7 Fathers Day Inspirational Poems

Be remind of how special Dads are by these Fathers Day inspirational poems. Dad's are one of the most influential people in our lives and they can inspire us to do great things. Let these inspirational words and the tribute to Fathers be ones that you can reflect on and share with him to let him know what an inspiration he has been in your life!

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  1. Someone Special
    Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2011

    I read a quote today,
    It's one that made to glad.
    It says that anyone can be a father,
    But only someone special can be a dad.

    How true this quote could be,
    My dad is living proof.
    There are many fathers out there,
    But some are really such big goofs.

    I am lucky to have living proof,
    That dads are someone special.
    I have a dad who's great,
    And for me, right out essential.

    Without him I'd wouldn't be me,
    He's my rock and this I see.
    I wish all dads were like him,
    But am so glad he was brought to me.

  2. Dad Poems
    Dad Poems

  3. Just Like His Dad
    Poet: Unknown

    Well, what are you going to be, my boy, when you have reached manhood’s years;
    A doctor, a lawyer, or actor great, moving throngs to laughter and tears?
    But he shook his head, as he gave reply, In a serious way he had,
    "I don't think I'd care to be any of them; I want to be like my dad!"

    He wants to be like his dad! You men, did you ever think, as you pause,
    That the boy who watches your every move is building a set of laws?
    He's molding a life you're the model for, and whether it's good or bad,
    Depends on the kind of example set to the boy who'd be like his dad.

    Would you have him go everywhere you go? Have him do just the things you do?
    And see everything that your eyes behold, and woo all the gods you woo?
    When you see the worship that shines in the eyes of your lovable little lad,
    Could you rest content if he gets his wish, and grows to be like his dad?

    It's a job that none but yourself can fill, it’s a charge you must answer for;
    It's a duty to show him the road to tread, ere he reaches his manhood's door.
    It's a debt you owe for the greatest joy on this old earth to be had;
    This pleasure of having a boy to raise, who wants to be like his dad!

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    Father Son Poems

  5. Dad's Advice and Wisdom
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2018

    I remember your words Dad,
    Advice you always had:

    Laugh and be happy, life is short
    And play fair and always be a good sport.
    Follow your dreams
    And always remember failure is not what it seems.

    Forgive and forget, don't hold a grudge
    Remember it is only God who will judge.
    Have a positive attitude in all you do
    And success will always find you.

    Be honest and kind
    You will make people smile you will find.
    Be determined and persevere,
    Don't give in to your fears.

    Thank you Dad for your wise advice
    When I count my blessings I count you twice!

  6. Thank you Dad for your wise advice When I count my blessings I count you twice!
    Father Quotes

  7. My Father
    Poet: Mary Anderson

    Another Father's day, daddy of mine
    Another year in the march of time.
    Each year you are dearer, for, to me.
    Each year my love has grown for thee.

    Nature has put on her brightest dress.
    On this day to look her best.
    The flowers have never seemed so sweet,
    Or summer joys so quite complete

    But the flowers of summer fade away
    The sunshine may but last today,
    But every day through every year,
    My love will stay, my father dear.

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    Fathers Day Verses

  9. Our Dad
    Poet: Elden W. Grimm

    I would like to say this for us all,
    Because it is of dad.
    He has been a pal to all of us
    He has given us all we've had.

    He works and slaves the whole day long.
    Just for you and I.
    There is no one else to take his place,
    For he is one swell guy.

    He will sit and tell you stories
    About his boyhood days
    He tells about mistakes he made
    And about his careless ways.

    We can tell him all our troubles,
    All our worries and our cares;
    We can trust him to advise us,
    For his knowledge with us he shares.

    So let's all treat him kindly,
    For he won't be with us long;
    There is no way to repay him,
    After he is dead and gone.

  10. Fathers Day Poems From Daughter
    Fathers Day Poems From Daughter

  11. Father's Day
    Poet: Betty Jane Simeral

    Father's Day is here again to
    bring our dear dad cheer,
    We bring him cards and presents
    to show our love so dear.

    Our fathers do a lot for us just
    when we need them most.
    My father is the grandest pal he
    should have gifts by hosts.

    One day when I was sad and
    just about to cry.
    My dad said "You just tell me what
    is wrong and why."

    So I up and told the story true
    and here is what my dad said to do.
    "Come on with me and play a
    while and I hope that soon I'll see you smile."

  12. Funny Fathers Day Poems
    Funny Fathers Day Poems

  13. Father
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Used to wonder just why father
    Never had much time for play.
    Used to wonder why he'd rather
    Work each minute of the day.
    Used to wonder why he never
    Loafed along the road an' shirked;
    Can't recall a time whenever
    Father played while others worked.

    Father didn't dress in fashion.
    Sort of hated clothing new;
    Style with him was not a passion;
    He had other things in view.
    Boys are blind to much that's going
    On about 'em day by day,
    And I had no way of knowing
    What became of father's pay.

    All I knew was when I needed
    Shoes I got 'em on the spot;
    Everything for which I pleaded.
    Somehow, father always got.
    Wondered, season after season,
    Why he never took a rest,
    And that  might be the reason
    Then I never even guessed.

    Father set a store on knowledge;
    If he'd lived to have his way
    He'd have sent me off to college
    And the bills been glad to pay.
    That, I know, was his ambition:
    Now and then he used to say
    He'd have done his earthly mission
    On my graduation day.

    Saw his cheeks were getting paler,
    Didn't understand just why;
    Saw his body growing frailer.
    Then at last I saw him die.
    Rest had come! His tasks were ended,
    Calm was written on his brow;
    Father's life was big and splendid,
    And I understand it now.

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