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Looking for poems for Mom. Here find poems that express feelings about Mom. Her support, encouragement and love throughout the years is appreciated. And the older we get the more we appreciate all that our Mothers have done for us. Share one of these poems with your Mom, tell her how much you love her!

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  1. Above All Price
    Poet: Edgar Fawcett

    How dear does mother hold
    Her bonny little one?
    Just as dear as the jostling clovers
    Hold the merry sun.

    How hard would mother try
    To please her pretty lass ?
    Just as hard as the pattering showers
    Try to please the grass.

    How fair does mother think
    The darling at her breast?
    Just as fair as the glad white sea-bird
    Thinks the wave's white crest.

    How long will mother's love
    For her treasure last?
    Just as long as her heart keeps beating,
    Till her life be past.

    How much will mother's love
    Change, as years are told?
    Just as much as the mountain changes,
    Or the ocean old!

  2. Mom Believes
    Author: Ozora Davis

    I believe in the
    eternal importance of the home
    as the fundamental institution of society.

    I believe in the
    immeasurable possibilities
    of every boy and girl.

    I believe in the
    imagination, the trust, the hopes
    and ideals which dwell in the hearts of all children.

    I believe in the
    beauty of nature, of art,
    of books, and of friendship.

    I believe in the
    satisfactions of duty.

    I believe in the
    little homely joys
    of everyday life.

    I believe in the
    goodness of the great design
    which lies behind our complex world.

    I believe in the
    safety and peace which surround
    us all through the overbrooding love of God.

  3. You Influenced
    by Theodore W. Higginsworth

    Mom, you influenced my thoughts
    which has made me caring,

    Mom, you influenced my character
    which has made me the person I am today

    Mom, you influenced my self worth
    which has made me loving towards others

    Mom thank you for all the influence!

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