9 Funny Poems About Books

Bring a smile to your face as you read these funny poems about books. If you're a bookworm, these verses will feel like a mirror reflecting your reading quirks and passions – and don't worry, we won't judge if you've ever fallen asleep with a novel on your face!

As walk through the library aisles to the mysteries of lost bookmarks, these poems are playful thoughts about all things literary.

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  1. In The World Of Ink
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the world of ink, where pages sprawl,
    Books hold the keys to wonders all.
    They teach us how to hike a peak,
    Or dance with elves in ancient creek.

    From dusty shelves, they come alive,
    Taking us on adventures, no drive.
    But caution! Once you start a read,
    Goodbye to sleep and food we need!

  2. The funny poem below discusses the complexities of books and reading. It describes the love and fascination for books, and how they draw the reader in with their enticing covers and captivating tales. However, it also humorously acknowledges the moments when the plot becomes confusing or challenging to grasp. The poem touches on the mixed emotions books can evoke, from moments of joy and excitement to moments of bewilderment. Even with the twists and tangles in the story, the reader can't help but find humor in the intricate web books weave.

  3. Dear Books
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, dear books, you crafty things,
    With tales that make my heart sing.
    You lure me in with your covers so grand,
    But sometimes I don't quite understand.

    Page after page, I roam your vast lands,
    Yet half the time, I'm just holding sands.
    You make me weep, you make me swoon,
    But oh, the knots you tangle too soon.

    So here I sit with a pile of prose,
    Books surrounding me from head to toes.
    Though at times you may confuse and deceive,
    I can't help but laugh at the way you weave.

  4. This funny poem, Turn The Page,  explores the experience of diving into an unfamiliar book. It describes the excitement of discovering a new adventure within its pages, especially in the realm of fantasy with knights and dragons. The poem adds a humorous twist by warning about unexpected plot twists and ever-changing characters, making books seem like delightful mysteries to unravel. It brings a smile by celebrating the unpredictable and engaging nature of reading, where surprises are around every corner.

  5. Turn The Page
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As I turn the page of this book unknown,
    An adventure awaits, in words yet sown.
    Through fantasy realms, I'm tossed and thrown,
    With knights and dragons, I'll truly be shown.

    But oh! Beware of plot twists so sneaky,
    Characters morph, and identities creaky.
    This unpredictable tale, what a spree!
    Books can be a great mystery.

  6. As I turn the page of this book unknown, An adventure awaits, in words yet sown.
    Poems About Books

  7. I Like Books
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, I like books, they're quite a thrill,
    They keep me entertained and never stand still.
    They whisk me away on journeys unknown,
    Where adventure and laughter are splendidly sown.

    I treat them like friends, with care and delight,
    Turning their pages in the dark of night.
    Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're absurd,
    Books are my companions, guaranteed to be heard.

  8. This humorous poem, Bookworms, paints a vivid picture of avid readers, and bookworms, who are deeply passionate about their books. It humorously describes how they become so engrossed in reading that their minds soar like birds, losing track of time day and night. As they continue to read, their love for books grows so fervent that their shelves reach the ceiling, creating a comical image of an ever-expanding book collection. The poem brings a smile by highlighting the unquenchable thirst for reading and the delightful obsession that book lovers often have with their beloved collections.

  9. Bookworms
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In candlelight, they nestle and adore,
    These bookworms, bibliophiles to the core.
    Pages flip like wings, their minds take flight,
    Lost in realms, both day and night.

    With every verse, their passion fierce it grows,
    ‘Til book-lined shelves reach ceilings, goodness knows!
    Their hoard of treasures never seems to cease,
    Bookworms, forever lost in words’ sweet release.

  10. This humorous poem, In Bookstores And Libraries, takes us on a journey through bookstores and libraries, describing the unique atmosphere they offer. It highlights the distinct aromas, the hushed conversations, and the mysterious corners that can ignite our wildest imaginations. The poem playfully mentions the shushing librarians and the treasure trove of books where book lovers come together to escape from reality. It brings a smile by capturing the enchanting and sometimes quirky aspects of these literary havens that readers can relate to and appreciate.

  11. In Bookstores And Libraries
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In bookstores and libraries, a world unfolds,
    Distinct smells wafting, stories yet untold.
    With quiet whispers and hushed conversations,
    Mysterious corners spark wild imaginations.

    Old books with tales of laughter and woe,
    And librarians who shush you, oh so low.
    A treasure trove where bibliophiles convene,
    Where souls escape reality if you know what I mean.

  12. Old books with tales of laughter and woe, And librarians who shush you, oh so low.
    Poems About Libraries

  13. Literary Delight
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, the reading experience,
    On a rainy day so sublime.
    Cozy and warm, with cocoa in hand,
    What a wonderful way to pass the time.

    Pages flipping, words enticing,
    Lost in stories so grand.
    Characters beckon, worlds unfold,
    Escaping reality, oh what fun!

    But alas, one must be cautious,
    For hours can quickly drift away.
    From chapter to chapter, we wander,
    Caught in the bookish abyss we may stay!

    So grab your novel and hold it tight,
    Embark on this thrilling literary delight!

  14. So grab your novel and hold it tight, Embark on this thrilling literary delight!
    Poems About Reading

  15. Library Genres
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In ancient tome of genres vast,
    Humor tangoes, makes us laugh,
    Mysteries twisted with suspense,
    Romance unfolds in the moon's embrace.

    Science fiction bends minds through time,
    Quirks abound in every rhyme,
    Through laughter's lens, we shall find delight,
    In this library of genres bright.

  16. Book Borrower
    Poet: Robert Service

    I am a mild man, you'll agree
    But red my rage is
    When folks who borrow books from me
    Turn down their pages.

    Or when a chap a book I lend,
    And find he's loaned it
    Without permission to a friend
    As if he owned it.

    But worst of all I hate those crooks
    (May raging fires burn them)
    Who beg the loan of cherished books
    And don’t return them.

    My books are tendrils of myself
    No shears can sever....
    May he who takes one from its shelf
    Be forsaken forever.

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