A Father's Prayer

A father's prayer is one that every father thinks about. In this poem Douglas Malloch is asking God to help him raise his son in a way that will be right. He is asking for guidance to be the example that he needs to be to be a good father.

A Father's Prayer
by Douglas Malloch

God, you have given me a son:
Now help me make him worthy of
His father's name, his father's love;
Among companions, make him one
Both clean of heart and clean of speech;
Help me my son these things to teach.

God, you have given me a boy:
Now help me still my boy to rear;
Too kind to quarrel, brave to fear,
Too good for any sinful joy,
Or, if tempation prove too strong,
Too wise to follow folly long.

God, you a son have give me:
Help me to make my boy a man,
Help me to teach him all I can
Of honesty and decency -
Father of fathers, make me one,
A fit example for a son.

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