60th Birthday Poems

Share these birthday poems with someone who is turning 60. A milestone for some, but yet for others a time of freedom and happiness. We hope these poems are ones that encourage and bring a smile to the face of the 60 year old!

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  1. Sixty Seems Like....
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Sixty seems like such a big number
    Almost like a time of slumber.
    But looking at you that will not be
    Turning 60 and so happy.

    You say you don't feel your age
    It is just another life stage.
    You say you're wiser now
    You won't act 60, you vow.

    And then, there are those
    Who start to decompose
    At a younger age than you.
    You act and look young, that is true!

    Today they say the new sixty
    Is forty, and we think that is nifty.
    60 may be the years you have alive
    But you continue to thrive.

    So on this 60th birthday, we wish
    For you nothing but happiness.
    We celebrate and thank God above
    For you, and for all your love.

    Have a happy, happy birthday
    Live each and every day.
    We celebrate this special day
    And we love you in every way!

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  3. Growing Wiser
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In sixty years, a lifetime's worth,
    With challenges faced, since day of birth,
    Through every trial, you've found our way,
    Growing wiser with each passing day.

    You've weathered storms, you've climbed steep hills,
    Gathered wisdom, shared life's thrills,
    In six decades, you've learned and grown,
    A tapestry of moments you've sewn.

    Now, on your 60th, let's celebrate,
    A journey rich, an incredible fate,
    With lessons learned, and battles won,
    Six decades lived, and you've just begun.

    May this birthday be the best one yet,
    Filled with joy, no hint of regret,
    For sixty years of strength and grace,
    Look to the future with a smiling face.

  4. On Her Sixth Birthday
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    Six times the years have circled round,
    And touched thy golden hair;
    Six times thou hast heard the sound.
    Of Spring birds in the air;
    Six times Winter's breath has fanned
    Thy brow of ivory white;
    Six times thy little hands have planned
    Summer's nosegays bright.
    Six times the crimson Autumn bud
    Thy rosy cheek hath shamed,
    And her rich and beauteous flood,
    'Fore thy violet eyes hath reigned.
    And thou standest 'mid the gay,
    Minus one grief or tear.
    To welcome thy glad birthday,
    And enter thy seventh year.
    We wish thee joy, dear little one,
    As we crown thy wavy hair,
    May thy life, so beautifully begun.
    Ne'er be less bright and fair.

  5. Old age is always 15 years older than I am. Bernard Baruch
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  6. Not Doomsday
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I remember when sixty sounded so old,
    But now I have learned sixty can be bold.
    You have learned all the lessons,
    And few things in life threatens.
    You are older but wiser,
    And maybe a bit wider.
    So celebrate this birthday
    Turning 60 is not doomsday!

  7. The Child In You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Don't let the child in you die
    Turning 60 is not reason to cry.
    Delight and celebrate the age you are
    You have more years, you can go far.

    Age is not a reason to stop
    Enjoy the candy and lollipops.
    Continue to find fun things to do
    Age is not a reason to be blue.

    Happy 60th birthday to you
    The child in you, is certainly not through
    Light up those candles on the cake
    Another year to celebrate, another year to take!

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  9. The Decades to 60
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The decades go by and how we grow
    The things we learn and the things we know
    The first decade of ten
    Life is easy except when
    School work we have to do
    Otherwise, we will be a fool.

    The second decade comes along
    And at 20 we are going strong.
    We have the energy and drive
    We live life and continue to thrive.

    Then the third decade suddenly appears
    And at 30 we find ourselves in arrears.
    The big 30 many will joke
    We feel like we are going broke.

    And before we know it 40 rolls around
    How did those decades compound?
    Forty years sounds so old
    We don't realize we are on the threshold.

    Five decades 50 does bring
    We are not sure of the feeling.
    We seem to slow down a bit
    But 50, really, we have a fit.

    And then the big 60 arrives
    And we realize that we survived.
    We have much more wisdom now
    We can see and understand how
    The years just roll on by
    Our age we no longer deny.

    So may this little poem express
    Our joy and happiness
    For you and your 60th birthday
    Always make time for lots of play.
    Age matters not you see,
    Thoughts determine how happy you'll be.

    A Happy Birthday we wish for you
    Turning 60 is not an issue.
    Enjoy your day, celebrate and be
    Thankful 60 you will see!

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We hope these 60th birthday poems are ones that you share. Turning 60 is truly a milestone!

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