32 Grandma Quotes

Grandma quotes for those becoming a grandma, for those who are a grandmother and to show appreciation and love to her. Grandma's are a special person to grandchildren; may the quotes here remind you of that. Be sure to share them with your Grandma to let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

  1. When you think of finger-licking, stick-to-your-ribs, all-time comfort foods, Grandma’s house quickly comes to mind.
    Taste of Home Grandma's Favorites
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  2. Today you're more than just a grandmother to me.
    You're my friend, and someone I aspire to be.
    Julie Hebert, To My Grandmother
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  3. It's always safe to talk to a grandmother.
    Suzette Haden Elgin
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  4. Grandmothers, like beauty, lie as much in the eyes and souls of the beholder as in the women themselves. It is the gratitude, love, strength, and dreams that they inspire in their grandchildren that make them grandmothers.
    Jennifer Gates Hayes, Pearls of Wisdom from Grandma
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  5. We all need people in our lives who encourage us and believe in us. A Grandma is one of those special people who can do just that.
    Catherine Pulsifer
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  6. We are the grandmothers, in our work or in our families or both ... We are taking on more and more powerful positions in society ... We need to be heard, and our society needs to hear us.
    Shirley Ann Ranck, The Grandmother Galaxy
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  7. I believe God made grandmothers different from everyone else. They seem to love unconditionally - just as God does - holding us close to their hearts, wanting to protect and guide us.
    Becky L. Amble
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  8. Grandmothering is about praying and playing.
    Author Unknown
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  9. Becoming a grandmother is like have dessert. The best is saved for last.
    Carolyn J. Booth, Mindy B. Henderson
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  10. Throughout my entire life, you have always been there - loving me, affirming me, encouraging me, supporting me, and taking care of me in ways that only a grandma knows how.
    Debbie Webb, Happy Birthday, grandmother

  11. In the turmoil of the world around us, there is always one earthly person who is able to ground us in love - grandma.
    B. C. Artworst
    Difficult Times

  12. My grandmother's bestowed on me, through their examples, the importance of developing character, rooted in kindness; and a spirit that might negotiate loss and rebound from grief to love more deeply.
    Adriana Trigiani, Don't Sing at the Table

  13. Isn't it terrific that you don't have to look like a grandmother to be one?
    Grandma Jan, More Grandmothers Are Like Snowflakes...No Two Are Alike

  14. My grandmother always makes me feel that her day is not complete until she sees me, she said I was her sunshine, her happiness.
    Kate Summers
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  15. When I think of my grandmother, I can't help but think of home.
    Demi Moore

  16. Our grandmothers often define the very best in us. Childhood memories of lessons learned at her knee become lessons to be followed in adulthood.
    Norman Vincent Peale

  17. A mother thinks she could not love more until she becomes a grandma.
    Catherine Pulsifer
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  18. If you are lucky enough to have your grandmother with you, sit and talk with her sometime. Ask her big questions ...I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find out.
    Erin Bried, How to Sew a Button

  19. For a child, grandparents are those generous, comfortable folk, who know delicious stories and secrets, who are willing to listen without judgment, and who always seem to have enough time and love to do the things parents are often too busy for.
    Stuart Hample; Eric Marshal, Grandma, Grandpa, and Me

  20. I thank God for my grandmother who stood on the word of God and lived with the spirit of courage and grace.
    Maya Angelou
    Gods Blessing

  21. I never dreamed of how fantastic being a grandma would be. To have, to hold, to guide, to love divine children all over again. Neither did I know how prehistoric I was to be viewed! I love it all.
    Catherine Pulsifer

  22. My grandmother's gifts were many, but her enduring presence is the most important.
    Natalie Merchant

  23. Hugs, kisses and embracing attitudes, guidance without being dictatorial - where can a child turn to find these qualities? A grandmother.
    Freddy J. W. Parkes

  24. A grandmother like you is a dear and precious treasure to be loved.
    Mary S. Scotsburn

  25. My mother says that my grandma sees her grandchildren as more important than her own children, I think she is jealous : )
    Kate Summers

  26. The wisdom of grandmothers never dies but, instead, it rests within the hearts of all those she has touched throughout her lifetime.
    Rosy Lee Anderson
    Treasured Memories

  27. In whose house can I come and still feel as secure as if I'm still at home? Into whose arms can I feel that warm and loving embrace when the world seems so harsh? To my grandmother's house, I run!
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth

  28. If all Grandma's had your attitude the world would be a better place.
    Samatha Anne Marie Lynch
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  29. If there is one thing I've learned about my grandmother is that she has no bounds to affection, no recriminations and no withholding of that special love that she so freely shares.
    Robert Rivers
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  30. I will always remember the plate I broke at when visiting my Grandma. Her reply was one of love, "I was getting tired of that plate, don't be upset, it's okay."
    Victoria L. Adenson
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  31. No matter when I called, no matter when I visited Grandma made me feel like I was the most important person in the world.
    Author Unknown
    Life Journey

  32. We're all here for a reason. It's your duty to go out there and find out what God had in mind when he created you.
    Vicky Phillips (advice from her Grandmother, Anabelle England)
    God Has A Plan

We hope you have found words that express your love and appreciation  to share with your Grandma. Words to bring a smile to her face! No matter what your age your Grandma has a special place in her heart for you!

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