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Tribute To A Mother

Looking for a tribute to a mother, find poems that express appreciation and gratitude for Mothers. The Poet's thoughts acknowledge the respect and acknowledgment of the importance of their Mother in their lives. The influence Mother has on us is unlike any other.

Sharing a tribute with your Mom can make her day. Think of all she has done for you over the years. We sometimes don't realize the things she gives up or how often she put us first before herself. Especially on Mother's Day, a tribute can be very special.

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  1. Offering A Tribute
    Poet: Cornella Frances Douglass

    In offering a tribute to mother today,
    There is joy that we cannot express
    Her kindness and love we can never repay,
    Though we strive to do always our best.

    She labors that home may be pleasant and sweet,
    A place like no other,
    But it's ever her presence that makes it complete,
    For what would home be without mother?

  2. I send this tribute just to you Thank you, Mom, for all you do I can best describe you this way I spell your name upside down and say I think of you this way, let me show you how: MOM is now changed to a WOW!

  3. My Mother
    Poet: Kenneth Merry

    When pain and sickness make me cry,
    Who wept for fear that I might die?
    My Mother!

    She works and saves and plans for me,
    To bring me up as a man should be,
    My Mother!

    She corrects my faults day after day,
    And tries to show me the better way,
    My Mother!

    I'll try to go straight for your dear sake,
    And bless my God that he did make,
    My Mother.

  4. Mother, a word spoken softly by angels, was first breathed in heaven above; How can we best define it - 'tis a synonym for love. Pearl F. Brown

  5. Tribute To A Mother
    Poet: Louisa May Alcott

    Faith that withstood the shocks of toil and time;
    Hope that defied despair;
    Patience that conquered care;
    And loyalty, whose courage was sublime;
    The great deep heart that was a home for all -
    Just, eloquent, and strong
    In protest against wrong;
    Wide charity, that knew no sin, no fail;
    The Spartan spirit that made life so grand,
    Mating poor daily needs
    With high, heroic deeds,
    That wrested happiness from Fate's hard hand.

  6. When She Was Near
    Poet: Nixon Waterman

    My mother's heart was honey,
    And her kiss was sweetest balm.
    And, though the world was full of storm,
    Her lap was full of calm.
    Her arms and breast were filled with rest,
    Her smile was full of joy.
    And life was dear when she was near
    And I a little boy.

    The world is full of golden gifts.
    And yet my spirit sighs
    Between the gracious long agoes
    And happy by and byes.
    I am aweary of the cares
    That fill the lives of men;
    I would I were a little child
    Within those arms again.

    For my mother's heart was honey,
    And her kiss was sweetest balm.
    And, though the world was full of storm.
    Her lap was full of calm.
    Her arms and breast were filled with rest.
    Her smile was full of joy,
    And life was dear when she was near
    And I a little boy.

  7. My Mother
    Poet: Poet: Ellen Johnston

    She is - Oh! can I name her with a name -
    Too good, too great, too honoured for her worth;
    What do I own that she dare not to claim?
    What gives me pleasure, fills her soul with mirth.

    She is - Oh! what is she? Tall, handsome, fair,
    Prudent in all her ways, generous in heart;
    One with whom there's few I can compare,
    One whose industry few can act a part.

    She is - Oh! what is she? One that hath borne
    Trials and sorrows no language can express;
    Still she looks fresh as summer's flowery morn.
    Although her cup overflows with bitterness.

    She is - Oh! what is she? One that if dead,
    I might search the world and And no other
    What could a radiance o'er this bosom spread
    Like her that gave me birth - my loving mother.

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We hope these tributes to Mother are ones that you may share with your Mom. Or better still if you wrote your own tribute to your Mother, it will touch her heart and make her feel loved and special.

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