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24 Legacy Quotes

Be inspired by these legacy quotes. Legacy covers the gambit of life; they speak of how one lives and their impact on the lives of others. A legacy is much different than a well stated goal, or a personal achievement. A legacy does not have an "I" in the meaning, but, instead, has a "other" in its residue. In other words, it is far less important of what I achieve but more vital as to how I have contributed to the well-being of others.

What then is the key feature or attribute of your earthly legacy? For some, it is to abandon a lifestyle of wealth and fame to assist those in need of relief from hunger or prejudice. For others, it means a person who makes a difference through social or legal reform to destroy actions of deceit or domination or dictatorial rule. On the other hand, you do not need to be someone of wealth or power to influence or to help make a difference.

Every person has some level of power even if that power is a personal choice to love, encourage or counsel someone else who desperately needs it. What is important to you; what do you value; do you want your life to touch others; what is the one thing - just one thing - you can take action on that increases the well-being of another? All or some of these questions are waiting for your response. Maybe the answer lies in volunteering, or to share your knowledge and skills.

Integrity has at its' core to act and behave as genuine not as somebody else. Our baseline of humanity, our unselfish actions speak more loudly than any well-crafted speech. Each legacy statement you write (by your actions) will reflect your unique personality, i.e. the way you will design and live your life; a life worth remembering; one worth emulating.

  1. To lead a life worth living is to demonstrate that a person's legacy is made up of little parts contributing to the whole.
    Byron R. Pulsifer
    Poems About Life

  2. ... leave a positive impact on the generations to come. Your legacy is one that will be cherished and remembered.
    Rachel M. Rasmussen, Escaping the Ordinary Life
    Positive Quotes

  3. When I consider the power of thoughts to transform the world, I realize that thinking matters... This thought is a seed of the legacy of wisdom we want to pass down to our kids.
    Rachel M. Rasmussen, Escaping the Ordinary Life
    Positive Thoughts

  4. However, if we explore the inner mind of those with a truly remarkable legacy, we discover that their material wealth is merely a by-product of a much deeper, more admirable, attitude and approach to life.
    Benjamin Bonetti, How To Change Your Life
    Attitude Quotes

  5. Take a moment now to create your own legacy statement. What, for you, represents the true meaning of success and how do you want to be remembered after you're gone?
    Benjamin Bonetti, How To Change Your Life
    Success Poem

  6. In order to be a leader a man must have followers. And to have followers, a man must have their confidence. Hence, the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably integrity.
    James Merritt, Character Still Counts
    Leadership Qualities

  7. Lasting success is built with the stuff on the inside—who you are and who you want to become, why you sell, and what legacy you intend to leave.
    Todd Duncan
    Motivational Sales Quotes

  8. Character is the part of your personality that other people tend to admire ... It is the sum total of those aspects of who you are as a person that leads others to see you as a person with integrity, a person who contributes, a person who can be trusted.
    Ryan Niemiec, The Power of Character Strengths
    Life Journey Quotes

  9. What you see in the loving eyes of a mother is that to which you should set your sails. It is within you that counts as the highest example of integrity and not that which is seen around you.
    Robert R. Rivers
    Mothers Day Messages

  10. War, peace, feast, famine, diaspora, disease—if our ancestors went through it and survived, we’ve inherited it. And once we’ve got it, we’re that much more likely to pass it on to the next generation in one way or another.
    Sharon Moalem MD PhD, Inheritance
    Poems of Encouragement

  11. Whenever a decision or a choice is to be made concerning behavior, the moral decision will be the one which works toward the creation of trust, confidence, and integrity in relationships.
    Jacques P. Thiroux, Ethics
    Decision Quotes

  12. If you don’t have some inner integrity, eventually your Watergate, your scandal, your betrayal, will happen.
    David Brooks, The Road to Character
    Honor Quotes

  13. To leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren is not always money but something even more precious. It is to leave the Earth and its beauty, its vitality, and its wholesomeness.
    Byron R. Pulsifer
    Earth Day Quotes

  14. When a son is born, a father realizes his legacy.
    Kate Summers
    Father Quotes

  15. Business provides a variety of ethical minefields that can challenge the integrity of the men and women who are striving to succeed in an ever more competitive global economy.
    Scott Rae, Moral Choices
    Success Quotes

  16. You can leave a legacy of material acquisitions. The question is then, how will these earthly things benefit those left behind?
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth
    Life Choices

  17. A legacy of love for all is one of the greatest offerings of humankind.
    Kate Summers
    Short Love Quotes

  18. To live is to abide within the chilly coordinates of constant choice, choices about what to value, about how to live our lives, about ethics.
    Gordon Marino, Ethics
    Choices Quotes

  19. I think as we get older there’s less pretending. Year after year, our internal blueprints develop into a solid structure where we move about the world as ourselves.
    Hoda Kotb, I Really Needed This Today
    Another Year Older

  20. Love is the human family's most precious legacy. Its richest bequest. Its golden inheritance.
    Michael Jackson
    Short Family Quotes

  21. When habits and goals are in line, they smoothly integrate to guide our actions.
    Wendy Wood, Good Habits, Bad Habits
    Action Quotes

  22. We are not happy, technically speaking, unless we see ourselves progressing—and the very idea of progression implies value. Worse yet is the fact that the meaning of life without positive value is not simply neutral.
    Jordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life
    Life Quotes

  23. Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness.
    Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection
    Make A Difference Quotes

  24. Our only choice is a question of engagement. Our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose
    Brené Brown, Daring Greatly
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