Birthday Celebration Poems

A birthday is certainly a time to celebrate. Use our Birthday Celebration poems in your cards, emails or texts to wish nothing but good wishes to the birthday person.

Birthdays are a time to have a party and honor the person. While the poems are funny they are also ones that wish nothing but the best for the person who is getting older.

Birthday Poems    /   birthday celebration poems

  1. Celebrate
    Poet: Julie Hebert,2011

    It's time to party and celebrate,
    A wonderful day this is going to be.
    We figured you’d want to forget it,
    But no way we’d allow that, would we?

    So what if you’re getting older?
    We all are and that's just how it is.
    Embrace all the changes that come age,
    All the good and the bad, no need for a quiz.

    So forget all about the potbelly,
    The wrinkles, the balding and grey hair.
    Its time to accept the inevitable,
    And allow your friends to throw you a shindig affair.

    A birthday so wonderful needs to be celebrated,
    We want to make sure you follow through.
    Today on this happy occasion,
    We're here to say Happy Birthday to you.

  2. Happy Birthday Let's Celebrate

    Celebrate with cake, even though there may be a lot of candles.
    Send wishes of love and poems of encouragement.

  3. A Day To Celebrate
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    A birthday is a day to celebrate
    We even chipped together and bought a cake.
    We know how many candles we must buy
    Your age takes a lot we will not lie.

    But we want to celebrate with you
    Cause we love you that is true
    Even if the years roll by
    Celebrate don't you cry

    So Happy Birthday to you
    Be happy, don't be blue
    Before you know it
    The candles will be lit.

    And we will sing and cheer
    Cause we think you're a dear
    We will celebrate with you
    Wishing happiness the whole year through!

  4. Celebrations are in line with a birthday! Use this poem to encourage fun. You may also like our collection of funny birthday poems

  5. Time To Celebrate
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    Please allow me to tell you who's great,
    As that person, I talk of is you.
    Today on your birthday I feel the need,
    To announce all the great things you do.

    You love to help others who need you,
    And spend time with family and friends.
    You hate to leave things unfinished,
    So you’re always finishing up the loose ends.

    Even today on your birthday,
    Instead of celebrating and having fun,
    You’d rather work hard with your business,
    And not finish until you see the midnight sun.

    I’m here to tell you to its time to celebrate,
    As your work will always be there.
    But there are only so many days you call your birthday,
    Let go out with not even a care.

  6. you are the reason for the celebration Happy Birthday
    More birthday quotes to share

  7. I Wish
    Poet: Unknown

    I wish thee every blessing
    That can attend thee here;
    And may each future birthday prove
    My wish to be sincere.

    Celebrate this day with style
    Celebrate the years ahead
    Celebrate with lots of smiles
    Be happy with your age, do not dread!

  8. Birthday Poem For Friend
    Birthday Poem For Friend

  9. Count Not The Candles
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Count not the candles on the cake
    But count the years and the life you make
    We wish nothing but the best for you in the coming year.
    Happy, happy birthday to someone who is dear.
    A celebration is called for, today's a special day.
    On this, your birthday, love and good wishes are sent your way.

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