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There are many funny poems, below are some that have been written by famous Poets that will surely bring a smile to your face. While there is humor in these poems there are also positive messages in them.

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  1. Grown Up
    by Edgar A. Guest

    Last year he wanted building blocks,
    And picture books and toys,
    A saddle horse that gayly rocks,
    And games for little boys.
    But now he's big and all that stuff
    His whim no longer suits;
    He tells us that he's old enough
    To ask for rubber boots . . . .

    In "Grown  Up," Edgar A. Guest reflects on a child's changing desires. It starts with the child wanting simple toys and books but shows how these wishes evolve as the child grows. The poem captures the bittersweet feeling of watching a child grow up and the nostalgia for simpler times. Santa's visit symbolizes the child's transition into adolescence, and the poem conveys the universal theme of childhood innocence giving way to maturity.

  2. Unregenerate
    by Arthur Franklin Fuller

    The doctor sez my stummick,
    Has got plumb out o'fix,
    My liver has done wasted —
    Seeds jam my ap-pen-dix . . . .

    In the poem, "Unregenerate," Arthur Franklin Fuller humorously addresses health issues caused by overindulgence in berry pie. The poem starts with the doctor's diagnosis, describing various physical problems, and attributes them to an excess of berry pie consumption. The Poet reflects on human nature, noting the tendency to crave things that might not be the healthiest choices. The poem ultimately takes a lighthearted tone, suggesting that instead of tears and flowers at the end of life, friends should express their affection with berry pie. This playful and whimsical poem uses humor to comment on the simple pleasures and indulgences that make life enjoyable, even in the face of its challenges.

  3. Little Further
      by Berton Braley

    The reason I never can quit the road
    Is a reason that's plain and clear.
    It's because no matter where I may stop
    And whether it's far or near. . . .

    In the poem, "Little Further," the poet, Berton Braley expresses a deep sense of curiosity. The poem revolves around the idea that there is always something new to explore and discover. The poem captures the spirit of an adventurer who is compelled to keep moving forward in search of the unknown. It conveys the idea that as long as a person has the ability to see and a desire to learn, there will always be places and experiences waiting to be encountered. The poem celebrates the endless possibilities that come with exploration and the unquenchable thirst for knowledge that drives the Poet to continue moving forward, even into the great unknown.

  4. Learning To Write
      by Berton Braley

  5. My ink eraser's worn quite through
    From rubbing out mistakes
    Which, spite of all that I can do,
    My fool typewriter makes.
    For when I try to make an "a"
    (One has to write a few)
    In some quite dark and devious way
    I spell it with a "q."
    Qnd thqt, qs you cqn plqinly see,
    Is likely to embqrrqss me.  . . . .

    In "Learning To Write (Can You Translate?)" by Berton Braley, the poem humorously explores the challenges of using a typewriter and the mistakes that can occur while typing. The poem reflects the frustrations and humorous mishaps that can arise when dealing with a mechanical writing device. The Poet highlights how letters and symbols get mixed up, leading to unintended errors. The playful tone of the poem emphasizes the imperfections of technology and the often comical nature of human errors in writing. It reminds us that even when dealing with the newest inventions, mistakes are an unavoidable part of the learning process, adding a lighthearted perspective to the art of writing.

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