30 Birthday Poems For Mom

Share these birthday poems for Mom with your Mother. Short poems and verses to express appreciation and love for Mom. Mothers are special people and we rarely see all they have done until we are adults and realize the sacrifices and love that a mother has for her children.

The anniversary of the day your Mother was born is certainly a special one that needs to be celebrated and recognized. If there was ever a word to describe unconditional love it would be "Mother". No poems can ever express our appreciation for our Moms but we have attempted to do so in these poems.

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Popular Birthday Poems For Mother:

  1. Words can never express
    How I feel about you
    Mother, you bring such happiness
    To everyone and all you do.

    Now on this  birthday
    Our wish for you is this
    May you treat it like a holiday
    And not do any dishes

    We appreciate your love
    You have given us so much
    We feel you are sent from heaven above
    You always have that caring touch.

    So happy, happy birthday to you
    We can ask for no better Mother
    We hope you know you are valued
    Mom, you're the best, there's no another.

  2. Mom, you're the best

  3. I count my blessings you are our Mom
    and I thank God each day
    As you are special, like no other
    A very Happy Birthday I do say!

    You deserve so much more
    You are encouraging and our biggest fan
    You Mom, we all adore
    You keep us together as one big clan.

    In our books, you are number one
    We love you more each and every day
    We love your laughter and your fun
    We love your thoughtful caring ways.

    So on this day that you were born
    We hope you sit back and kick up your feet
    Let others wait on you - adorn
    You're the best, you're so sweet.

  4. You taught us well
    We think you are swell
    Happy Birthday Mom

  5. On this birthday we just want to say
    We love you more each and every day
    For all the things you did for us
    We want to show you with a fuss!

    You deserve so much more
    So a party for you we have in store
    Mother thank you for your love
    You're an angel from above.

  6. There are people in our lives who are
    shining examples of how we should live.
    You, my Mom, are one of them.
    Happy Birthday may you continue
    to shine brightly in the coming year.

  7. You cook, you clean
    You give everything a sheen
    You are always there
    You always care.

    So on this birthday
    We just want to say,
    We think you're the best
    May your birthday be the brightest.

  8. You love, you encourage and you inspire.
    What would we do without you?
    Happy Birthday, Mom, you are our inspiration.

  9. The candles on the cake each year
    Remind us that you are so dear.
    With loving memories of our childhood
    You always cared and understood.

    So as these candles burn so bright
    We want to say you have been a shining light
    There is no other mother who compares
    For the things you did and the things you shared.

    Happy Birthday, Mom!

  10. Many happy returns are sent to you this day
    Mom, we love you and wish you a Happy Birthday!

  11. Over the years, we drove you nuts to some degree
    But you always loved us so affectionately
    No matter what we did or said
    You always showed us patience instead.

    So on this special day of yours
    Which once a year does occur
    We thank you and wish you happiness
    Because you deserve only the best.

  12. We don't tell you enough
    how much we appreciate you
    Mom on this special day
    we say thank you for all you do.

  13. Growing up I never realized.
    How many times I should have apologized
    For being unappreciative
    For all the things that you did.

    You were always there to lend a hand
    You always listen and understand
    Your love was always unconditional
    Mom, I think you are exceptional.

    So birthday wishes are sent to you
    I love you so much that is true
    Happy happy birthday Mother
    There is none as special as you, no other!

  14. No matter what life throws at us we always know
    we can come home to your open arms.
    Wishing you much happiness
    Because of you, we are blessed.
    Happy Birthday, Mother

  15. On this birthday I wanted to make
    A very special birthday cake
    To say thank you to you
    For all the things that you do.

    You deserve so much more than a cake
    Especially one that I would bake
    So to you, my dear Mom, I do toast
    You deserve the best, the most!

  16. Many happy returns of the day
    Are sent to you Mom,
    on this your birthday.

  17. I would need millions of flowers
    For all the hours and hours
    That you gave to me
    To help me become somebody.

    I would need millions of flowers
    To represent the love you always showered
    No matter what I said or did
    For me, you always bid.

    I would need millions of flowers
    To represent how you empowered
    The example you showed me
    Has allowed me to be the best I could be.

    So on this birthday here is a flower
    To represent what a tower
    You have been in my life you see
    Happy Birthday, Mom, I say with glee!

  18. Life is better because you are my Mom.
    May your day be filled with happiness.

  19. Today is the day you take a break
    Celebrate and have some cake
    You're the Mom who is one of a kind
    We hope love and sunshine you will find.

    This day is a celebration for you
    And thanks and appreciation for all you do
    Another anniversary, another year
    But Mom, we think you're a dear.

  20. A birthday is an anniversary
    The day on which you were born
    A day that is far from ordinary
    For a woman who is extraordinary!
    Happy Birthday to the Number One Mom!

  21. Mother, you are our treasure
    No one else even measures
    When we think of you we say
    No one comes close in any way.

    We wish you a Happy Birthday and more
    We wish happiness that soars.
    Mom, you are the best Mother
    We couldn't pick another!

  22. Love you more
    You we adore
    Happy Birthday, Mom!

  23. Mom, you are always so cheery and bright
    To us, you gave so much delight
    When we were sad
    You made us feel glad.

    And when we were blue
    You picked up our spirits that's true
    When we were kids
    We never realized all that you did.

    And during the times when we had fears
    You were always there to dry our tears
    You always made the time
    To pick us up and help us climb.

    So on this birthday, we do wish
    You nothing but happiness
    You are the best Mom a person could have
    For that, we are all so glad.

  24. So on this birthday we do wish You nothing but happiness You are the best Mom a person could have

  25. This is the day to celebrate and cheer
    Mom, you are passing another year
    Blow out the candles, make a wish
    Then eat the cake until it is finished!

  26. Mom, a birthday is a day to be lazy
    Don't clean up, just be crazy!
    The years, they seem to multiply
    Be happy to see your big day arrive.

    On this day you can lounge in your pajamas
    And take the time to watch all your TV dramas
    Or, you just go walk on the beach
    Don't worry about the kids and what you'll teach.

    We all want to say you're great
    And, we can't wait to celebrate
    A Happy Birthday we wish for you
    We love you and cherish you too!

  27. Sunshine and happiness are
    wished for your day
    Happy Birthday to
    A Great woman!

  28. The example you give to us each day
    Has made our lives better in every way
    You encouraged us to pursue
    Our dreams, old and some new.

    You have such outstanding traits
    Oh, in you we do appreciate
    Our success, you were the key
    Encouraging us to be the best we could be.

    So on this birthday, we want to give
    Nothing but praise and positive
    Thank you Mom for all you've done
    With you as our Mom, we have won!

  29. Don't worry about your age
    Life carries time and passage
    Be happy, not sad or blue
    Because we love you!
    Happy Birthday, Ma!

  30. You deserve a birthday fit for a queen
    May your day be everything you dream
    We celebrate with you Mom
    And we send you love from
    The bottom of our hearts.

    Mom, you deserve the very best
    We think you are the greatest.
    May you have many more
    And remember you we adore.
    Happy Birthday, Mom!

Birthday Poems For Mom by Famous Poets:

  1. To Mother On Her Birthday   by Lillian E. Curtis

  2. A Prayer For A Mother's Birthday   by Henry VanDyke

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We hope the verses here are ones that will express your wishes to your Mom; we hope they express love and appreciation for that special woman! We all have one thing in common and that is we all have only one Mother. Let her know how much she is loved by sending her a poem of Birthday wishes.

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