Mother Daughter Poems

Share these mother daughter poems with your Mom. All of these have been written by daughters expressing their love and appreciation for their Mothers.

The bond between a mom and daughter is a unique one. Although they have their ups and downs there is usually an unbreakable bond between the two. And when a daughter becomes a mother that is when daughters really appreciate and truly understand their mothers.

To The Sweetest Mother

Poet: Mary Redington

To the sweetest, sweetest mother,
Dearer by far than any other,
Sweeter the longer we are together,
Happy and brave in stormy weather,
I'll love you always through thick and thin,
Let's stick together - we're sure to win.

My Mother
Poet: Katherine Rhodes

Of all the beautiful things in the world,
I love you best, my dear mother.
And when at breakfast I think of you,
I love you best; I love you.

I love you, dear mother, best
You are so sweet, so sweet, so sweet.
I am sure there's not another one
Like my dear sweet mother.

Growing Old
Poet: Bessie M. Brummett

My dear Mother's growing old:
Her face is lined with care.
But each line represents some trouble
Or burden she's helped to share.

Her first thought always for others,
When misfortunes come our way,
And all other friends forsake us,
Mother never turns away.

Her hair has turned to silver.
So clean and pure like her soul.
But to me it's far more beautiful
Then a young head crowned with gold.

When her earthly life is over
And she enters heaven fair,
I am sure a crown of jewels
Will shine in her silvery hair.

Poet: Muriel Horowitz

A kindly word,
A caressing hand.
A friendly voice that understands,
That's mother.

A gentle word that is heard
The whole day through.
No matter how much work there is to do,
She works all day while we're at play,
That's mother.

To My Mother
Poet: Grace Parks

Mother dear, I love you best,
Better by far than all the rest,
I'm sending you my truest love,
As tender and fine as the stars above,
We've been together for all these years,
Let's stick together through laughter and tears.

Mother to Grandma
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

To everyone else your just a person,
But to me, you're someone great.
I hope to be like you someday,
especially on my due date.

I couldn't have had a better teacher,
Someone who molded me into the woman I am.
But now I must take those teachings,
And hope they will make me a grand slam.

Not long from now I will be a mother,
And I have to say nervousness is me.
But I trust you’ve taught me all that I need,
To be as good of a mother as thee.

So thanks for teaching me kindness,
You were loving, genuine and fun.
I know you'll be a great grandma,
As your work here is not yet done!

My Ideal
Poet: Doris Nixon

The pirate's ideal is ever to be bold
And the miser is always greedy full of gold.

The king always wants more world to rule,
And the queen seeks to wear an expensive jewel.

The sailor likes a ship on the sea,
The urchin has dreams of president to be.

But all I want is to grow every day
More like my Mother in every way.

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Mother Daughter Quotes

I love my mother don't you think I should?
Every day I would love her, I would
Some day she won't let you have your own way,
She will tell you why if you stay, but be good to mother and to one another.

Priscilla Clark
Mothers Day Messages

Mother and I quarreled one day I am so sorry that I have to say;
And I'll never again think myself so smart, for I might break my dear mother's heart.

Ruthie Pope
Daughter Quotes

I am not a perfect mother and I will never be.
You are not a perfect daughter and you will never be.
But put us together and we will be the best mother and daughter we would ever be.

Zoraida Pesante
Best Attitude Quotes

Mom your wisdom and advice I thought were useless, until a mother I became.

Kate Summers
Poems of Encouragement

A mother and daughter go through the seasons of life together, sharing the ups and downs, the highs and the joys.

Catherine Pulsifer
Poems About Life

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