Fathers Day Poems

Share these Fathers Day poems in your greeting cards to Dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day. Father's day is one that we recognize, acknowledge and thank our Dads. Fathers are people who play an important role in our lives. In North America it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

A Special Father

Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2015

A special father,
In my heart,
Is someone who,
Would never part.

A special father,
In my life,
Sits at the head of the table,
With a carving knife.

A special father,
I adore,
Is always there,
To keep the score.

A special father,
I must say,
Is you my father,
In every way.

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Fathers Day Poems From Daughter - daughter and fathers have a special relationship, let these poems written by a daughter help express your thoughts to your Father on this special day.

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Step Dad Poems
First I must say how sorry I am,
That you ended up, raising me.
But second I say that I'm happy to state,
You ended up being someone like thee.
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Happy Fathers Day To My Husband
A man as great as you,
Is something to desire.
Especially when I wanted,
A Father for my child.
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Fathers Day Inspirational Poems - Let these inspirational poems say thank you to your father or to someone who has made a positive difference in your life.

Father Quotes Short quotes about fathers to share, inspire and encourage.

A Father Is

1. love
2. an encourager
3. an advisor
4. supportive
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Dad I Can Count On You
Poet: C. Lynch, © 2015

A Dad is one who
Is always there
Can always be counted on
Always has time
Always encouraging
That is you Dad,
Thanks for all you do, I love and appreciate YOU!

Thanks for all you do

Best Dad
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2018

My dad, well he's the greatest,
The best one of them all.
You can't get any better,
He's always my first call.

I want to tell him everything,
I want him to know first.
When something great happens,
He's the first one to hear me burst.

We spend a lot of time,
Just the two of us.
Walking, talking and even playing,
How I am so very blessed.

And when I was much younger,
The memories that I see,
Are all so very wonderful,
My dad makes me glee.

And now as I get older,
He tries to understand.
He lets me know he's there,
If I need a helping hand.

What can I say to thank him
Words can never express
I would not say this on a whim
Love you Dad and wishes for your happiness!

Cause He's My Dad
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2018

Even when he is mad,
He loves me cause he's my Dad

When I am blue and feeling sad,
He gaves me a big hug cause he's my Dad

When I know what I did was bad,
He corrects me cause he's my Dad

He sees things in me I didn't know I had,
He believes in me cause he's my Dad.

When he comes home from work I am glad,
Because I am happy he is my Dad.

He believes in me cause he's my Dad

Happy Fathers Day Poems

Happy Father's Day Dad
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2015

There is a special day,
That comes but once a year.
To celebrate our fathers,
To spread a little cheer.

Like every other parent,
The choice is always theirs.
To take off and leave their child,
Or to stick around and care.

Today you are celebrated,
Because you chose correct.
You stayed with your child,
And never did neglect.

You always gave your love,
And always did whats right.
You played, tickled and smiled,
And never hugged too tight.

So here we are today,
To celebrate someone great.
It should happen more often,
But at least have this date.

So Happy Fathers Day Dad,
To me you're the greatest one.
In the dad department,
You have won!

Happy Fathers Day Dad

Honor Mothers And Fathers
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2011

There is a special day,
That I feel should be announced.
I sometimes feel that this day,
Is not properly pronounced.

There are many days for children,
To celebrate with fun.
But not enough days for parents,
And this should be undone.

There's only one day to honor Mothers,
And one day for Fathers too.
So we should put our heart and soul,
Into celebrating the few.

So Happy Mother's Day to Moms,
And Happy Father's Day to the Dads.
No matter how life treats you,
Know you're loved and have made us glad.

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We need to say "Thanks Dad", not just on Father's Day but throughout the year. Being a parent is a wonderful experience but there are challenging times and there are rewarding times. Let your Dad know how much you love and appreciate him.

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