15 Poems About Books

Those who love to read will love these poems about books. Books can open doors of opportunity, they can take us on a journey, they can help us with life. Reading a good book, or a novel can be a relaxing pastime, it can take you to another place. Be inspired and encouraged by these poems!

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  1. My Books
    Poet: Howard Carleton Tripp

    Oh, books of mine! Ye take me ever
    Over the broken span of years,
    Where, in the light of Youth's endeavor,
    Life one sweet dream of bliss appears.

    With thee I feel as then, fresh-hearted.
    Glad as the lark, as blithe and free
    As when on Learning's way I started
    To find the sweetest sweets in thee!

    In gardens old and meadows vernal,
    Neath shady elms with thee I walk.
    And quaff from thee the sweets eternal,
    Aye, with the saints and sainted talk!

    Each treasured volume has a glory
    That seems a part of the divine,
    Each tells a truly perfect story
    So beautiful. Oh, books of mine!

  2. Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. Vera Nazarian
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  3. Books
    Poet: Alfred Lavington

    Though ne'er so humble should our station be,
    We still may mingle with the great and wise;
    Roam, unmolested, the vast treasuries
    Where wisdom's priceless gems are scattered free.
    We may, at will, explore sky, earth and sea;
    Man's heart and mind probe deep with Shakespeare's eyes;
    With blind old Milton walk through paradise;
    Of life and death possess the master-key.

    With books as guides, with prophet, poet, sage,
    In sweet companionship we daily dwell;
    With kings sit nightly round the banquet board
    By learning's light knowledge's gracious page
    Shall render unto us a precious hoard
    In an abundance inexhaustible.

  4. Find A Nook
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Find a little nook
    Where you can sit and read a book
    You can learn many things
    Or learn about life and what it may bring.

    Books can take you to a place
    And you can even discover space.
    Books can make you laugh
    Or you can look at the photographs.

    Books can calm you when you're mad
    And sometimes a story can make you sad.
    Books give knowledge and wisdom
    They can give solutions to a problem.

    Reading is a wonderful hobby
    What is better than a book and a coffee
    Take the time to sit and read
    It is relaxing, you will see!

  5. Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. Mason Cooley

  6. The Book
    P. Wheeler

    Each life of man is but a page
    In God's great diary; each age
    A separate volume and each race
    A chapter. For a little space
    We write, and, childlike, cry our powers,
    Nor deem His hand is guiding ours.

  7. Friends In Solitude
    Poet: Unknown

    My books, my friends in solitude,
    Which never mar my quietude;
    Whose silent voices gently speak
    In the great thoughts I love to seek.

    Such company I ever find
    A help to stimulate my mind,
    And stir the feelings of my heart.
    Which rise above all formal art.

    I love to think of them away.
    When I from home may go to stay;
    And hope again their face to see,
    Ere many days shall come and flee.

    They never, in a fitful mood,
    Do speak or act in way that's rude;
    But always in a pleasant style.
    They seem to greet me with a smile.

    While things around me often change,
    And take a course that is quite strange,
    These friends are always of one mind.
    And show a spirit mild and kind.

    In books are treasures more than gold.
    Great thoughts come down from minds of old,
    Embalmed in forms that ever live,
    And never cease their life to give.

    How grand the monuments of mind!
    Which leave all others far behind;
    And shine with light that is sublime.
    Lighthouses on the coasts of time.

  8. Book-Lover
    Poet: Ralph Eergengren

    My Pop is always buying books;
    So that Mom says his study looks
    Just like an old book store.
    The book shelves are so full and tall
    They hide the paper on the wall,
    And there are books just everywhere,
    On table, window seat, and chair,
    And books right on the floor.

    And every little while he buys
    More books, and brings them home and tries
    To find a place where they will fit,
    And has an awful time of it.

    Once when I asked him why he got
    So many books, he said, "Why not?"
    I've puzzled over that a lot.

  9. The book you don’t read won’t help. Jim Rohn

  10. This Is My Dream
    Poet: Theodosia Garrison

    This is my dream, to have you on a day
    Of beating rain and sullen clouds of gloom
    Here with me, in the old, familiar room,
    Watching the logs beneath the flames' swift play
    Burst into strange conceits of bud and bloom.

    The things we know about us here and there,
    The books we love, half read, on floor and knee,
    The stein the Dutchman brought from oversea
    Standing invitingly beside your chair,
    The while we quote and talk and - disagree;

    Rebuild the castles that we reared in Spain,
    Reread the poet that our childhood knew,
    With eyes that meet when some quaint thought rings true.
    Oh, friend, for some such day of cheer and rain,
    Books, and the dear companionship of you!

  11. Take A Look
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, the many books I have read
    Some quite good and others I dread
    Short ones, long ones on many different topics
    New ones, old ones, some are truly relics.

    You can lose yourself in a story
    And there are ones full of glory
    Ones to help you cope with life
    And others about being a good husband or wife

    But all of the books ever written
    The best one we have all been given
    Is the one that was inspired by God
    It is complete and very broad.

    The Bible is the best self-help book
    If you haven't read it you should take a look
    It is full of life stories that we all can see
    That life is, at times, not so easy.

    The pages of the Bible are full
    Once you get into it you will find a pull
    To understand the culture at the time
    It helps with life's small and big climbs.

    It is the all-time best selling book
    Which people at times overlook.
    Many have tried to destroy the words
    Only to find it still moving forward.

    The pages are full of ordinary people
    People like you and me
    God uses those to show his ways
    He loves you each and every day.

    So if you haven't read this book
    Take a moment and have a look
    Talk with others who have studied the book
    And your life will have a different look.

  12. Books Are
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    Books are keys to wisdom's treasure;
    Books are gates to lands of pleasure;
    Books are paths that upward lead;
    Books are friends. Come, let us read.

  13. In The Study
    Poet: Burges Johnson

    Nicest place in all the house
    Is my poppa’s study chair;
    Just as quiet as a mouse
    I go creeping there,
    An’ he gives a little smile,
    Writing, writing, all the while.

    There's at least a million books
    Up and down and round the wall.
    I guess, from the way it looks,
    I can’t read them all!
    If I did I'm sure I’d be
    Just as wise and big as he.

  14. Books
    Poet: Unknown

    Many of the finer things are to be found in books if we profit
    by the opinions of learned people. The following expresses the
    estimate of a few writers as to value of books:

    Channing said: God be thanked for books. They are the voices
    of the distant and the dead, and make us heir of the spiritual life
    of the past ages. In the best books, great men talk to us, give us
    our most precious thoughts, and pour their souls into ours.

    Carlyle said: All that mankind has done, thought or been, is
    lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books.
    They are the chosen possession of men.

    Emerson said: Give me a book, health, and a June day, and
    I will make the pomp of kings look ridiculous.

    Philip Brooks thought that four kinds of books should be in every
    library. Memoirs, biography, portraits and letters - Good books
    cost you little in money, but they may cost you years and decades
    of toil and labor and energy if permitted to pass through life without
    knowing the finer ideal of life revealed in books.

  15. Show Us Many Things
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Books can show us many things
    Open one and find the knowledge they bring
    Books can take us places we have never seen
    They can teach us how to cook and clean.

    To a child, they can be
    A treasure full of glee
    Picture books and storybooks
    Oh, how a child loves to look.

    A book can be read for pleasure
    The give us relaxation that is hard to measure
    A biography, a mystery, or a romance
    Sometimes we find an author by chance.

    And when we are feeling down,
    A book of jokes is like a clown
    Reading them brings smiles
    Motivating us to go another mile.

    And some books can inspire
    Helping us realize our desire.
    And you will find motivation too
    To help you with all you do.

    So whatever you are looking for
    Pick up a book that could open the door
    Always make time to read each day
    You will learn lots on the way.

  16. Good Books
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Good books are friendly things to own.
    If you are busy they will wait.
    They will not call you on the phone
    Or wake you if the hour is late.
    They stand together row by row,
    Upon the low shelf or the high.
    But if you're lonesome this you know:
    You have a friend or two nearby.

    The fellowship of books is real.
    They're never noisy when you're still.
    They won't disturb you at your meal.
    They'll comfort you when you are ill.
    The lonesome hours they'll always share.
    When slighted they will not complain.
    And though for them you've ceased to care
    Your constant friends they'll still remain.

    Good books your faults will never see
    Or tell about them round the town.
    If you would have their company
    You merely have to take them down.
    They'll help you pass the time away,
    They'll counsel give if that you need.
    He has true friends for night and day
    Who has a few good books to read.

  17. The Book of Books
    Poet: Unknown

    There's good books and bad books.
    There's think books and fat books,
    There's big books and some that are wee,
    But far above all books,
    Most precious of all books,
    The Bible is dearest to me.

  18. The First Lesson
    Poet: Emily Dickinson

    Not in this world to see his face
    Sounds long, until I read the place
    Where this is said to be
    But just the primer to a life
    Unopened, rare, upon the shelf,
    Clasped yet to him and me.

    And yet, my primer suits me so
    I would not choose a book to know
    Than that, be sweeter wise;
    Might some one else so learned be,
    And leave me just my A B C,
    Himself could have the skies.

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