Short Fathers Day Poems

Share a short Fathers Day poems with your Dad. Brief but concise verses that express your thanks, appreciation and love for your Father.

You Are The Best
Poet: Kate Summers, 2011

Dad, today is the day
I have to say
I can't imagine any other Dad for me
You're the best you see.

Cannot Imagine
Poet: B. Rivers, 2011

Can't imagine being without you
Cause Dad you're the best
I hope this Father's Day will be
Your very happiest.

It Is You
Poet: Ann Lynn, 2011

There is only one Dad
Who makes me glad
It is you, you know
I hope it shows.

To My Dad
Poet: Alvis B. Christiansen

Dad is the hero of his dreams, the king upon the throne,
The pattern for that ideal life which he would make his own.
He knows that Dad well understands the conflicts in his breast.
And shared the problems he must face, though often unexpressed.

A Wish
Poet: Kate Summers

I wish for you this Fathers Day
The things that make you say hooray.
May you have happiness throughout the year
And everything your heart holds dear.

Just Rest
Poet: A. Lynch

There are few days in a year that you are the guest
But today on Father's Day you want you to rest.
So sit back, relax and just enjoy the day
You're the guest of honor today.

A Father Is
Poet: Kate Summers, 2011

A Father is many things but my Father is:
Faith in me and my abilities
Awesome that describes you
Taught me lots and still teaching me
Helping that is what you always do
E nthusiastic in all you do
Receptive and supportive

I've Been Blessed
Poet: Unknown

I've been
blessed twice, to call you my Dad
for which I am glad
and to call you
a friend
whose love never ends.
Thanks for being you
I love you that's true!

Not Afraid
Poet: Alice Mortenson

Upon a rocky trail one day
I met a friendly pair,
A father and his little lad-
A storm was in the air.
The precipice was dangerous,
The wind was coming on,
But on that child's trusting face
Was joyfulness and calm.
My own heart quaked a bit with fear
Of what might lie ahead,
But when I said, "Aren't you afraid?"
The laddy shook his head,
Astonished at my ignorance,
"Oh, you don't understand,
Why, Mister, I can't be afraid
When Daddy holds my hand."

We Know
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

We know how much you love us so
You would do anything for us I know.
But today we want to wait on you
And let our love shower you too.

Celebrate You
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

It isn't every day we get to celebrate you
We are thankful for your love and all you do.
Dad we don't tell you enough though
We love you and appreciate you so!

Our Father
Poet: Joanna Smilth

We'll always love and cherish you and
think you're very bold.
For we wouldn't give up our Daddy
for any amount of gold.

Just For You, Father
Poet: John Henry

You're the one we took our problems to
It seems that you always understood.
We always felt free to talk to you
We knew you help us if you could.
We send greetings, Father, just for you.

A Father Like Mine
Poet: Edwin Gordon Lawrence

The lessons which you taught to me
So noble and sublime,
Which lift the soul and bring about
Belief in things divine,
Denote that all of human kind
A father needs like mine.

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