7 Happy Fathers Day Poems To My Husband

Share these poems with your husband to wish him a Happy Fathers Day. The man you love, the man who also loves not only you but your children. Being a good father is appreciated and much admired by women. Children are the most important treasures in a woman's life. And a good father is like gold.

A husband's love for the couple's children means so much and while Father's Day is for children to appreciate their Dads, as a wife we also appreciate them. We hope these poems are ones that express your love and appreciation for your husband.

And there are men who step into a family and love the children as if they are their own. It takes a special man to do this.

Fathers Day Poems    /   Happy Fathers Day Poems To My Husband

  1. To My Loving Husband
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2018

    To my loving husband, on this special day,
    I want to express my gratitude in every way.
    You're a remarkable Dad, so loving and true,
    A great husband, always there, through and through.

    Your thoughtfulness shines in all that you do,
    With a calming manner that helps us get through.
    You're willing to lend a hand, to anyone in need,
    Teaching our children to follow your lead.

    Your love for our little ones is a sight to behold,
    The way you protect and nurture never gets old.
    You're a role model, showing kindness and care,
    A father and husband beyond compare.

    On this Father's Day, I want you to know,
    You're cherished and loved, more than words can show.
    Thank you for being the best husband and Dad,
    You in our life makes us feel loved and glad.

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  3. My Husband, A Great Father
     Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2011

    A man as great as you,
    Is something to desire.
    Especially when I wanted,
    A Father for my child.

    Someone to show the way,
    And teach her right from wrong.
    You are the one I've chosen,
    A Father who sings her songs.

    I can't imagine not having you,
    In our lives these days.
    You've been our rock during the hard times,
    I owe you so much praise.

    So thank you for being so great,
    And Happy Father's Day to you.
    You're always such a great Father,
    I hope you know that's true!

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  5. The Reasons Are Many
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2018

    So many reasons why I married you
    Our love and friendship to name a few.

    But now a Father you have become
    You're not just a Dad to anyone
    Our children are precious and such a joy
    Even when we trip on their toys.

    The laughter we all share each day
    Has made our marriage better in every way.
    A husband and father who is the best
    And I think is better than all the rest.

    I love you today, and tomorrow more so
    May the love that we share continue to grow.
    Happy Father's Day Sweetheart

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  7. I'll Love You Forever
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2018

    There are times in our marriage
    That we will always cherish
    The birth of our first one
    Our family we begun.

    Our kids look up to you
    They watch what you say and do.
    An example you show
    Of a good father, you know.

    Times sure have changed
    Our life has been rearranged
    A family we now are
    We bought a bigger car.

    But I would not change a thing
    Together we'll face whatever life brings
    You make me so glad that I'm your wife
    I'll love you forever, for all of my life.

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  9. Forever, We Love You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When you walk in the door
    There is quiet no more
    The children go running to you
    You know they love you, that's true.

    A smile on my face,
    I get your embrace
    It fills me with love
    I thank God above.

    As a Father, you're the best
    As a  Husband, I've been blessed
    Thank you for all you do
    Forever we love you!

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  11. The Best And More
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    God sends us blessings from above
    And when he sent you to me
    I knew it was true love
    You are the best and more.

    A father to our kids
    You are so loving
    Taking care of all their needs
    You are the best and more

    The encouragement you provide
    Makes the children take a chance
    And fills them full of pride
    You are the best and more

    If by chance they fall down
    You are there to pick them up
    You make them laugh, you're a clown
    You are the best and more

    And when life throws a curve ball
    And makes them down and sad
    You pick them up from that fall
    You are the best and more

    Thank you husband who is so dear
    I can't imagine a life without you near
    A great dad you are and more
    You make us feel so secure!

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  13. We Recognize You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On Father's Day, we recognize you
    For all you are and all you do.
    You are a wonderful Dad
    And a great husband, I might add.

    Your loving ways I wouldn't trade
    If I had to give you a grade
    It would be A plus, plus, plus
    You do so much, with no fuss.

    To the kids you are great
    Love and patience you demonstrate.
    As a husband, you are the best
    I'll love you forever, I feel so blest.

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