3 Father Son Poems

Edgar A. Guest had 3 children, one of which was a son. So these poems are written from a father's perspective about his son. We are sure any Dad can relate to these poems about sons.

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  1. The Man To Be
    Poet: Edgar Guest

    Some day the world will need a man of courage in a time of doubt,
    And somewhere, as a little boy, that future hero plays about.
    Within some humble home, no doubt, that instrument of greater things
    Now climbs upon his father's knee or to his mother's garments clings.
    And when shall come that call for him to render service that is fine,
    He that shall do God's mission here may be your little boy or mine.

    Long years of preparation mark the pathway for the splendid souls,
    And generations live and die and seem no nearer to their goals,
    And yet the purpose of it all, the fleeting pleasure and the woe,
    The laughter and the grief of life that all who come to earth must know
    May be to pave the way for one--one man to serve the Will Divine
    And it is possible that he may be your little boy or mine.

    Some day the world will need a man! I stand beside his cot at night
    And wonder if I'm teaching him, as best I can, to know the right.
    I am the father of a boy--his life is mine to make or mar--
    And he no better can become than what my daily teachings are;
    There will be need for someone great--I dare not falter from the line--
    The man that is to serve the world may be that little boy of mine.

    Perhaps your boy and mine may not ascend the lofty heights of fame;
    The orders for their births are hid. We know not why to earth they came.
    Yet in some little bed to-night the great man of to-morrow sleeps
    And only He who sent him here, the secret of his purpose keeps.
    As fathers then our care is this--to keep in mind the Great Design.
    The man the world shall need some day may be your little boy or mine.

  2. Father and Son
    Poet: Edgar Guest

    Be more than his dad,
    Be a chum to the lad;
    Be a part of his life.
    Every hour of the day;
    Find time to talk with him,
    Take time to walk with him,
    Share in his studies
    And share in his play;
    Take him to places,
    To ball games and races,
    Teach him the things
    That you want him to know;
    Don't live apart from him,
    Don't keep your heart from him,
    Be his best comrade.
    He's needing you so!

    Never neglect him.
    Though young, still respect him,
    Hear his opinions
    With patience and pride;
    Show him his error,
    But be not a terror,
    Grim-visaged and fearful,
    When he's at your side.
    Know what his thoughts are,
    Know what his sports are,
    Know all his playmates,
    It's easy to learn to;
    Be such a father
    That when troubles gather
    You'll be the first one
    For counsel, he'll turn to.

    You can inspire him
    With courage, and fire him
    Hot with ambition
    For deeds that are good;
    He'll not betray you
    Nor illy repay you.
    If you have taught him.
    The things that you should.
    Father and son
    Must in all things be one -
    Partners in trouble
    And comrades in joy.
    More than a dad
    Was the best pal you had;
    Be such a chum
    As you knew, to your boy.

  3. Our Son
    Poet: Edgar Guest

    He’s supposed to be our son, our hope and our pride,
    In him all the dreams of our future abide,
    But whenever some act to his credit occurs
    I never am mentioned, the glory is hers,
    And whenever he’s bad or has strayed from the line,
    Then always she speaks of the rascal as mine.

    When trouble has come she will soberly say:
    "Do you know what your son has been up to to-day?
    Your son spilled the ink on the living room floor!
    Your son broke the glass in the dining room door!
    I am telling you now something has to be done.
    It is high time you started correcting your son!"

    But when to the neighbors she boasts of his worth,
    It is: “My son’s the best little boy on the earth!"
    Accuse him of mischief, she’ll just floor you flat
    With: “My son, I’m certain, would never do that!
    Of course there are times when he’s willfully  bad.
    But then it’s that temper he gets from his dad! "

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