Prayer for Mother

May our prayers for Mother be ones that you use. Do you say a prayer for your Mother? You can be sure every Mother prays for her children. And in appreciation of the blessing of a Mother, our prayers should be many for our Moms.

Your prayers do not have to be long and lengthy, they can be as simple as a Thank You God for my mother. God blessed us with our Mothers we should bless them by offering prayers to God for them.

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  1. A Prayer for My Mother
    Poet: Kate Summers

    Father God watch over my Mom each day
    Bless her each day I pray
    Give her your comfort and love
    In a way, she knows it's from above.

    She has given so much to me
    I thank you for this Mother you see
    Without her encouragement and support
    I would have never known you, my Lord.

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  3. I Said a Mother's Prayer for You
    Poet: Unknown

    I said a Mother's Day prayer for you
    To thank the Lord above
    For blessing me with a lifetime
    Of your tenderhearted love.

    I thanked God for the caring
    You've shown me through the years,
    For the closeness we've enjoyed
    In time of laughter and of tears.

    And so, I thank you from the heart
    For all you've done for me
    And I bless the Lord for giving me
    The best mother there could be!

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  5. Mothers And Others
    Poet: Amos R. Wells

    Others weary of the noise,
    Mothers play with boys and girls.

    Others scold because we fell,
    Mothers "kiss and make it well."

    Others work with patient will,
    Mothers labor later still.

    Others' love is more or less
    Mothers love with steadiness.

    Others pardon, hating yet;
    Mothers pardon and forget.

    Others keep the ancient score,
    Mothers never shut the door.

    Others grow incredulous,
    Mothers still believe in us.

    Others throw their faith away
    Mothers pray and pray, and pray.

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  7. I Pray
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I pray to you my Lord above,
    Guide my mother with your love,
    Watch over her through it all,
    In life’s joys, and from its fall.

    Bless her days and nights each one,
    Let your presence ever be One.
    Protect her body, mind, and heart,
    Each day, give to her a brand new start.

    Oh Lord, I thank you for your grace,
    My Mother's here in my embrace.
    Give my Mom peace and content,
    Let nothing cause her to lament.

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  9. Thank You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    God, I thank you for my Mother dear
    She, like you, is always near.
    Her counsel and guidance
    Has been a blessing in my life.

    Please watch over her
    Keep her from any danger
    Bless my Mom, Father I do pray
    Be with her each and every day.

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  11. Protect Her
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Father in Heaven up above
    I thank you for my Mothers love.
    All the years she gave me care
    All the things she willingly shared.

    Watch over her each day
    Protect her in every way.
    Bless her life with good things
    May happiness her life bring.

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We hope the prayers for mothers are ones that remind you of the blessing of Mothers. And like us, they also need prayer and blessings!

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