Mothers Day Poems From Daughter

A collection of mothers day poems from daughter are all ones written by daughters for their Mothers. You can feel the love and appreciation that a daughter expresses and feels in these verses. The relationship between a daughter and mother is a unique one. We hope you find words that express your gratitude!

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    The poem below was written by a 10 year old daughter and expresses her love for her Mom

  1. I Love You, Mom
    Poet: Alexa A. M. Hebert, ©2020

    I love you day and night
    And you shall see my love tonight
    I take this moment to say I love you
    And I know in your heart you love me too.

    You're my Mom and I'm your child
    And we know that we love each other
    I say Happy Mother’s Day
    And I love you in every way.

    Today, tonight
    You shall see my light tonight
    In my heart day and night
    You are my Mom today and tonight.

  2. Perhaps you don't have a lot of money to buy gifts but as this poem below suggests
     a message of thanks can mean more to Mom than any gift could every mean.

  3. To My Mom on Mother's Day
    Poet: Anya C. Muste

    I can't send a dozen roses
    To the best Mom in the world;
    Or a box of gourmet chocolates,
    Or a string of cultured pearls.

    But I'll send along a message,
    Pick a card and sign my name,
    Close it fast and mail it to you
    This is what my card will say:

    "Thank you for always being there;
    It means more than you can see.
    And with lots of love this Mother's Day;
    Than you Mom for having me.

  4. A mothers love is great but as this poem expresses
    a love of a daughter for her mom is strong!

  5. Mother Dear
    Poet: Mary Frances Sheron

    Mother dear I love you true,
    This love for you is nothing new,
    As long as love will ever flow,
    Let's not let our supply run low.

    Mother dear if it wasn't for you.
    I'd not even know that skies are blue,
    You put the beauty along the way,
    So I honor you on Mother's day.

  6. This daughter questions whoever thought of Mother's Day?
    But, the daughter also expresses thanks for the one who did!

  7. Thinkin Of Mother
    Poet: Lola Plunkett

    As Mother's Day draws nearer,
    There's a joy in each our hearts,
    For Mothers always dearer
    When we are far apart.

    I'm thankful for that someone
    Who set aside the day,
    When we can honor Mother
    In that good, old-fashioned way.

    It seems to me the sweetest day
    Of all those of the year,
    Because it gives a little way
    To honor Mother dear.

    But there always comes a longin'
    When we are far away,
    And somehow get to thinkin'
    Of Mother on Mother's Day.

  8. There is a strong bond between mother and daughter as you will see in the verses below.

  9. A Daughters Wish
    Poet: Ann Jewels, @ 2011

    Together and forever,
    We will always be.
    Mother and daughter,
    You and me.

    The love that we share,
    Is a very strong bond.
    No one can break it,
    Unless neither one of us responds.

    So let's be true,
    To each other and be.
    The one person that will be there,
    No matter who needs the tea.

    Our bond will stay strong,
    As long as we hold on.
    So let us remember this now,
    Happy Mothers Day to a Mother icon.

  10. A cute poem that was written by a young daughter expressing her thoughts about her Mother.

  11. Gosh, Oh, Gee!
    Poet: Marion Burger

    My Mother is so dear to me,
    To do without her, gosh, oh, gee!
    If she's not fixin a meal,
    She's at the store makin' a deal.
    She tries to get the things I ask,
    And sometimes is quite a task.

    I can't express what's in my heart.
    But if you are a little smart
    You'll know my Mother's dear to me
    To do without her - gosh, oh, gee!

  12. Children have a way with words. Let this daughters poem give you an example
     of how you can write your appreciation and thanks to your Mom.

  13. M-O-T-H-E-R-'S   D-A-Y
    Poet: S. Sima

    M   is for
    the Merry times.

    O   is for
    the Others.

    T   is for
    the Thanks we give.

    H   is for
    the Hopes we share.

    E   is for
    the fun and the good times we have.

    R   is for
    the Races of life.

    S   is for
    singing us to sleep when we were little.

    D   is for
    Doing things for us.

    A   is for
    All of these.

    Y   is for Yawning
    after a hard day of work.

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