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42 Leadership Qualities

Leadership qualities and characteristics are not about holding a title, or the person who occupies the corner office. It is about the ability, courage, and vision to assist, help, point, and encourage others to offer the best of their abilities in concert with enthusiasm each and every day of the week.

The following quotes, sayings, and leadership concepts highlight an abundant number of qualities that we, as leaders, should strive to emulate.

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  1. Even in a tight budget climate, when raises are hard to dole out, conflict savvy managers can increase employee retention and productivity gains. Susan S. Raines, Conflict Management for Managers
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  2. The strongest storms make the best sailors. The strongest games make the best players. Tougher challenges make the best leaders. Martin Luther King Jr.
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  3. A leader who envisions greatness in each of his or her followers soon sees greatness realized. Cliff Mauer, How to Motivate Employees
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  4. Leadership is a much different qualifiable characteristic than management to those who can subvert their ego in order to pilot and promote progress. Byron R. Pulsifer
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  5. Building a coaching habit will help your team be more self-sufficient by increasing their autonomy and sense of mastery and by reducing your need to jump in, take over and become the bottleneck. Michael Bungay Stanier, The Coaching Habit
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  6. A great manager will notice some of the little things you’re doing well in your day-to-day, and recognize you for them. Camille Fournier
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  7. Employees do not expect their managers to clown around and make them laugh with gimmicks so that they can like them—they expect their managers to lead. It's not your job to just make people feel good, but rather to create an atmosphere where people feel connected to the larger picture and understand the value of their contribution to the organization. Cliff Mauer, How to Motivate Employees
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  8. A wise leader always tries to give orders that are likely to be followed. Soontir Fel
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  9. We need organizational leaders who can release us from unrelenting conflicts and do not merely paper over disagreements and disputes. Kenneth Cloke, Resolving Conflicts at Work
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  10. Leadership is not an affair of the head. Leadership is an affair of the heart. James M. Kouzes, The Leadership Challenge
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  11. We are at a time in human development that invites us to consider becoming leaders in bringing more well-being not only to our inner, personal lives but also to the larger world in which we live. Fleet Maull, Radical Responsibility
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  12. Life and leadership will cause pain and suffering, but through the suffering, great learning, growth, and improvements lie ahead, once you find a way to endure. David Hulings
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  13. Enduring the demands of any leadership position and living through the milestones of life, work, and family requires stamina. Greg Helmer, Lead with Endurance
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  14. A thoughtful, caring and empathetic leader is much more effective in the long run when they choose phrases, words, and even body language to make their point with deliberate care Byron Pulsifer
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  15. Leadership is about people, it’s about inspiring people to believe that the impossible is possible, it is about developing and building people to perform at heights they never imagine ... Gifford Thomas, The Inspirational Leader
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  16. What I have witnessed over and over is that thought leadership is the key that unlocks a whole new level of professional accomplishment and achievement as well as career and personal satisfaction. Denise Brosseau, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?
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  17. I believe that successful twenty-first-century leaders will have to be humble listeners. They will seek out and gather information from many sources, and use those inputs to catalyze new ways of thinking and generate new insights. Bernard T. Ferrari, Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All
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  18. As a leader, translating the team seating with folded hands as a negative blocking gesture can be a projection by you, of your lack of confidence in the team. Michael Nir, Influence: Body Language Silent Influencing
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  19. Trust and confidence in your employees and leaders is essential for creating engagement. Ole Bloch, The manager who lost his Self-Confidence . . . and Got It Back
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  20. ... the leader's challenge is not to take lazy people and transform them into industrious types. Rather it is to channel already existing energies into the most worthwhile endeavors. Alan Loy Mcginnis, Bringing Out Best in People
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  21. When we, as coaches, listen deeply to find the wholehearted aliveness in our clients, we help them tap into that experience of being alive. Edited by Christine Wahl, Clarice Scriber, and Beth Bloomfield, On Becoming a Leadership Coach
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  22. In recent years, many Christian leaders and pastors have begun to emphasize the importance of community among believers. Jerry Bridges, True Community
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  23. One of the most common mistakes that organizations and their leaders make when introducing change is to just tell people what needs to be done, and how to do it. Without the why, there is no reason to be committed to it. John Putzier, The Everything HR Kit
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  24. Our job as a volunteer leader is to effectively translate the vision into something tangible - something the volunteers can taste, feel, and yearn to walk out. Allen Madding, Volunteer Management 101
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  25. If you adopt a leadership model focused on retention, you will begin to experience a culture where volunteers stick around, and even do much of the recruiting for you by inviting others to join them. Darren Kizer; Christine Kreisher; Steph Whitacre, The Volunteer Project
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  26. Leaders who elevate both themselves and their people will see the greatest success in these turbulent times. Robert Glazer, Elevate
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  27. ... a supervisor who expects the unexpected and doesn’t get flustered is not only a calming force but also a role model for handling change. Harriet Diamond
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  28. [Leadershift]. It is an ability and willingness to make a leadership change that will positively enhance organizational and personal growth. John C. Maxwell
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  29. In a team setting, leadership is shared by a community of people, which counters the tendency for pastors to form congregations in their own images. Adam S. McHugh
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  30. The foremost requirement for potent leadership is humility, so that leaders can fully understand and appreciate their own shortfalls. Jocko Willink
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  31. The courage to admit when you're wrong doesn't show weakness. It shows your strength. Your integrity speaks volumes about you as a person. Blaque Diamond
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  32. The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet. Theodore M. Hesburgh
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  33. The characteristic of an outstanding leader is the person who is unconcerned about going out of their way in order to boost the self-esteem of any one of their team. Byron R. Pulsifer
    Quotes About Helping Others

  34. ... if you are full of ideas and opinions all the time, there will be no room for new things to come up and present themselves to you. Michael Hetherington
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  35. Starting your morning on a positive vibe will lead to an ideal day, which should be filled with energy and vibrancy. Sandra Leon
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  36. What is the only variable that distinguishes you in the marketplace? Your people! John Putzier
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  37. Everything you need to know about leadership you already know. It all boils down to one simple little rule you learned a long time ago. And that simple rule is to treat people the way you would want to be treated. The Golden Rule. James C. Hunter
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  38. All leaders must walk a fine line between focus and conventional wisdom, between confidence in their ability and unrealistic overconfidence, and between the demands of fast action and a clear-eyed assessment of the situation. John Austin
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  39. There is a lot more to being a fantastic leader in just the same way that there is more to being a parent than simply having children in the house. Theodore W. Higgingsworth
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  40. Successful organizations are the ones who encourage innovation, development, and new experiments. They invest considerable resources in research, learning, and development. Dr. Amir Levy
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  41. Leadership is coproduced by leaders and followers, emerging between the influential and charismatic who crave it and the hopeful and fearful who demand it. Stanley McChrystal, Leaders
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  42. Ensure all your spoken words are sweet flavored with inspiration or you may have to eat them without sprinkled flavors of appreciation. H. H. Alotomuss
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