is a page of your life's history
    Arabian Proverb
    Short Inspirational Quotes

  3. Praise loudly, blame softly
    Russian Proverb

  4. A little impatience will spoil great plans
    Chinese Proverb

  5. It is with the eye of others we see our own defects.
    Chinese Proverb
    Criticism Quotes

  6. Grasp no more than thy hand will hold
    English Proverb

  7. You are never too old to learn
    English Proverb

  8. A change of work is as good as a rest.
    Irish Proverb
    Positive Quotes About Change

  9. If and When were planted and Nothing grew
    Turkish Proverb
    Thought Provoking

  10. A turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out.
    Korean Proverb

  11. A small leak will sink a great ship
    Russian Proverb

  12. Plan your work and work your plan.
    American Proverb

  13. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
    Chinese Proverb

  14. A plant, often transplanted, never prospers
    Latin Proverb

  15. He who laughs, lasts
    Norwegian Proverb
    Humorous Quotes

  16. Go and wake up your luck
    Persian Proverb

  17. Failures are the pillars of success.
    Welsh Proverb

  18. A stumble may prevent a fall
    English Proverb

  19. Who does not tire, succeeds
    Portuguese Proverb
    Positive Quotes

  20. The smoothest way is full of stones
    Yiddish Proverb
    Difficult Times Quotes

  21. You never know what you can do until you try
    English Proverb

  22. From small beginnings come great things
    Dutch Proverb
    Graduation Sayings

  23. You are as old as you feel
    American Proverb
    Birthday Quotes

  24. One of these days is none of these days
    English Proverb

  25. He can who believes he can
    Latin Proverb

  26. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
    English Proverb
    Sports Quotes

  27. If you can't do as you wish, do as you can
    Spanish Proverb
    Optimistic Quotes

  28. The future is purchased by the present
    French Proverb

  29. A clear conscience is a good pillow
    French Proverb

  30. Don't postpone a good deed.
    Irish Proverb

  31. Patience wears away stones
    English Proverb

  32. The mistakes of others are good teachers
    Estonian Proverb

  33. A good example is the best sermon
    English Proverb

  34. Well done is better than well said
    French Proverb
    Poems about Life

  35. Slow and steady wins the race
    English Proverb

  36. Lose an hour in the morning and you'll be running after it all day
    English Proverb

  37. Behave toward everyone as if receiving a guest
    Chinese Proverb
    Kindness Poems

  38. There is a piece of fortune in misfortune
    Japanese Proverb

  39. Fortune favors the bold
    Spanish Proverb
    Saving Money

  40. If you want to succeed, first help others to succeed
    Japanese Proverb
    Helping Others

  41. There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile
    American Proverb

  42. New day, new fate
    Bulgarian Proverb
    New Years Quotes

  43. Don't let grass grow on the path of friendship
    Native American Proverb

  44. Confidence is half of victory
    Yiddish Proverb

  45. Better a steady dime than a rare dollar
    Yiddish Proverb

  46. Failure teaches you more than success
    Russian Proverb

  47. Money grows on the tree of patience
    Japanese Proverb
    Short Quotes

  48. The world is a mirror; show thyself in it, and it will reflect thy image.
    Arabic Proverb
    Be The Best Version Of You

  49. Have patience with a friend rather than lose him for ever.
    Arabic Proverb
    Patience Poem

  50. A sparrow in the hand is better than a peacock in expectation.
    Persian Proverb

  51. Better good afar off than evil at hand.
    English Proverb
    Poems Of Encouragement

  52. After mischance everyone is wise.
    French Proverb
    Short Deep Quotes

  53. He knows the water best who has walked through it.
    Danish Proverb

  54. "But" is a fence over which few leap
    German Proverb
    Winning Poems

  55. If your healthy, your wealthy
    Yiddish Proverb

  56. If you can - do!
    Yiddish Proverb
    Graduation Poems

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