Poems About Daughter

Share these poems about daughter with the special girl in your family. Daughters can bring much joy and happiness to your life.

A daughter brings a new dynamic to a family. Sometimes it is hard to express your feelings about her, let the verses in these poems express your feelings. As Alan Beck said, "Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people. They are born with a little bit of angel shine about them, and though it wears thin sometimes there is always enough left to lasso your heart."

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  1. A Treasure
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A daughter is a treasure, that's true
    When you're down and feeling blue
    You look into her smiling eyes
    And you will find your spirits rise.

    She can give you a smile
    That can make life worthwhile
    She has a way
    That makes your day.

    Be thankful for this little one
    She will bring into your life lots of fun
    She will love and care for you
    Because that is what daughters always do.

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  3. Being A Daughter
    Poet: Mary Carolyn Davies

    Being a daughter's not an easy thing -
    The sort of daughter that I'd like to be:
    Unselfish, patient, always quick to bring
    The comfort needed; keen enough to see
    The longings hard to guess at, and fulfill them,
    The lonelinesses and the fears, and still them.

    Being a daughter's not an easy thing -
    I've always really wanted my own way.
    And so it's hard to keep remembering
    That what seems right and good to us today,
    To older minds brings horror and alarm,
    Although it may not have a bit of harm!

    Being a daughter's not an easy thing -
    Putting aside rebellion, eagerness;
    For, though some days I long to have my fling,
    I know that the old path of loveliness,
    Of quietness and calm, sweet dignity,
    Is better than those roads more gay to see.

    Being a daughter's not an easy thing -
    The sort of daughter that I'd like to be:
    To share my rose, keep to myself the sting,
    And show a face of calm serenity;
    Being a daughter — it's a task severe,
    But it's my favorite choice of a career!

  4. The Last Arrival
    Poet: George W. Cable

    There came to port last Sunday night
    The queerest little craft,
    Without an inch of rigging on;
    I looked and looked and laughed!
    It seemed so curious that she
    Should cross the unknown water
    And moor herself within my room
    My daughter! oh, my daughter!

    Yet by these presents witness all
    She's welcome fifty times,
    And comes consigned in hope and love
    And common-metre rhymes.
    She has no manifest but this;
    No flag floats o'er the water;
    She's rather new for our marine
    My daughter! oh, my daughter!

    Ring out, wild bells, and tame ones too!
    Ring out the lover's moon!
    Ring in the little worsted socks!
    Ring in the bib and spoon!
    Ring out the muse! Ring in the nurse!
    Ring in the milk and water!
    Away with paper, pen, and ink!
    My daughter! oh, my daughter!

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  6. A Head Of Curls
    Poet: Kate Summers

    I remember the day
    It was special in every way
    My darling little girl
    Born with a head of curls.

    I could see the princess in you
    The day you made your debut
    So tiny and small
    You were like a perfect doll.

    We watched you grow
    We were so proud we glowed.
    Our precious little girl
    With that head full of curls.

    The years have gone too fast
    We realize as we look back to the past
    You have made us proud
    We say this out loud.

    Our daughter, our treasure
    Always remember
    You are a special girl
    And you still have your curls!

  7. My daughter is the most important thing in my life.  Artelia Moore Cox
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  8. D A U G H T E R
    Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth

    D is for
    darling and sweet

    A is for the
    apple of our eye

    U is for the
    unique girl that you are

    G is for the
    goodness you brought into our life.

    H is for the
    happiness you bring

    T is for the
    thoughtful person you have become

    E is for the
    energy  you have.

    R is for the
    realization of how much we love YOU!!

  9. A daughter is. . . everything wonderful and precious and your love for her knows no bounds.mm

  10. A Daughter Is
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A daughter is a friend
    one who sticks with you to the end.
    A daughter is thoughtful and kind
    one who helps when you are in a bind.

    A daughter is an inspiration
    one who has a sunny disposition.
    A daughter is a gift from above
    one whom we will always love.

  11. Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails, That’s what little boys are made of. Sugar and spice and everything nice, That’s what little girls are made of.
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  12. Sons and Daughters
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We always love our sons,
    But a daughter brings lots of fun.
    From tea parties and lots of dolls
    And many tears when they fall.

    A son is rough and tough
    But a daughter can be a puff
    Pretending and dressing up
    Washing dishes with only a rub.

    A son does not care about looks
    But a daughter fusses and reads all the books.
    They paint their nails
    And scream at snails.

    A son will play with Dad's tools
    But a daughter thinks they are a fool.
    They don't like dirt or mud
    And cry at the sight of blood.

    Sons are special in all they do
    But our daughters are loved too.
    Differences you will see
    But loving them both is so easy!

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    Son Poems

  14. If It Be A Daughter
    Poet: J. B. Cohan

    If it be a daughter,
    Teach her to be as gentle as the dew at dawn
    Settling on a blade of grass;
    Show her the grandeur in a ragged leaf.
    And in a winding road,
    And in a single star.
    Teach her to be forgiving, tolerant and kind;
    For kindness is lovelier than any glittering gown
    Or any silver slipper.
    Show her the greatness of all simple things,
    And the majesty of the roaring, foaming sea;
    Place in her hands the shining threads
    With which to weave ideals, with which
    To bind securely the love of life
    Given to her by you.

    Teach her that if she would be great.
    She must make fine use of common things:
    A tiny house with curtains,
    A kitchen, a man and a child.
    Give her the knowledge you have gained
    From singing winds and bending trees
    And wistful smiles.
    Give her belief in books.
    Though they be but of paper and worn;
    For if she would know peace in spirit and in heart,
    She would read, with all the eagerness
    Of a flower, forcing its bloom above the earth.
    And, lastly, teach her to live as quietly
    As the magic passing of the moon
    Over a smooth, clear space of sky.
    This I ask, O Lord,
    If it be a daughter.

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