Fathers Day Poems

Share these Fathers Day poems in your greeting cards to Dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day. Father's day is one that we recognize, acknowledge, and thank our Dads. Fathers are people who play an important role in our lives. In North America, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Don't wait until Fathers Day to tell your Dad how special he is to you and how much you love him. Let him know today! Many times we take Dad's for granted however when they are no longer with us we realize how much they support, encourage, and love us. Tell your father how much he means to you!

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More Short Poems For Dad:

  1. A Special Father
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

    A special father,
    In my heart,
    Is someone who,
    Would never part.

    A special father,
    In my life,
    Sits at the head of the table,
    With a carving knife.

    A special father,
    I adore,
    Is always there,
    To keep the score.

    A special father,
    I must say,
    Is you, my father,
    In every way.

  2. Dad I Can Count On You
    Poet: C. Lynch, 2015

    A Dad is one who
    Is always there
    Can always be counted on
    Always has time
    Always encouraging
    That is you, Dad,
    Thanks for all you do, I love and appreciate YOU!

  3. Thanks for all you do

  4. Best Dad
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2018

    My dad, well he's the greatest,
    The best one of them all.
    You can't get any better,
    He's always my first call.

    I want to tell him everything,
    I want him to know first.
    When something great happens,
    He's the first one to hear me burst.

    We spend a lot of time,
    Just the two of us.
    Walking, talking, and even playing,
    How I am so very blessed.

    And when I was much younger,
    The memories that I see,
    Are all so very wonderful,
    My dad makes me glee.

    And now as I get older,
    He tries to understand.
    He lets me know he's there,
    If I need a helping hand.

    What can I say to thank him
    Words can never express
    I would not say this on a whim
    Love you Dad and wishes for your happiness!

  5. Cause He's My Dad
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2018

    Even when he is mad,
    He loves me cause he's my Dad

    When I am blue and feeling sad,
    He gives me a big hug cause he's my Dad

    When I know what I did was bad,
    He corrects me cause he's my Dad

    He sees things in me I didn't know I had,
    He believes in me cause he's my Dad.

    When he comes home from work I am glad,
    Because I am happy he is my Dad.

  6. He believes in me cause he's my Dad

  7. Happy Father's Day Dad
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2015

    There is a special day,
    That comes but once a year.
    To celebrate our fathers,
    To spread a little cheer.

    Like every other parent,
    The choice is always theirs.
    To take off and leave their child,
    Or to stick around and care.

    Today you are celebrated,
    Because you chose correct.
    You stayed with your child,
    And never did neglect.

    You always gave your love,
    And always did what's right.
    You played, tickled, and smiled,
    And never hugged too tight.

    So here we are today,
    To celebrate someone great.
    It should happen more often,
    But at least have this date.

    So Happy Fathers Day Dad,
    To me, you're the greatest one.
    In the dad department,
    You have won!

  8. Happy Fathers Day Dad

  9.  Honor Mothers And Fathers
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2011

    There is a special day,
    That I feel should be announced.
    I sometimes feel that this day,
    Is not properly pronounced.

    There are many days for children,
    To celebrate with fun.
    But not enough days for parents,
    And this should be undone.

    There's only one day to honor Mothers,
    And one day for Fathers too.
    So we should put our heart and soul,
    Into celebrating the few.

    So Happy Mother's Day to Moms,
    And Happy Father's Day to the Dads.
    No matter how life treats you,
    Know you're loved and have made us glad.

  10. Father of Mine
    Poet: Roberta Roberts

    When the day is done
    And your work is through
    It is then that I have
    The pleasure of you,
    Father of Mine.

    When troubles arise
    You keep me strong.
    With your hand in mine
    I can never go wrong,
    Father of Mine.

    And I'll always be proud
    That you are my Dad
    The very best Father
    A boy ever had.
    Father of Mine

  11. What My Father Was To Me
    Poet: D. G. Bechers

    I know just what my father was to me -
    And is unto this day;
    And so unto my boy would I as truly be
    And in the selfsame way,
    I honored, loved, respected him and he
    Gave me his love as pay!
    I pass it on unto that boy of mine
    And hope and dream and pray
    I may so live that he may know the fine
    True things of life and may
    Honor and love, respect, obey
    His father in a better, nobler way
    Than I did mine.

  12. My Father
    Poet: Virginia Moore

    Was it a constancy of wind that kept
    His honor clean? A wind that sweeps one spot
    Reduces excess ego to a dot
    That isn’t there; it says to all except
    The babblers and the flagrantly inept
    “Honor’s the thing! - when honor is forgot
    A man is ready to die and ready to rot!”
    My father was a man the winds had swept.

    His business was not law, as some suppose,
    Who think a soul is made of molecules;
    His business was constructing, day by day,
    An immortality - for there are those
    Who build it tile on tile, and there are fools
    Who strenuously piddle it away!

  13. The greatest man who ever was, He isn’t king or president....He is just Some youngster’s dad.

  14. Some Youngster's Dad
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    The greatest man who ever was,
    He isn’t king or president.
    You never heard of him, because
    He didn’t anything invent,
    Or write a book, or form a trust,
    Or sing a song to make us glad,
    Or win a battle — he is just
    Some youngster’s dad.

    You talk about your Washingtons
    And Grants and other persons great.
    They may be big — but to our sons
    They’re rather vague at any rate.
    But Dad, their dad! He’s here and now,
    The best a fellow ever had;
    There’s one great person anyhow -
    Some youngster’s dad.

    “My dad makes lots of money.” “Mine
    Can knock a ball a half a mile.”
    “My dad can play a jews’-harp fine.”
    “Mine keeps us laffin’ all the while.”
    “My dad could lick a wildcat — gee,
    You ought to see him when he’s mad!”
    You have to be a man to be
    Some youngster’s dad.

    “My dad he used to have a horse — ”
    “My dad can shoot ducks on the wing.”
    “My dad’s the best man on the force —
    He ain’t afraid of anything.”
    “My dad will run for Congress, too,
    And beat the Democrats so bad — ’’
    Oh, lucky fellow man, are you
    Some youngster’s dad?

    The man who sits upon a throne
    Or other eminence as high,
    The man who far and wide is known
    And always in the public eye,
    Must watch his step for fear he fall —
    But, worshipped by some little tad,
    There is the greatest job of all —
    Some youngster’s dad.

    You may not worry much about
    Religion, which is right or wrong,
    But here’s a thing, without a doubt,
    To keep you straight and keep you strong,
    Here’s your responsibility,
    The greatest mortal ever had —
    Just to be worthy, friend, to be
    Some youngster’s dad.

  15. A Father
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A Father strives to do his best
    Many times goes without rest
    He cares for his family
    And does it so happily.

    A Father is always there
    Always willing, always shares
    He offers encouragement and support
    And is always a good sport.

    A Fathers love is forever
    Even when you are not together
    Even when he starts to gray
    A hug from him makes everything okay.

    So on this Fathers Day
    We just want to say:
    We love you Dad and appreciate you
    A medal to you is overdue!

  16. Not a Money Debt
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    You can't pay back in dollars what your father does for you.
    You can't repay in kindness all the tenderness he shows;
    You little know the perils he has safely brought you through.
    And the wealth of Rockefeller this account would never close.

    Just remember, as you travel, now alone upon your way
    That your only chance of squaring up the debt you owe your dad
    Is to strive with all your courage to grow better every day
    And become the man he dreamed of when you were a little lad.

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We need to say "Thanks Dad", not just on Father's Day but throughout the year. Being a parent is a wonderful experience but there are challenging times and there are rewarding times. Let your Dad know how much you love and appreciate him.

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